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The Cursing Banshee wasn't a lifeform but rather a very powerful Legendary spell!

It was actually a Death-type spell. The targets would be haunted by a Banshee and keep receiving Death checks.

It was like a stronger version of Disintegrate!

Very few people could use this spell, because it was way too ancient and had been mostly forgotten.

But Marvin wouldn't be surprised by any spell cast by Dark Phoenix.

Before he made a move, Owl suddenly used six Paper Clones.

His main body travelled back and forth among the six Paper Clones!

The Cursing Banshee shrieked and pounced forward. Every time she pounced on a Paper Clone, it would struggle for a few seconds before disintegrating!

Marvin frowned. This Cursing Banshee spell was too frightening, and the duration was far longer than usual.

Owl thankfully had the Origami skill to protect himself and ended up using eight Paper Clones to barely cancel the Cursing Banshee's effects!

"How is it!?"

Looking at the smoke on the main island and the shaking ground, Marvin asked anxiously.

Owl shook his head.

He had only approached Dark Phoenix temple's hall when he was noticed by the other side.

If not for him quickly escaping, he could have been hit by the Cursing Banshee, which would have had horrible consequences.

"The eruption is Dark Phoenix's work."

"She is ready to stake everything."

Owl's expression was very unsightly.

There was no information from Hathaway so far, making him worried.

But this volcanic eruption wasn't a trivial matter. Under Dark Phoenix's meticulous control, the main island's buildings were almost all destroyed!

Although Marvin and Owl were both Legend powerhouses, they were unable to withstand this kind of natural disaster.

There was no way to find Dark Phoenix's traces in this situation.

Marvin's Night Tracking had already lost track of Dark Phoenix.

"I was found out." Owl felt a bit ashamed.

If he hadn't rashly entered the main hall and been discovered by Dark Phoenix, Marvin's Night Tracking might have still been working.

But now that they have been found out, Dark Phoenix could find ways to hide from Marvin's tracking.

Who knew where she ran off to now?

Marvin shook his head. He left the Black Coral Islands as the area was about to collapse into ruins.

Late at night, on the deck of a captured pirate ship, the Legends gathered once again.

Tidomas' fury clearly hadn't been easy to handle. Black Dragon Izaka had apparently been seriously injured so he found a small island to rest.

Marvin could feel from their contract that Izaka truly had received a serious injury, so he let him rest for now.

The other Legends hadn't suffered as much harm. As Marvin left, he had given Izaka the order to block Tidomas, and Izaka thus blocked most of the attacks. Even if the others cut sorry figures, they only had many light injuries.

Everyone felt clueless about Hathaway's inexplicable disappearance.

The volcanic eruption and the ensuing sinking of the island meant that their last clue had disappeared.

As for Dark Phoenix's plan, it made everyone anxious and frightened.

"We need detailed information. We have to immediately return to the continent," Lorant suggested.

Marvin nodded. He had already ordered the Wind Fairy to make the pirate ship rush to land.

The direction wasn't toward Sword Harbor, but Jewel Bay!

Only in the territories of the South Wizard Alliance could they get information about Dark Phoenix's schemes.

'Carefully counting the time, it should currently be the morning of the 15th. Tomorrow is the day the Gods will attack the Universe Magic Pool.'

'We're running out of time.'

The ship cut through the dark waters for a while when suddenly, a bright light flashed through the sky!

It was a Golden Griffin!

The Legends on the deck had vigilant expressions on their faces.

With one of those fierce Griffins appearing so suddenly as they were approaching the coastline, it would be strange not to be on guard.

But the Griffin didn't make any threatening moves and spiraled around the pirate ship.

"I am a messenger from Thousand Leaves Forest. I need to see Sir Marvin."

The echoing melodious and sweet voice was that of a Wood Elven woman.

Marvin left the hold and hinted for everyone to relax.

It really was a Wood Elf. In this timeline, he was very familiar with the Wood Elves because he'd had a lot of dealings with them.

Even if he didn't know that messenger, there shouldn't be any need to doubt her identity.

The Wood Elf got down from the Griffin and calmly spoke with no fear of her surroundings, "Sir Marvin, I am under the orders of my King to bring you two pieces of information."

The Legends looked at each other in dismay, feeling a bit stunned.

The Great Elven King had always been cold and aloof, rarely taking the initiative to get in contact with others.

He had only made a move at the Decaying Plateau for the sake of his son Ivan.

This time, they didn't know the reasons, but he had actually dispatched a messenger to communicate a message to Marvin.

Did that mean that in the eyes of the Great Elven King, someone who was on par with Gods, Marvin's status was important?

"Okay, let's talk in the hold."

There was a soundproof Barrier in the hold, so there would be no fear of someone eavesdropping.

The girl nodded and followed everyone to the hold.

The Wood Elven messenger was a very intelligent girl at the 3rd rank.

Her name was Butterfly.

Butterfly wasn't part of the Elven Iron Guard and was only a rather average Wood Elf.

In her words, she had been chosen to send this letter because the manpower in Thousand Leaves Forest was currently in short supply.

The most powerful people were doing important things, so she had been sent for this errand.

Everyone was surprised at her words.

Someone that could earn the trust of the Great Elven King definitely wasn't someone as simple as she said.

But they weren't focused on that part. They were more interested in the information she was carrying.

The first piece of information was about Hathaway.

Butterfly repeated the Great Elven King's original words. "Hathaway is very safe at the moment. Not only is she in a very safe location, but some of this world's most powerful people are protecting her. She successfully got rid of her curse, but for her, this might not necessarily be a good thing."

The information about Hathaway's safety made everyone, and especially Marvin, sigh in relief.

But the Great Elven King's last sentence made Marvin frown. "Why is breaking the curse not a good thing?"

Butterfly blinked before slowly responding, "I do not know, Sir Marvin."

Marvin considered it in silence.

This messenger was only repeating the Great Elven King's words.

Although he had a feeling that something was wrong, didn't Hathaway break the curse? Why didn't she contact him? But for now, he needed to listen to the Great Elven King's second piece of information.

He already had a guess: This information was most likely related to Dark Phoenix.

Sure enough, after seeing everyone having no more misgivings about the first piece of information, Butterfly took out a crystal ball.

"This is the second piece of information."

The crystal ball seemed to be filled with a dense fog.

A square gradually appeared in the dense mist.

"This is Bass Harbor's Burlington Square."

Owl recognized it with a glance.

But the scene happening in the square made everyone break into cold sweat.

Dark Phoenix had publicly announced the arrival of the Great Calamity!

Moreover, Wizards that were 3rd rank or higher received a protective amulet from Dark Phoenix.

Who would believe that there would be no issues with the amulets!?

But the problem was, if they jumped in now to tell the Wizards not to use Dark Phoenix's amulets, how many would believe them?

Dark Phoenix was the leader of the South Wizard Alliance, and Marvin was a rebel of the Alliance.

The scene in the crystal ball suddenly changed to another square, another crowd of Wizards, another black shadow!

"This is Steel City," Owl said in an odd voice. "What is she after in the end?"

Bass Harbor, Steel City, Saidong Harbor, Nature City, Element Fort...

On every square of every major city controlled by the South Wizard Alliance, a similar scene was taking place.

After seeing it so many times, everyone felt a chill!

Dark Phoenix's plan was actually so crazy!

In the hold, the atmosphere had become somewhat oppressive.

Even the fearless O'Brien sank into contemplation.

The recent fight with Tidomas made him understand the gap between him and Gods.

He might have been able to get rid of the Molten Overlord, and maybe could exterminate the Azure Matriarch, but he simply had no chance of success against a true God.

"Did the Great Elven King say anything about it?" Marvin inquired.

Butterfly still had that blank expression and courteously said, "Sir, I am only the messenger."

Marvin sighed.

He was already clear about Dark Phoenix's goal!

She was planning to take advantage of the Great Calamity to ascend!

When all the Wizards suffered injuries from the Chaos Magic Power, she would condense their Faith!

Though this was Faith given in order to survive, it was still genuine Faith in the end!

Dark Phoenix could really save their lives, but in exchange, those Wizards would have to become her pious followers.

If someone's belief swayed, Divine Fire would make them drop to Hell!

That amulet was an intermediary.

And the fragment of Fate Tablet in her hand could resist the assault of the Universe's Chaos Magic Power!

This was the power of the Fate Tablets.

Since they obtained this new information, Marvin no longer sailed toward Jewel Bay.

He had the ship change course.

He had to stay in White River Valley for the final day and help lead his people.

As for the Legends, they also had to return to their respective places. The Great Druids would return to the Migratory Bird Council, and the others also had their own arrangements.

Although they had foreseen the disaster, it couldn't be prevented. This was a very terrible feeling.

After giving them the information, Butterfly rode on her Griffin and left.

The ship eventually docked at Sword Harbor and everyone went down.

It was close to dawn, the light of the sun was rising from the east as a breeze gently brushed past. Everything seemed so beautiful.

But Marvin knew that this beautiful day was also the last.

He suddenly felt a bit tired.

He had done so many things, yet nothing could stop the disaster.

Although this was something he simply couldn't fight against, he still felt very uneasy about it.

In the end, his own strength was too insignificant.

At most, he could only protect the people in his territory.

This continent that had experienced so many major events was about to host another disaster.

End of 3rd Book.


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