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Theater Spirit!

One of the strangest kinds of Evil Spirits.

Gwyn, as befits his status as an outstanding Bright Side Vampire, had some understanding of Evil Spirits.

Upon hearing Marvin's explanation, he immediately reacted!

"This theater has already nurtured a spirit?"

"Wouldn't that mean there is a Half-Legend Evil Spirit Envoy here?"

Gwyn's expression was solemn.

Marvin remained silent for a bit before remarking, "Think, where did these Evil Spirits come from?"

The Vampire forced a smile. "I thought they were spontaneously drawn to you by all the Evil Spirit Enmity on your body."

"Your Evil Spirit Enmity is way too high after all. Even I can notice it as a Vampire."

Marvin was slightly surprised.

He finally understood why Gwyn could recognize him even when he used Disguise. This guy could feel the Evil Spirit Enmity on his body!

His perception was really outstanding.

But now wasn't the time to chat about this. Although the Evil Spirit army had retreated, the real powerhouse had now descended.

In the darkness, a "huhuhu, huhuhu" sound could be heard.

It felt like someone was strenuously pulling on a bellow.

There was no light, but it wasn't a problem for the two. Vampires had a very powerful Darkvision, and Marvin had Darksight, they could clearly see anything happening in the theater.

The curtains on the stage fluttered in all directions, but they moved very slowly, giving out an eerie feeling.

Gwyn frowned, "It's coming."

Marvin calmly lifted his two daggers, "I'll deal with it."

"You don't need to make a move. But I need you to quickly find the place where the spirit's core is located, or we will be trapped here forever."

"At such a time, do you still want to hide it? I'm actually quite curious of the relationship between Grand Duke William and you, how could his [Blood Mark Perception] appear on your body…"

Following Marvin's profound words, Gwyn's eyelids twitched and he knew that he had been seen through, thus he stopped hesitating.

His skin suddenly reddened, a faint vein line seemed to appear on his skin like a ripple.

'A total of nine Blood Marks!'

Marvin was secretly startled on the side.

He could be considered close to Grand Duke William in the past and knew that the old fox came up with the [Blood Mark Perception] bloodline ability, but it could only be passed onto his direct descendants. At that time, Marvin's Affinity with the Bright Side was at [Worship] and the old fox William still explicitly told him he couldn't teach it to him.

And Gwyn, that guy, not only had the Blood Mark Perception, he had a total of nine Blood Marks!

It has to be known that Grand Duke William himself only had a total of sixteen Blood Marks.

With nine Blood Marks, Gwyn's perception should be at least at 30, [Godly Perception]!

No wonder he could sense the Evil Spirit Enmity on Marvin's body and continuously see through his Disguise.

Most people simply couldn't reach that!

But if that was the case, Marvin would be even more at ease.

If he said he had 80% chance of dealing with the Theater Spirit originally, now, seeing Gwyn's Blood Mark Perception, he was 100% sure of dealing with it without any issue.

In front of Marvin, those curtains and continuous footsteps actually turned into strange figures!

The strange faces slowly appeared from the curtains and pounced on the two!

These faces were sneering, or disdainful, or heartless, or sinister… they displayed most of the negative expressions of the secular world!

A gloomy voice echoed in their hearts, "Max… Hungry…"

Marvin sneered, not affected by the voice!

His two daggers were raised as he pounced toward a face!

Theater Spirit, a kind of Evil Spirit made of collective consciousness. It was a lot harder to nurture than ordinary Evil Spirits.

Similar Evil Spirits included Circus Evil Spirit, Phantom of the Opera, and so on.

If it was said that common Junior Evil Spirits were born from people's wickedness, then those like the Theater Spirit were formed from the negative feeling of the audience watching shows!

In the eyes of the Evil Spirit Envoys, ancient theaters were holy places.

Because people in the theater would wantonly release their emotions when watching the plays. And most of them would be negative.

Over the years, these negative emotions would accumulate in the theater.

When these emotions were nurtured by a Half-Legend Evil Spirit Envoy, they would be cultivated into a genuine Theater Spirit!

This kind of spirit's power lay in it being a part of the entire theater.

Most of the time, Theater Spirits were lying dormant because even the Evil Spirit Envoys, who were filled with negative energy, couldn't satisfy their need for food.

Thus, once it awoke, the Theater Spirit would catch everything in the theater to fill himself, including Evil Spirits!

This was the reason why those Evil Spirits started retreating earlier.

But they unfortunately didn't know that in order to make sure to kill Marvin, the two Evil Spirit Envoys already arranged an Evil Spirit Barrier. All the retreating Evil Spirits were blocked by the barrier, ultimately unable to escape this frightening theater!


A Brain Eating Monster desperately tried to flee at the edge of the Evil Spirit Barrier.

But everything he did was futile.

A carpet under his foot suddenly curled up and turned into a bloody mouth, ruthlessly swallowing the Brain Eating Monster!

Similar scenes appeared everywhere in the theater.

Evil Spirits became the Awakened Max's food supplement.

Only the stage remained untouched.

A shadow kept nimbly moving around Gwyn, withstanding attacks coming from all directions!

Marvin not only slashed with his two daggers, a shotgun was strapped on his back and two pistols were strapped on his thighs.

Rosenthal Bracelets gave a bonus to Ranger's skills, making Marvin's [Sleight of Hand] reach 68 points!

This meant that he got the 50 points hidden effect, [On a Whim].

[On a Whim]: You can switch weapon on a whim, when the weapons are in their usual positions, the switching time is the fastest.

When Marvin learnt Sleight of Hand, it was in order to get this switching weapon ability.

After all, even if he walked the Ranger path, the weapons he could use were varied.

Not only curved daggers, straight daggers, pistols, shotguns, all kinds of weapons could shine in his hands.

It was perfectly displayed there:

A huge curtain came, intending to devour both of them.

Marvin circumvented Gwyn, who was using Blood Mark Perception, while instantly putting the daggers at his waist, he half-squatted, aiming with the shotgun!


A loud sound echoed. The floor under Marvin's feet slightly shook as a bright flame lit the darkness of the theater!

The rumbling flames smashed the curtain, but then, two bloody mouths pounced toward Gwyn from the back!

Marvin knew that Gwyn was going all-out to find the location of the Theater Spirit core. If he was interrupted, his efforts would go to waste!

He immediately turned, his daggers in hands once more, the two Azure Leafs slashing toward those two mouths!

Before he could take a breath, a dozen faces fused together, the aura of hate spreading over.

Marvin didn't stop to think and aimed his pistols at the enemy, "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Gunshots echoed in the theater, ending that wave of attacks.

It was precisely because of his various weapons that dared to fight with the Theater Spirit.

This Evil Spirit's power lay in the fact that when you were at the center of the theater, you would face an attack from all directions.

But with his reaction speed, all his weapons, as well as the #4 Holy Water that restrained Evil Spirits, he had no issue holding his own against the Theater Spirit.

What happened next lay on whether Gwyn could smoothly find the location of the Theater Spirit core!

While he was busy, Marvin glanced at his character window.

During that chaotic fight, he gained huge amount of battle exp!

About five hundreds Evil Spirits were killed by him in the theater, giving him almost a hundred thousand points of battle experience!

Although he used a lot of stamina, but this kind of opportunity was rare!

Unfortunately, the Theater Spirit's awakening turned the remain Evil Spirits into his food, otherwise they would have also become Marvin's exp.

As for the curtains he took rid of, those faces, because they were part of the Theater Spirit, they couldn't turn into Marvin's battle exp.

'Not worth! Not worth!'

Marvin inwardly shook his head, frowning as he looked at Gwyn. He could only pray that this guy would quickly find the core of the Spirit.

Otherwise he would have to use Plan B.

At this moment, all the props that could have been used by the Theater Spirit to attack them at the center of the stage, had more or less been destroyed by Marvin. He actually got a temporary break.

Taking advantage of that break, Marvin unhesitantly spent 99000 battle exp into Night Walker!

In an instant, his Night Walker class reached level 7 and his total level reached 19!

He got 36 Skill Points, 157 Health Points, and 1 attribute point for reaching level 19. Marvin hesitated for a moment and used the attribute point on Strength.

Thus, his Strength reached 18 points. With two more points, his strength would reach the threshold for a special Strength bonus.

Ranger originally had some need for Strength. And in Marvin's memories, he had some shortcuts to increase his Constitution, but Strength, besides tempering there was only one way to get an attribute point. Thus he ultimately chose Strength.

As for Perception (Wisdom), once he advanced to Legend, he would naturally have specialties to complement it. Marvin didn't care too much about it for now.

After Night Walker leveled up to Level 7, nothing unexpected happened, Marvin got a class specialty, [Child of the Shadows].

[Child of the Shadows]: 50% chance of being immune to all shadow related spells. Qualified to enter the Shadow Plane.

Marvin was quite pleased when he saw that specialty.

Strictly speaking, this was a passive specialty. Although Marvin currently had no ability to enter the Shadow Plane, this specialty paved the way for future abilities. If he found a suitable Nature Leaf in the future, he would also not need to worry about not having a suitable specialty and not being able to enter the Shadow Plane.

Apart from this, what gave Marvin an even more pleasant surprise was that after he killed five hundreds Evil Spirits, Marvin's [Night Kill] reached level 3!

'Damn, this is worthy of being called the Night Devil class, level 3 Night Kill is actually so fierce!'

Marvin took a glance at the property, and despite being mentally prepared, he was startled by the shockingly fierce description.


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