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As Jessica said these words, the Legends felt a tinge of anguish.

They had clearly seen Dark Phoenix seal Marvin into the Astral Plane.

Although Marvin wasn't necessarily dead, if they didn't help him in time, he might be stuck drifting endlessly in the Astral Plane!

After all, he wasn't a Legend Wizard so he couldn't know any spells to freely move between Planes. This was also one of the reasons that the Wizard class had been one of the best.

As for the extremely rare Legendary Class, [Plane Traveller], one needed a lot of luck to reach it. In general, there would be at most one Plane Traveller in any given era. Moreover, these people usually had special heritage and were far more mysterious than Legend Wizards.

Constantine concisely explained what had happened.

Jessica's face sank after learning that Marvin had been sealed in the Astral Plane by Dark Phoenix.

If a Legend Wizard had done the sealing, she would still be able to save Marvin from the Astral Plane.

But Dark Phoenix's seal… That was a bit more complicated.

With that in mind, she pulled out the chubby Ding. "Well, it's time for you to show your skills."

Fortune Fairy Ding was very prideful. Because of her unique abilities, few people could do anything to her.

But Jessica was an exception.

This extremely powerful girl would always go through with what she said and was even more authoritative than Kate in Ding's mind.

Ding could only obey Jessica's words.

She flapped her wings, apparently casting some sort of tracking spell.


"Why can't I sense his existence?"

"There clearly should have been some of my Luck remaining on his body!" Ding said in disbelief.

Everyone became even more worried.

Even the Fortune Fairy couldn't find any trace of Marvin.

Could he have been killed by Dark Phoenix?

Some killing intent flashed through their eyes.

Marvin had made great efforts in order to fight against the Gods to protect Feinan. He didn't hesitate to attack Dark Phoenix despite the risk to himself.

Although everyone knew that getting sealed didn't bode well, hearing Ding's words was akin to hearing about his death. They still couldn't accept it.

Jessica looked oddly calm.

"That guy wouldn't die so easily."

"Ding, try again."

As she said that, her gaze landed back on the four totemic pillars!

"Are these the four totems for the God Sealing Boundary? You made good preparations!"

Endless Ocean laughed bitterly. "It's my fault, I couldn't seal Dark Phoenix's Divine Power…"

"You can't do it on your own," Jessica said. "You need at least four Legend casters to use it safely."

"Looks like Marvin's plan had a flaw."

Endless Ocean sighed, "It's true. We had originally come to an agreement. The Migratory Bird Council was supposed to send four Great Druids to seal Dark Phoenix… But unfortunately…"

She had a gloomy expression. She had been unwilling to part with the Migratory Bird Council.

But compared to the other Great Druids, she was able to see what was more important.

The Great Druids wanted to protect their own people, as did Ivan, who had to guard Thousand Leaves Forest. They had their own shares of trouble.

But the consequences of Dark Phoenix's ascension would be too horrible to contemplate.

The Goddess of Magic. Such an intimidating Godhood.

All of Feinan's Wizards would be under her command. If one wanted to use magic, they would have to become a follower.

This meant that they were on the verge of entering the darkest of eras. From Dark Phoenix's recent actions, it was clear that this woman who had endured silently for more than a millennium would not be a merciful Goddess.

If Feinan's inhabitants wanted to resist the Gods' invasion, they had to deal with Dark Phoenix's ritual first.

Marvin made the decision to attack when she was at her weakest.

Unfortunately, he failed.

As time passed, Dark Phoenix kept growing stronger.

Since his ill-fated attack, she had apparently gotten two more Divine Servants.

A black cloud of transformed Wizards was gathering at her side.

The Legends were gathered together under a totem, but they couldn't decide on the best course of action.

Besides Marvin, only Shadow Thief Owl could instantly attack Dark Phoenix.

But Owl's assassination abilities were relatively ordinary. He was an expert in stealing, infiltrating, escaping, deceiving, and other such things.

Frontal attacks had never been Owl's strong suit. The chances of success would be very low.

Unless Glynos descended, no one in the continent would be able to single-handedly kill Dark Phoenix while she was ascending.

Unfortunately, the Shadow Prince had already been sent flying by Marvin...

And with no one handling the totems, the boundary was merely a joke right now.

From her position on the tower, Dark Phoenix watched everyone complacently.

She wasn't worried at all.

Although she had inexplicably lost track of Marvin, this wasn't important at the moment.

As long as she could pass the most dangerous period, she would be unstoppable!

Under the light of the totem, Jessica frowned. "Still haven't found Marvin?"

Ding seemed somewhat disconcerted as she answered, "I feel something wrong."

"He seems to be in a very strange place. I can't get in touch with him. Even a God's Astral Plane Seal wouldn't give such a formidable reaction."

"Then let's ignore him for now." Jessica was very decisive. She knew that the top priority was getting rid of Dark Phoenix.

"I can take care of a totem. I can also directly attack Dark Phoenix."

Her gaze swept across everyone. "Can anyone else help?"

At that time, a soft voice echoed to them, "I'll take care of this water totem."

They were all startled.

A very elegant girl appeared. She was wielding a highly conspicuous scepter, and even if she didn't seem that old, she had an imposing aura.

It was different from Jessica's tyrannical dominance. That girl had an innately noble aura.

"Sea Elf?" Jessica inquired hesitantly.

The Sea Elven Queen nodded. "As I am a rare Sea Elven Admiral, this water totem will be managed by me. There will be no problems whatsoever."

The others sighed in relief.

Marvin once mentioned having some sort of friendly relationship with the Sea Elven Queen, but they hadn't expected that he would ask her to help this time.

The Sea Elven Queen was late because she had been delayed by some changes appearing in the sea.

No plan could be absolutely foolproof. The Great Calamity influenced too many things, and the entire continent was affected.

"Good, there are two people now." Jessica took a deep breath. "But we still need two more casters."

"You won't be disappointed."

In the distance, a few rays of light flickered, with Inheim at the lead.

And behind him, several figures were rushing over!

A total of four Legend powerhouses!

The reinforcements finally arrived, and Marvin's 3rd plan was set in motion.

Inside the strange ball of light in the depths of the Astral Plane.

Marvin chatted a lot with Tiramisu.

This Eternal Time Dragon had been trapped here for many years and was simply a chatterbox. He was good and honest, but every time Marvin asked something, he would keep going without hiding anything until he finished saying everything he knew.

The problem was that out of every ten sentences, nine were nonsense.

And the remaining one wouldn't be important.

This gave Marvin a headache.

But after a while, he understood that Tiramisu's knowledge of Lance's plan was very shallow.

He had only heard some vague things in the Dragon egg, nothing more. And these things were mere fragments.

For example, Marvin had concluded that Lance was most likely from Earth too.

But in that case, that game called Feinan Continent had probably been created by Lance from behind the scenes.

Why did he choose him?

Why would he choose Marvin from among the thousands of players?

Marvin was rather puzzled about this. But now wasn't the time to swim in his doubts.

He had to think of a way to get back.

"Do you know of any way for me to return to Feinan?" he asked.

The Dragon's face became rather bleak as he pouted, "Do you plan on leaving me alone?"

Marvin scratched his head, feeling a bit embarrassed. "Can't you break this cage with your Eternal Time Dragon abilities?"

The Dragon had a bitter expression. "Almost any other cage wouldn't be able to hold me… But a boundary set up by another Eternal Time Dragon is another matter."

"Could it be that your father intended to lock you in forever?" asked Marvin.

"Until my strength is sufficient to break through the cage," Tiramisu reiterated.

Marvin spread out his hands and shrugged.

Even the Eternal Time Dragon had no way to leave this boundary, so what could he do about it?

Marvin actually wasn't trapped inside. This boundary didn't influence him, and he could tell that Sir Bacon had specifically targeted Tiramisu.

But if he just left, all that awaited him would be the Astral Plane. With no one to help him, he wouldn't have any way to get back to Feinan.

He had to ask the Dragon for help.

The power of an Eternal Time Dragon wasn't something an ordinary person could comprehend. They were said to have lifespans long enough to see the birth and destruction of several Universes.

Tiramisu thought for a bit before exposing a crafty grin. "If you help me out, I'll help you."

Marvin felt a bit doubtful. "I can help you?"

Tiramisu nodded. "From what I remember, there should be a Pearl Tower in the southern part of Feinan."

"There is a tattered humanoid construct there and he had a Wormhole Pearl. Help me think of a way to cheat it from him and that'll do."

Marvin broke out in a cold sweat.

This guy was quite daring. He actually wanted to make Marvin go swindle Mark 47.

After some careful thought, it seemed to Marvin that he had no choice but to accept the Dragon's condition.

He nodded.

The Dragon shrewdly pointed out, "I can't just take your word for it. Thus, we have to sign a contract."

A contract?

Marvin instantly raised his vigilance.

'This guy wouldn't have evil intentions, right?'

Looking at his innocent appearance, Marvin could only clench his teeth and say, "Let me see the contract..."

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