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Chain Devils were mid-ranked Devils that were covered in chains and barbs but still looked humanoid.

They had pale white skin with lots of scars, both new and old ones. They were experts at torturing others but also tortured each other.

This group of Chain Devils seemed to be returning from the Shadow Wilderness and they were extremely hungry after paying their soul taxes to their superiors.

The two souls in front of them could definitely satisfy their needs.

Their gazes were especially focused on Marvin's body.

Devils always had the sharpest awareness toward souls. Even though the other human was a bit more powerful, Marvin had the stronger soul.

This was most likely because his soul had fused with his host's after transmigrating.

Whatever the case, this group of Chain Devils appearing in front of them wasn't good news.

A commotion broke out on the distant shore of the River Styx.

Ivan and Marvin's appearance not only attracted that group of Chain Devils, but many Barbazu were also lured over.

Two mortals!

They boldly entered the Nine Hells on their own, a very rare occurrence.

Their souls had yet to be affiliated. If they could offer these mortals' souls to their superiors, they would surely be rewarded, and maybe they would even be promoted. In the very strict world of the Devils, offering bribes and sacrifices was the only way to advance.

Ivan frowned. He hadn't wanted them to carelessly enter the Nine Hells.

He quickly suggested, "Since we are still on the edge of Hell, the space is very unstable, so we will most likely return to the Secret Garden if we keep going."

Marvin nodded in agreement as he took a deep breath.

The two glanced at each other and didn't need to say anything else before they acted!

Mortals entering the Nine Hells, what else would they have to say?

They could only cut a bloody path out!

This group of Devils consisted of seven Chain Devils, each of them very tall and covered in iron chains. It seemed like they had no weak points.

In fact, it was so. Chain Devils had no vitals that could be targeted to easily kill them.

Frustratingly, ordinary Chain Devils could control the four iron chains on their bodies to attack, and curved daggers weren't very effective against these kinds of chains.

But since things had come to this, there wasn't any point worrying.

This Chain Devil was his first problematic enemy ever since he learnt Desperation Style. Fortunately, the Nine Hells weren't the Secret Garden, so he was free to use his abilities here.

Shadow Step!

In an instant, Marvin appeared behind a Chain Devil and his dagger swooped down!

The Chain Devil hadn't reacted, but the iron chain on his back slid up to protect him.

In spite of this, Marvin's attack still struck firmly!


Sparks flew in all directions.

Armor Break!


The two properties activated at the same time and the heavy iron chain was split in two by Marvin!

In an instant, the large chain on the Chain Devil's back came off, exposing his bare skin.


Marvin followed up smoothly, ruthlessly slashing over with his second dagger!

This slash was very heavy, almost cutting that Chain Devil in half!


The Chain Devil let out a painful sound as his chains shook.


Two thick chains flew over at Marvin!

Marvin calmly used the Demon Hunter Steps to easily dodge them.

Hell's lifeforms were truly troublesome.

If it was almost any other kind of being, even if they had an immunity to deadly injuries, Marvin's blow would have already put them near death, possibly incapacitating them.

But that guy still had the energy to fight.

He retreated a few steps as he got ready to counterattack again, but another Chain Devil bellowed in a deep voice and approached to surround Marvin!


Sounds of chains flying through the air kept echoing out as Marvin started to have a harder time dodging.

Getting hit by a Chain Devil's iron chain would seriously endanger his life!

Despite being in this precarious situation, Marvin became calmer and more collected.

His footsteps didn't falter, and although there were a lot of chains swinging, they took time to change direction. As long as he was careful he would be able to see their trajectories.

In this way, even if he was in a 1 versus 2 situation, he would still be able to turn it around.

He took a quick glance at Ivan and saw that the latter was displaying his overwhelming might.

Marvin was having a hard time dealing with two while Ivan was slaughtering his five.

This was the gap in strength.

There was still a huge difference between Legend and Half-Legend!

But Marvin wasn't discouraged. Once he advanced to Ruler of the Night, his strength would get a huge boost.

At that time, even if he wasn't as powerful as Ivan, he would at least be far more powerful than most Legends!

Marvin was spurred on by Ivan's performance and the curved dagger in his hand attacked even more viciously.

He had an odd feeling.

These two Chain Devils' sinister expressions didn't affect him at all, and he felt as if he had returned to the Ice Monster Cave, holding his wooden daggers and fighting 64 Ice Monsters.

It was as if Kangen's voice echoed beside his ear, "If you are in desperate straits, you have no choice but to show the limits of your potential to defeat your enemies. Each attack must be faster than the last."

Each attack must be faster than the last...

"Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!"

Suddenly, Marvin's movements seemed to become even more refined. He dodged one Chain Devil's attack and launched a risky attack on the other one.

His attacks were becoming increasingly faster!

The Chain Devil was caught off guard and simply didn't have time to defend.

Moreover, Marvin's earlier blow had already cut his body open, making moving more troublesome.

Marvin's Reckless Dual Wielder property came into full effect, his daggers leaving afterimages. In a few moments, Marvin slashed about fifty times!

"Clang! Clang!"

The chains on the enemy were completely broken, exposing his weakened body.

Marvin wasn't lenient and while making sure to dodge the other Chain Devil's attack, he completely destroyed this Devil with his rain of slashes!

He seemed to have reached the quintessence of the Desperation Style.

Seeing his companion collapsing, the other Chain Devil was frightened.

Not giving him the chance to recover, Marvin focused on him with his murderous eyes and once again raised his daggers, attacking at lightning speed.

Ten seconds later, the other Chain Devil collapsed, his chains also completely shattered!

Marvin was a bit startled as his arm ached.

This burst power used a lot of physical strength.

But he was overjoyed.

He looked at his interface and not only had his Curved Dagger Mastery reached Greatmaster, but even his recently learned Desperation Style reached Greatmaster level!

This progress would shock the creator of the Desperation Style, Kangen.

The Ice Monster Cave was customized to temper Blade Techniques and was extremely suitable for the Desperation Style, so Marvin had managed to reach Master level by relying on it.

But being able to understand something so soon in this fight against two Chain Devils, this was a bit too exaggerated.

Marvin himself was a bit confounded by his progress.

He quickly inspected his interface more closely and found another detail.

Something was blinking at the end of the status window before disappearing... [Swimming Fish Blessing].

It was replaced by another line:

[Comprehension substantially increased]

There was a countdown after that, for about three days.

Marvin understood.

When he prayed for a blessing on his birthday, the Swimming Fish Constellation really granted him a blessing, but it never triggered, to the point that Marvin had almost forgotten about it.

In his past, this was a privilege only the players and a few natives could get and it would usually temporarily raise some attributes or some other status.

Blessings like Marvin's, even if they were rare, weren't nonexistent.

For these three days, Marvin would require less effort to gain more progress when studying something or training himself.

No wonder Desperation Style leveled up once more.

Greatmaster Desperation Style had one more property!

[Blade Shadow]: When using Desperation, after activating Blade Shadow, Attack Speed increases by 30% and Stamina consumption is doubled.

It was an active effect!

Desperation Style's benefits made Marvin's fighting strength soar continuously. If he weren't in the Nine Hells, he would be looking for a place to better comprehend this style of the Martial Path. If he could reach Grandmaster and become a Legend, his melee ability would reach a very frightening realm.

With a first-rate Blade Technique Style plus a PK expert's experience, he was bound to be the nightmare of many people, and even Gods!

Marvin sighed in regret.

What would he be able to understand in these three days? He had to leave Hell first, returning to the Secret Garden to deal with Eric, and it would be best if he could also get the Underworld River Water.

After Marvin got rid of the two Chain Devils, he didn't have to wait more than half a minute before Ivan easily finished the five Chain Devils on his side.

Regarding Marvin's current fighting strength, Ivan was already very impressed.

But now wasn't the time to discuss it.

Many Barbazu were rowing their boats on the River Styx and they could see even more Devils rushing over from the Shadow Wilderness in the distance.

The Devils had sharp senses and the aura of humans drew them over.

Although Devils were different from Demons and might not all attack Marvin and Ivan directly like those Chain Devils did, these guys were definitely interested in their souls.

They had to leave immediately!

Ivan took a deep breath and silently sensed the direction before pointing to one side. "That way!"

His buffed Perception was simply heaven-defying and a masterpiece of the Great Elven King, and let him feel the direction of the exit.

Marvin followed behind.

In this situation, he didn't have another choice.

The two rushed across and climbed over the hill.

But the next instant, both of them drew a cold breath.

What they saw at the bottom of the hill was a dense gathering of souls!

Many Erinyes were ordering them in formation, while some looked coldly up at Marvin and Ivan.

And behind them, Chain Devils, Barbazu, and others were hurrying over.

It looked like a hopeless situation.

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