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Marvin’s dexterity was quite high, so his running speed was quite fast.

But he hadn’t expected that this feeble youth would also be able to run just as fast.

And from the way he was fleeing, he seemed quite proficient.

Marvin looked at him for a moment. He then suddenly realized that this guy had used [Haste] on himself.

Wizards were still great at this before the fall of the Universe Magic Pool era… They could casually use a spell to take care of their speed weakness, it would make them not any slower than the front line classes.

A great number of skeletal warhorses were chasing behind them. These skeletal warhorses were overbearing, their hooves made the hills shake!

In the sky above the warhorses was a huge wave of flying crazy ghosts.

Looking at those ghosts, Marvin’s face turned green.

These ghosts weren’t like the low level ghost he met earlier; they were intelligent high level ghosts! If he fought alone, Marvin could barely rely on the holy water to get rid of a dozen, but against so many… Marvin could only flee for his life!

"What have you done? How did you cause so many ghosts to rebel?"

Marvin angrily roared at the youth.

He had totally suffered an unexpected disaster.

This kind of scene should be rare in the despair hills.

Necromancers naturally had an extremely strong urge for control. Very few would have this kind of uprising when controlling their ghosts. It was simply too rare.

The youth was panting while following Marvin:

"Ah? I didn’t do anything?"

"I just proposed, nothing more!"


Marvin was stunned.

He had always been quick-witted, but shouldn’t proposing and a ghost uprising have nothing to do with each other?!

The skeletal warhorses were very fast and the two humans had limited stamina. If they kept running like this, they would be overtaken sooner or later!

‘What can I do?’ Marvin was scratching his head.

Regardless of how rich his experience was, he couldn’t have foreseen running into a ghost uprising in the despair hills!


In these boundless hills, where could he hide? And there were really too many skeletal warhorses. If he hid somewhere, he might end up trampled.

Break away?

Even more impossible! Those ghosts in the sky were clearly watching those two. It would be difficult to flee from those flying ghosts!

‘It wouldn’t be this tragic, right,’

‘There is still some dragon strength left from the battle with the dark murderer, should I drink it here?’

Marvin was once again cursing the youth as useless. In the current circumstances, besides taking dragon strength to raise his dexterity for the [Flicker] specialty, there didn’t seem to be any other option!

But it was really too extravagant!

He was unwilling to take out the bottle from the void conch.

But at that moment, the youth suddenly pulled Marvin closer. "Follow me!"

Marvin staggered, nearly falling from being dragged.

This guy’s strength was very high!

Marvin was startled and furiously scolded, "What do you think you are doing?"

The youth panted and pointed to a tomb not far away. "My home."

"They can’t enter."

"Follow me, it’s safe."

He didn’t say anything else and dragged Marvin inside the tomb.

Marvin was unable to do anything. This seemingly frail guy had huge strength for some strange reason, making Marvin unable to get free!

Two men jumped one after the other in the rather shallow tomb. A black barrier suddenly covered the tomb!

"Tu tu tu!"

"Tu tu tu!"

The horses’ hooves could be heard on top of the black barrier, as numerous skeletal warhorses gathered above them.

More and more high level ghosts began attacking this black barrier.

But even though this black barrier seemed quite weak, it was actually extremely hard.

"Gosh, scared the crap out of me!" The youth sat down on the ground, legs crossed. "I’m completely exhausted…"

Marvin remained silent.

He still hadn’t understood what was going on.

"This tomb is your home?"

"And what’s going on with these ghosts?" He asked.

The youth patted his head, chanting an incantation. Marvin only felt his body calm down.

The youth who caused the ghost uprising in the despair hills was called Fidel. Even though he looked young, he was in fact more than forty years old.

His home was actually under the tomb, a spacious underground cave.

Someone living in this kind of place was definitely a necromancer, but this guy… Was a freak.

In general, necromancers didn’t have good opinions of regular people. But Marvin didn’t sense the least bit of evil intent from Fidel. This guy was simply a freak necromancer. Not only was he familiar from the start, he also loved chatting… To the point of being a chatterbox.

While hiding from the ghost uprising above them, Marvin also had to endure Fidel’s complaints.

But the truth made Marvin dumbfounded.

"You said, you fell in love with a lich? Hold on… Aren’t liches genderless?"

"Well, she used to be a beautiful woman? I understand… so you proposed?"

"It looks like your proposal was rejected. Then you offended her, and she used her ghost army to deal with you? So it turns out it’s not a ghost uprising but someone controlling them?"

Marvin felt that this was ridiculous.

A necromancer and a lich, this kind of pairing… There weren’t a lot of those in all of Feinan, right?

Wait a minute...

Something suddenly clicked together in Marvin’s brain!

"Necromancer… Fidel… Lich!"

Could it be that this guy would be the famous Mad Lich Fidel of despair hills in the future?

That abnormal mad guy that made every player who entered the despair hills lose out greatly?

He didn’t look the same at all though.

Marvin recalled the players’ description of Mad Lich Fidel. It didn’t look like that chatterbox necromancer… Wait, someone did mention him being a chatterbox.

Even though Marvin had first appeared in the Jewel Bay last time, but he had been living mostly in the areas north of Jewel Bay, seldom setting foot south of the despair hills.

With regards to the mad lich story, he knew a bit, but he didn’t remember much.

"Damn… Even if I failed this time, It’ll definitely work next time!" Fidel said to himself.

He made some tea for Marvin, but the latter didn’t dare to drink. Heavens knew what necromancers liked to put in their tea.

"I spent a large amount to buy 999 roses from an unscrupulous northern merchant… Why did Sasha not like it?’

Fidel sat there, distressed. He started pondering, completely ignoring Marvin.


Marvin saw the light.

He remembered!

Sasha was the name of that lich. It was said that before she turned into a lich, she was a very beautiful woman.

A few memories flashed through Marvin’s mind, and he finally remembered the whole story of the mad lich.

It’s just that, he suddenly felt a little sad.

He stood up and went to pat Fidel’s shoulder. "Hey, rest assured. Maybe next time will be a success?"

The mad lich’s story was a bit funny, yet quite miserable.

Fidel and Sasha were a pair of close friends. They were wizard apprentices who liked each other.

But because of an unusual accident, Sasha turned into a lich.

A good looking young girl suddenly turned into a skeleton. No one would be able to stand it, so her temperament changed.

Even if she had huge magic power, she had forever lost her human body. She became violent, irritable, and stayed away from other people.

But one person didn’t abandon her. That was Fidel.

Fidel followed Sasha to despair hills, advancing to become a necromancer on the way.

For a long time, Sasha completely ignored Fidel. Whenever Fidel tried to get close, she would use strong magic power to drive him out.

But she didn’t want to harm him.

It was precisely because of this that those skeletal warhorses, which should normally be able to catch them, were lagging behind.

This was the lich controlling them from the back.

She didn’t want the man she loved to look at her current miserable state. So she chose to repel the man far away.

In the game, Fidel didn’t give up on pursuing Sasha, even though she turned into a lich.

After one of his failed attempts, he thought that the reason why Sasha didn’t want to meet him was because he was human and she was a lich.

Therefore he asked a high level lich to turn himself into a lich. This way, he would be able to be together with Sasha.

The ceremony was a success.

But the ending was a little sad: After turning into a lich, Fidel looked for Sasha, but he found the good looking youthful girl he remembered.

Fidel had worked hard to turn himself into a lich while the lich worked hard to get back her human body.

He was successful. She was successful. She recovered her body by using the body revival skill.

But he was no longer human at that time.

They both missed each other.

This was simply the most painful joke Fate picked for them.

The two met each other one day and Fidel fell into madness.

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