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As he walked through the mountainous area, Marvin gradually found more book collections.

In the hilly area, every low ground was equivalent to a bookshelf, consisting of a table covered with books.

Most of the books were ancient and Marvin could only make out their names. He couldn't understand the contents.

His goal was the Book of Forgiveness.

After all, this was his part of the agreement with the Dragon Soul.

This island was vast and the mountainous area was quite wide in itself.

Luckily Marvin wasn't slow, he sped through the mountainous area like lightning and finally found the Book of Forgiveness on one table.

Compared to the other books, this one was a lot thinner.

Like the other ancient books, the Book of Forgiveness was covered in a faint layer of light.

This was a simple alarm spell. If someone touched the Book of Forgiveness, it would trigger the library's alarm.

But the Dragon Soul told Marvin a way to get a hold of the Book of Forgiveness without triggering the alarm.

He took out a pair of gloves and put them on.

This pair of gloves was given by the Dragon Soul and he was told that they could avoid the library's detection.

Sure enough, when he put on the gloves and grabbed the Book of Forgiveness, that faint light scattered.

In Marvin's hand was a book with only a few pages.

Information pertaining to the Book of Forgiveness appeared in his logs.

[Book of Forgiveness (Book - Tool)]

[Soul Bind: Loyal Tidomas]

[Effect: Remove the Evil Dragon Teeth's seal]

Seeing these logs, Marvin froze.

The target of the soul bind was shockingly Tidomas!

Hold on, wasn't this guy in the Negative Energy Plane?

Is his soul split?

The Dragon Soul who had been sealed for so long was the Loyal Tidomas?

Marvin smelled a hint of conspiracy.

Unfortunately, as he didn't know Draconic, he gained nothing by flipping this book.

The Book of Forgiveness didn't have many pages, and each page only contained a few characters in Draconic. It would be barely enough to form a few sentences.

But Marvin could feel that the true key to undoing the Dragon Teeth's seal was the powerful force hidden in this book.

After getting the Book of Forgiveness, Marvin sighed in relief.

The Dragon Soul had mentioned that the Book of Forgiveness was in the east while the Wisdom Chapter was in the west.

He found the Book of Forgiveness in the mountainous area, thus the Wisdom Chapter should be in the lake area on the opposite side.

Although Marvin was not a great swimmer, underwater breathing potions were basic things he always had in his storage.

He soon rushed toward the west.

He was careful not to touch any book on his way.

Although these books were very precious, they were still a lot less important than the Wisdom Chapter.

But Marvin's cautiousness was meaningless.

Because there was still an ugly woman suddenly appearing on the mountain peak in front of him.

Librarian Fati!

Marvin frowned, 'Ikarina only stalled for so long?'

Marvin came to the conclusion that with the Black Dragon's strength, stalling a Draconic Sorcerer for a few minutes shouldn't be too hard!

With the Librarian appearing here, he had a bad premonition.

Sure enough, Fati coldly laughed, "Humans really are the stupidest lifeforms. You actually chose to believe a Race's Clan that was widely known as betrayers."

"Even if I don't know what kind of contract there is between you two, she definitely sold you out."

She waved the mirror in her hand as she said that.

Marvin's silhouette shockingly appeared in the mirror.

Marvin took a deep breath and secretly used [Earth Perception]!

However, this time, he used it toward those pages in his storage!

He quickly realised, these must have clearly been the vector of the locating spell.

Ikarina set him up. This much was clear.

He soon found a special page among the pages.

This page was blank with a basic camouflage skill on top.

It's just that when Marvin received the pile of pages from Ikarina, he didn't inspect them carefully and was tricked by the Black Dragon.

"She is killing with a borrowed knife."

Marvin shook his head with a chuckle.

"In any case, you'll die." A sinister expression appeared on Librarian Fati's ugly face, "Because of your greed, I'll most likely face punishment!"

"Thus you won't have an easy death."

Marvin shrugged, "You might have misunderstood me."

"I only said that she was killing with a borrowed knife. I never said who was the knife and who was the target."

"Regardless, although I didn't really plan to make a move against you, since you came to me in your own, I might as well get rid of you."

"As for the Black Dragon, she will clearly understand what is the result of betraying me."

Marvin's tone was very dispassionate at the start, but it slowly became filled with killing intent.

He directly activated his Domain, [Slaughter]!

Legend Powerhouses' Domains had some very subtle effects.

Because they hadn't reached Gods' level, they couldn't use the rules of the Domains for their own purposes. But the Domains would slightly raise the battle efficiency of the Legend Powerhouses.

This wouldn't reflect on their attributes. If one really had to interpret their effects in terms of data, it would be somewhat of an advantage to the checks happening instantaneously in battle.

Taking Marvin's Slaughter and Shadow Domain for example, in the split second when he attacked, his skills would have a slight bonus advantage.

This was one of the reasons he could keep killing Dark Phoenix.

Even if an ordinary Legend had his pair of elven daggers, they wouldn't necessarily be able to trigger the Divine Restraint effect.

Marvin didn't want to fight against Fati, but if the two met, he wouldn't be afraid either.

In battle, the stronger one would win!

And he wasn't weak anymore.

Clever people will think of way to avoid unnecessary battles, and true powerhouses won't avoid inevitable battles.

Cold light flashed as daggers appeared in his hands.

Librarian Fati turned to nothingness, her voice echoing, "Hehe…"

"Arrogant youth, you think Legends are the most powerful?"

"Let me show you my Dragon spells!"

Next second, the space turned chaotic.

A large amount of energy shrouded their surroundings and countless throwing knives appeared around Marvin!

These throwing knives were made of pure energy and their sharp blades made Marvin feel threatened!

[Dragon Spell - Throwing Knives Formation]!

In an instant, these throwing knives flew over from all directions!

Marvin let out a breath and turned partly intangible!

This island's space was very unstable, it might be some external plane and Marvin didn't dare to rashly enter the Shadow Plane from here.

But facing these frightening throwing knives, he had no other choice.

Shapeshift Sorcerer - Shadow Shape!

He turned into a shadow, as the throwing knives travelled back and forth.

Marvin did his best to dodge the throwing knives with the help of his Godly Dexterity, but there was still a large amount that pierced through his body or brushed past him.

This Dragon Spell was too formidable.

Even with Marvin's Shadow Shape's physical resistance, he was still hit quite unbearably!

In an instant, his body was riddled with holes!

His HP sharply dropped down, but fortunately, he wasn't critically wounded. Besides a fierce pain, everything else was bearable.

Marvin sped up, trying to rush out of the Throwing Knives Formation.

But that spell seemed to be locked on him.

He barely managed to find a way to escape when a 2nd Throwing Knives Formation was already set up!

And the current Marvin's HP had already dropped to a third.

'What a frightening spell!'

Marvin was apprehensive.

Librarian Fati was definitely a top notch caster. Since she made the first move, Marvin was at a disadvantage.

The most frightening part was that the Librarian had hidden herself and Marvin couldn't even feel her existence.

She was in control of this space after all.

'It's not going to work…'

'I need to risk it and flee to the Shadow Plane, otherwise I'll just continue to suffer a beating!' This thought flashed in Marvin's mind.

Next second, he decisively used his Shadow Doppelganger to try to attract the Throwing Knives Formation's attention.

But Fati didn't even try to probe it, regardless where his main body escaped to, the Throwing Knives Formation would follow.

Marvin was painfully beaten but still remained calm.

Although he was somewhat at a disadvantage, it's not like he had no way to counterattack.

Legends' fights weren't that simple, with no one helping, it would be very difficult for Marvin to kill Fati on his own.

Only by knowing yourself and your enemy would you be able to remain victorious.

Him not fighting back was just a way to test the other side's magic intensity. Testing the caster's strength was Marvin's most commonly used textbook strategy against a Legend Caster.

After the first round of Throwing Knives Formation, Marvin had an intuitive feeling to the magnitude of Fati's magical strength.

This was considered a common physical spell and could do a lot of damage. If it was a Death spell, or a more powerful type of magic, Marvin estimated that even if he used the Ruler of the Night's magic resistance, he might not necessarily be able to endure.

'Seems like I can only use that method.'

Marvin silently put away his curved daggers and suddenly dispelled Shadow Shape.

As the throwing knives soon submerged Marvin, his silhouette suddenly disappeared!

Surprisingly, he had already reached the forest area.

He used Shadow Escape and disappeared from the Throwing Knives Formation.

But Fati wouldn't let him off easily. Although Marvin got rid of the page he got from the Black Dragon, she still could find Marvin's traces.

"You can't escape, as long as you are on this island, I'll easily catch you!" Fati shouted.

But Marvin's calm voice came out from the depths of the forest, "Oh yeah?"

"What if I'm outside the island?"

Fati's expression suddenly changed.

A shadow hurriedly sped through the forest, aiming at the sea!

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