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Ambella's Perception exceeded Marvin's expectations.

When hiding in the Shadow Plane, even Dark Phoenix couldn't accurately determine his location. Marvin hadn't thought that this Dream God Divine Servant would suddenly look toward him.

'Is she tricking me?'

Marvin was surprised and used a Shadow Vortex to once again change location.

But Ambella just turned her head and kept looking at him.

She tightly held the staff in her hands, clearly prepared to use a Divine Spell in a moment's notice.

She seemed very relaxed on the surface, but her firmly clenched right hand betrayed her thoughts.

Facing someone adept in stealth, even though the Divine Servants were very powerful, they still needed to be vigilant.

Marvin's heart shook, this woman was very troublesome. She could actually locate him in the Shadow Plane.

He hesitated before coming out.

Senma's face immediately paled.

But before Marvin made a step, a ball of light shot from Ambella's right hand.

The bright Divine Spell flashed and Senma screamed as he was dismembered, before turning to dust.

The golden dust seemed eerily beautiful as it fell on the ground, reeking of blood.

"We can chat now."

Ambella was radiating confidence.

She casually killed Senma. She had already given him an opportunity, however he failed.

This man was not worth her backing, and he knew her identity, so he was doomed to die sooner or later.

At the same time, disposing of him in front of Marvin would serve as intimidation.

But Ambella didn't expect that Marvin wasn't shocked by Senma's death at all, as if everything was within his expectations.

She squinted and carefully sized up Marvin, before displaying a pondering smile, "Turns out to be you…"

"You are the one who killed Dark Phoenix, right? You are that Marvin?"

Marvin was very calm on the surface, but fidgety on the inside.

It wasn't strange for Ambella to find out his identity, what unsettled him was the unfathomable feeling this woman gave him.

He didn't get that sort of feeling even from Dark Phoenix.

He cautiously looked at her. In his Perception, that woman was non-existent.

But she clearly stood there right in front of him.

"Is there even anything worth talking about?" still, Marvin wasn't anxious.

Ambella's smile widened, "You should have already learnt about my identity from that fool, right?"

"To be honest, I want to discuss a cooperation."

"Don't refuse right away, listen to what I have to say. I noticed that you seem to misunderstand the Gods greatly… It's as if being enemies was natural, am I right?"

Marvin hinted her to continue.

"But in fact, you shouldn't forget that the current Gods were once the heroes of Feinan's 3rd Era."

Ambella sternly said, "In your eyes, attacking the Universe Magic Pool is a very hateful move. But the Gods also act according to their principles. They wouldn't attack the Universe Magic Pool without reason. That would be akin to destroying the Universe's balance and laws and would probably lead to a disaster."

Marvin was a bit impatient, "What's your point?"

"Do you mean that those Wizards and civilians suffering tragic deaths were just fated to die?"

Ambella had a solemn expression, "I didn't say they should have died. Every life has its worth."

"It's just that living in this era is their misfortune."

"As for you, and for us, it's an opportunity."

"Could it be that you are uninterested in the 4th Fate Tablet?"

Ambella's voice was tempting, "Someone getting a hold of a fragment of Fate Tablet could ascend and become a God, then what if it was a whole Fate Tablet?"

Marvin sneered, "The 4th Fate Tablet is only a myth."

"Even if it was real, the Gods will definitely fight over it. That one backing you will never let go of it. You think this empty promise will make me cooperate with you? Aren't you too naive?"

There was no change in Ambella's expression as she said, "What I want to say is that in this era, every genuine powerhouse has the opportunity to be looked at favorably by Providence."

"Cooperation between the strong isn't a bad thing. You don't necessarily need to reject the Gods so much."

"In fact, you openly killing Dark Phoenix was very awe-inspiring, but it already made many Gods vigilant against you. Without the backing of a High God, you'll find yourself in troubles in the future."

"After all, the true God Era will arrive."

Marvin shook his head, "You are a very qualified lobbyist. But I have no interest in becoming a God's lackey."

Ambella's face turned ugly.

Marvin's sentence was simply a slap to her face.

If it was someone else, she would have already cast a Divine Spell.

But the other side was Marvin.

This man's strength was unfathomable, he was the most important target to rope in. She recalled the reason of this trip to the human world and kept her calm, "I want to stress it once again, it is a cooperation. It's based on mutual benefits."


Marvin pretended to be slightly interested and took half a step forward, "If it was cooperation, what benefits would the Dream God give me?"


Ambella was completely oblivious to the impending danger and kept talking, "You are also aware, right? That you are already on the must-kill list of many Gods."

"The mastermind behind the Shadow Prince's God Realm's explosion had already been jointly investigated by the Gods, and it actually turned out ot be you. You are really good at causing troubles."

"Although Glynos fell in a slumber, one of his friends has already found a way for him to recover quickly. In six months at most, the Shadow Prince will come back. With his temperament, there is a 99% chance of him coming to get his revenge."

"Not to mention other powerful Gods. Many of them think that the best way to show their might after descending to Feinan would be to kill you…"

Ambella patiently explained, "This world's current circumstances… How long would they last for? The Universe Magic Pool will be shattered soon."

"At that time, no one will be able to stop the Gods from descending."

"You need the protection of a powerful God, and the Dream God is very pleased to offer you this kind of protection. The condition is for you to be willing to help him deal with some small matters."

Marvin couldn't help but inwardly sigh in exasperation, this woman was really good at tempting others.

If he was already on the Gods' blacklists, why would the Dream God wish to offend them?

But outwardly he still frowned and said, "Like what?"

He feigned to take a step forward subconsciously.

A prideful expression flashed through Ambella's eyes.

But next second, Marvin suddenly disappeared.

'Not good!'

Ambella was stunned, suddenly becoming upset.

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