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Although unwilling, Ding still relayed Jessica's plan to Marvin in the Astral Plane.

Hearing that Jessica was there, Marvin felt relieved.

What he had been most afraid of wasn't a lack of Legends, but the lack of a leader able to coordinate everyone's strength.

Inheim and O'Brien were very powerful, but they weren't particularly good at organizing people and ordering them around. O'Brien became the leader of the Night Walkers simply because of his immense strength.

The Sea Elven Queen was more of an outsider and wouldn't be able to hold much sway over the group.

But Jessica was different. Her character and reputation made it easy for others to trust her.

Although she preferred using her fists rather than planning things, that didn't mean she was all brawn and no brains.

Jessica gave Marvin only one mission:

Be ready to kill Dark Phoenix at any time!

In the southern suburbs of Steel City, everyone received instructions from Jessica through her Fate Power.

Although they were unfamiliar with each other, no one spoke out against Jessica being the temporary leader.

They were all smart and the important thing now was to kill Dark Phoenix.

And to kill her, the four totems would be vital.

Endless Ocean and Marvin's coordinated attack had failed because Endless Ocean was alone. But they still decided to attack because Dark Phoenix was gradually getting stronger, and they didn't know when reinforcements might finally show up.

The Legends had now arrived, with four casters among them: Dryad Chloe, Volcano Giant Woodhead, the Sea Elven Queen and Jessica.

These four Legend casters could each take care of one totemic pillar, and with their combined effort, the effect of the Boundary would be increased many times, reliably cutting off the source of Dark Phoenix's power.

The Legends also had their own methods to deal with the attacks of the transformed Wizard army and Divine Servants.

With Inheim and O'Brien joining hands, these two peak powerhouses would be able to handle the Legend Wizard Divine Servants.

Their bodies were extremely strong and Inheim's Quivering Palm could subdue the Wizards' Magic Armor!

Together, the two of them held off those few Divine Servants.

And after Constantine got hold of Glorious Wind, he was also able to tear through the Wizard Monsters.

He killed his way through the army of transformed Wizards by relying on the power of the Elven Sword.

With his Demon Steps and his devastatingly deadly swordsmanship, even Dark Phoenix felt a bit apprehensive!

Some of these could have become her future followers but they were slaughtered by Constantine.

But despite her distress, she didn't blindly move.

In her eyes, the actions of the Legends were futile.

She still had Divine Servants at her side protecting her.

And although the four casters were sealing the source of her Divine Power, with her current Divine Power comprehension, she could still find a loophole.

Moreover, the other side's strongest people had to either take care of the totems or fight her Divine Servants.

Constantine was killing the Wizard Monsters very fiercely, but in the end, he was pushing forward pretty much alone.

As for Shadow Thief Owl, his class simply wasn't suitable for assassinations.

Dark Phoenix didn't have much Divine Power available, but she was still confident.

As she saw it, despite her seeming to be at a disadvantage at the moment, as time went on, the scales would slowly tip toward her victory!

'Only five minutes… Those two should be able to arrive by about then, right?'

'Ten minutes at most, and I'll be able to try to break through the totemic boundary, or at least regain some Divine Power.'

A confident smile appeared on Dark Phoenix's face. It seemed that victory was drawing within her reach.

At that time, Jessica suddenly said something and Fate Power burst out!

In a flash, a Teleportation Door appeared next to Dark Phoenix, giving her a jolt of shock!

She was familiar with this aura.

This was the aura of the Astral Plane.

'This is bad!'

'The Astral Plane Seal… It's Marvin!'

Dark Phoenix had no time to wonder about how Jessica was able to take care of her Astral Plane Seal because a shadow was already rushing toward her!

[Divine Spell - Space Annihilation]!

A small light shot out of Dark Phoenix's fingertips and flew at the shadow.

But after suffering the past loss, Marvin was extremely focused. After he got Jessica's notification, he made sure he was ready to use his skill the split second he returned to Feinan!

[Night Beheading]!

His silhouette merged into the darkness and with the help of Night Boundary, the ice cold [Azure Leaf]s slashed toward Dark Phoenix's head!

Blood flew out and bizarrely condensed in midair.

Dark Phoenix glared at Marvin while saying, "Gods can't die!"

A light began to radiate from the depths of her body!

That was her Divine Source!

Gods can't die.

Not unless their Divine Source was completely obliterated!

Dark Phoenix's body strangely moved backward and her head attached back up!

"No matter how many times you revive, I'll kill you!"

Marvin followed closely and kept up his momentum, slashing with his daggers again!

Under the seal of the boundary created by the four totems, Dark Phoenix without her Divine Power was no different from a Legend Wizard!

The only difference was that as a God, she could resurrect numerous times.

As long as she had an opening, she could attack and kill Marvin!

But Dark Phoenix underestimated Marvin.

Others might make a mistake and give her opportunities to flee, but Marvin, who had been entangled with the Shadow Prince for two lives, definitely wouldn't.

He knew how fearsome Gods were. One needed to be ready to kill them at least eight times to finish the job!

And that was for Low Gods.

And although Dark Phoenix had yet to succeed in her ascension, she had chosen a very powerful Godhood.

From the Divine Source that was radiating from her body, killing her even twenty times might not be enough!

This was the frightening strength of the Gods.

But Marvin was fully prepared.

He had no intention of giving Dark Phoenix any opportunities.

As Dark Phoenix's body reconstructed, Marvin quickly leveraged his Desperation Style to ruthlessly press the assault!

Dark Phoenix didn't even have time say a word before her entire body was sliced into pieces!

Bright radiance emitted once again.

The pieces hovered into the air and suddenly turned into a mist rising toward the sky.

"I won't give you the chance!"

Marvin's cold and ruthless voice echoed out. Then, Dark Phoenix was met with a terrible attack once again just as her body reformed.

The fierce pain almost made Dark Phoenix go crazy.

She couldn't accept being ravaged by Marvin's blades.

She was the great Goddess of Magic! How could a mere human bully her like this?

As long as she got an opportunity, just the slightest opportunity, she would tear Marvin apart!

But Jessica's voice coldly rang out from her position at a totem. "Focus all your power into the totems."

"Don't hold back now!"

The totems shone brightly and the space within became even more restrictive!

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