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Late Night River Shore City, Commoner District, a small two story house.

A very dense steam spread through a messy room in the two story house.

In the room, a girl was lying down on the bed, continuously moaning. Her skin was yellow and she seemed to have no strength.

Yet her eyes seemed to be unusually lively.

"Father…" She said in a low voice, "I might die soon."

A tall person was sitting on the bedside, holding his tears with great difficulty. He grabbed his daughter’s hands and said, "Lyle, rest assured, I already found a way to save you!"

"You’ll be fine, everything will get better."

There was also a third person in the room. She was the same age as the girl and from her clothes, it could be seen that her family situation was similar to their own. She was also sitting at the bedside, looking at the seriously ill Lyle.

"Thank you, Chini," Gru said in a low voice. "Thank you for taking care of her when I wasn’t here."

"This is what I should do Mr Gru." Chini displayed an expression full of grief. "Lyle is my best friend."

"Looking after her is something I should do. But her body…"

She turned after saying this, apparently not able to bear looking at Lyle.

This was Gru’s house. As a low level adventurer who had worked hard for half his life in River Shore City, Gru being able to buy a house like this in the commoner district was already not an easy thing to do.

This evening, White River Valley’s Baron Marvin had given him a book and told him that Masked Twin Blades would look for him at his house.

This made him overjoyed.

There was finally hope for his daughter. Even if it was slim, he still wanted to give it a try.

The steam in the room was a kind of very old treatment method. Increasing the room temperature and humidity level was said to be effective against all kinds of sicknesses.

Gru also invited a lot of doctors, but they were unable to do anything about Lyle’s condition, they could only try methods that were at least better than nothing.

Chini, who had just woken up, sat around for a while before excusing herself. "Since you already returned, I’ll head back early."

Gru nodded.

He was about to send off his daughter’s friend, but suddenly, a silhouette rushed in from the outside!

"You can’t!"


A curved dagger was drawn and pushed against Chini’s neck.

"What are you doing?" Gru asked, startled and furious.

Chini tried to loudly scream… But Marvin had already covered her mouth before she could emit a sound.

He was wearing the [Ghastly Gloves] anyway. He wouldn’t feel anything even if that girl bit him.

"What am I doing?"

"Maybe you should ask what she is doing?" Marvin sneered.

He tore off Chini’s shirt!

An odd imprint could be seen on her neck. It looked like half a tattoo.

"I’m not sure what you mean. Chini is Lyle’s good friend," said Gru in a deep voice. "Mister Masked Twin Blades, let go of her quickly."

"Open the book you have. Page 670, look at the illustration." Marvin coldly said.

At the same time, Chini’s body shook quickly.

Fear could be seen in her eyes.

She tried to struggle, but even if Marvin’s strength was average, it was more than enough to subdue a young girl.

Under the threat of the curved dagger she eventually stopped struggling, frightened.

Gru hurriedly took out the book and turned the pages till he found the one Marvin had indicated.

His face instantly changed!

"Are you a Plague God follower?"

"How could that be? Chini?"

Gru was thoroughly stunned!

This book was found in Baron Marvin’s study. It was an ancient book passed down by his grandfather. Inside were some secrets about evil cult followers.

This naturally included some notes about the Plague God.

Gru wasn’t blind; he could clearly see that tattoo on Chini’s neck. If it was completed, it would be a perfect copy of the one in the book!

That represented the Plague God’s followers!

They were a group of loathsome human beings. They firmly believed in the plagues, wanting plagues to spread everywhere, yet they would be immune thanks to the plague god’s blessing.

These kinds of people were the most hateful.

Lyle lying down on the bed clearly didn’t understand what was happening. She anxiously asked, "What are you doing?"

"Father, please don’t let this weird person harm Chini."

Marvin was not amused, he directly struck the back of Chini’s head, making her lose consciousness.

"Lunatic!" Lyle said, furious. Her face flushed.

"Shut up!" Gru gloomily yelled.

Lyle was thoroughly stunned. As far as she remembered, her father had never spoken to her like that.

"It was Chini’s work!"

Gru had a placid look on his face, as he repeated, "Your sickness was Chini’s work."

"What? Impossible!?" Lyle shook her head. Yet suddenly, she displayed a kind of very painful expression!

Her left hand covered her stomach and tears began to crazily fall down. Her right hand was clenching the bed sheet, even going so far as tearing the sheet.

This kind of pain was clearly quite severe!

Gru hurriedly hugged Lyle, begging Marvin with his eyes.

Marvin took a deep breath and said to Gru, "If you want to save her life, listen to me."

Gru forced himself to nod.

Reaching this point, he could only listen to Masked Twin Blades’ arrangements.

The steam stove was removed, only leaving a huge brazier.

A strange plant was burning in the brazier. This plant was known as [Amethyst Sprout], a kind of bitter grass with no nutritional value. Only the poorest and lowest people would use it to rear some animals and such.

The burning of the Amethyst sprout would form a kind of very irritating purple smoke, yet Marvin still told Gru to close the door and window.

Then, they tied Lyle’s arms and feet to the bed.

"Now, you can go outside."

"You might not want to see what happens next," Marvin calmly said. "If you want to stay, just promise me that you won’t stop me regardless of what I do to your daughter!"

"Father! Don’t leave me! I don’t want to stay in the same room as this lunatic!"

Lyle shouted in a hoarse voice.

Gru showed a painful expression.

Masked Twin Blades had no reason to harm him. He bit his lips and went to Lyle’s bedside, "Darling, trust me. Even if this person is somewhat unreasonable, he did come here in order to save you."

"You have to trust me. I love you. Darling."

He then kissed Lyle forehead’s before taking a deep glance at Marvin, before leaving the room.

Only Marvin and the sobbing Lyle were left in the room.

"You are a stupid woman."

"But surely you aren’t stupid enough to not notice that your best friend had a hand in your situation?"

Marvin took out the kingfisher jade dagger from the void conch while calmly speaking.

The purple smoke had already covered the whole room so much that Lyle even began coughing.

She was silent for a moment, before shaking her head. "Impossible, Chini has no reason to do something like that."

"People would do anything to survive."

Marvin arrived next to Lyle and said in a low voice, "Your father loves you very much."

Lyle painfully looked at Marvin. "What are you going to use to cure me?"


She didn’t even finish her sentence when Marvin already used his dagger to cut open her clothes!

"Aaah!" A shriek echoed in the room.

Gru sitting outside fighting the urge to run back in, before finally deciding to endure.

All kinds of screams could be heard for the next hour.

By then her voice had become very hoarse.

Blue veins were palpitating on Gru’s forehead. He had thought about breaking the door and rushing in many times.

If Masked Twin Blades was really doing something to his daughter...

He was unable to imagine what he would do.

At that time, the door creaked open, showing what was inside.

Masked Twin Blades walked out from the inside, carrying someone on his shoulder.

"I’ll take this one away."

"Your daughter has no more issues."

"At worse she might have had a severe fright. You should comfort her. I think a change of environment would do good. River Shore City isn’t very peaceful these days. She would mix with those low people all day long, so naturally it would be hard to avoid danger. Don’t you think? Mister Gru?"

Gru was already looking at the sleeping Lyle. Even if she was still pale, she was actually sleeping peacefully.

She had never been able to sleep properly lately!

"What do you mean, Mister Masked Twin Blades?" Gru woke up from his trance and asked.

Marvin quickly walked down the stairs, still carrying Chini, "White River Valley is a good choice."

"The atmosphere there isn’t bad, and the people aren’t bad either."

Gru deeply saluted Marvin, "

"I understand."

As the night grew darker, in a room of an abandoned warehouse.


A basin of water was thrown at Chini’s face.

"Tell me where you normally preach, or gather."

Marvin said in a cold voice.

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