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A dark hall spread in front of Marvin after turning the corner.

However, he unhesitantly broke into a sprint!

His movement was still utterly silent, and he quickly approached the limits of Human running speed!

Gwyn was briefly surprised, but he didn't think too much about it and chased after him.

"What are you doing?" he asked in a low voice.

Frankly, if it weren't for Gwyn being so confident in Marvin, along with his previous dazzling performances, he wouldn't be fine with following him to run around all over the place in here!

This was Saruha, and he had seen how those previous scouts died.

If the first wave was an ambush of Tentacle Horrors, then wouldn't there be even more powerful monsters inside?

Gwyn didn't dare imagine. He came to join in on the fun this time after losing trace of the Holy Blood and not having anything else to do. He heard that Saruha had an extremely valuable medicinal herb that could suppress the outburst of Bloodthirst. It apparently could help with the reverse transformation from the Dark Side.

But he didn't come to throw away his life.

Marvin running so crazily. Even if it was quiet, what if he activated a trap?

The young Vampire slightly hesitated.

But Marvin simply ignored him.

He used his Godly Dexterity to continue running at breakneck speed through the dark hall!

Gwyn ground his teeth but ultimately still chose to follow him.

His Dexterity wasn't as high as Marvin's, but with some of his innate Vampire skills, he could still barely manage to follow him.

But it was quite strenuous!

Two minutes later, Marvin abruptly stopped. The Vampire was startled and came to a stop shortly after.

"What the hell are you doing?" Gwyn was slightly angry.

Marvin looked at him coldly. "I am saving your life."

Gwyn froze.

Marvin disdainfully told him, "Take off your cloak, don't think you are hiding properly. In fact, you have already been found."

"Besides, haven't people told you that your surprised expression is quite effeminate?"

After saying this, he ignored the flabbergasted Vampire and turned to face three stone doors in front of him!

Saruha's back door lead to the [Crystal Hall].

There wasn't any danger in the Crystal Hall, in the darkness at least. In order to save time, Marvin had sprinted crazily across.

But with light, the hall would become a big obstacle to the adventurers.

The reason was simple. There was a [Nightmare Crystal] in the hall. When light shone onto it, it would automatically reflect the thing that they longed for the most in their hearts.

In other words, the Nightmare Crystal was a fairly troublesome test. The adventurers unable to pass the willpower test would sink into the Nightmare Crystal forever.

As far as Marvin was concerned, his relationship with the Wolf Spider mercenaries was just one of exchanging benefits. He didn't need to remind these greedy adventurers that were so afraid of death about the Nightmare Crystal's existence. In any case, by running in the darkness he had skipped the willpower test.

In fact, the moment the Pale Hand appeared, Marvin had lost all intention of exploring Saruha with the Wolf Spider mercenaries.

He had a bad feeling about this guy who was an unstable variable, and it was better to be as far from him as possible.

Marvin would rather charge into Saruha alone than have a bomb that could explode at any minute next to him.

Of course, the young Vampire didn't know of Marvin's thoughts.

He asked in bafflement, "What do your words mean? Saving my life?"

Marvin's gaze still on those three doors. As for Gwyn's question, he shook his head inwardly.

No wonder he didn't hear this name in the past. If not for him, Gwyn would most likely die at this point in time!

Because he could feel that the Pale Hand had evil intent toward Gwyn.

He had surely appeared here in order to kill Gwyn!

A Legend Advanced Assassin class killing a Marquis of the Bright Side should be easy, and making a move in the sealed Saruha would keep it hidden.

Faced with Gwyn's question, Marvin explained his point of view without any hesitation. "Although he hides his Bloodthirst perfectly, he can't hide his identity from me."

"If I'm not wrong, Pale Hand Sky is the person the Dark Side sent to kill you!"

"Wait until it's an open area and a chaotic battle starts. He would probably make a move on you then. Since you were smart and decided to follow me, your luck could be considered pretty good."

"He isn't chasing after you for now. I guess he wants to play the cat toying with the mouse. Feel free to breathe, by the way."

While he explained, he gently touched the inscriptions on the three doors.

Although Marvin deemphasized it, the young Vampire was still frightened by Marvin's words!

A Pale Hand sent by the Dark Side wanted to assassinate him!

Even the always calm Gwyn couldn't help but have a flustered expression.

"Hold on… This is impossible."

"We have clear rules. Vampire Dukes can't attack the other side unless provoked."

Gwyn hesitated. A Legend Vampire was considered a Duke.

Marvin turned and suggested unhappily, "What if the Dark Side already made preparations to launch an all-out war against the Bright Side?"

Gwyn froze.

But at that time, Marvin happily said, "It's this door!"

"Your luck is pretty good, you can live a bit longer."

He quickly moved toward the 3rd door and gently pushed the button.

"Du! Du! Du! Du!"

A beeping sound echoed as the door slowly rose up, and a few rays of light leaked out from inside.

Marvin didn't wait and went in. Gwyn clenched his teeth and took off his cloak before throwing it toward another door.

Although he wasn't very convinced with Marvin's words, that Pale Hand indeed felt dangerous to him.

The two went through the stone door, and then Marvin kicked the button on the side.

The button cracked and broke and then an explosion could be heard as the entrance loudly fell to the ground!

The loud sound echoed down the tunnel, startling everyone.

"What happened?"

"What about Mister Kerry and Mister Gwyn?"

They had just left the tunnel and had arrived at the Crystal Hall.

The Pale Hand looked solemnly into the distance, before suddenly disappearing.

Meanwhile, everyone was stunned as a huge crystal appeared in front of them.

All the adventurers showed a greedy look!

This was a pure crystal. Even if it was cut up to be brought back, it would still be priceless!

Many of them silently went to surround it.

But at that time, illusions began to emerge from the crystal.

They began to lose themselves in them.

Behind the stone door, Marvin was looking at the three treasure chests in front of him cheerfully while thinking to himself, 'Sure enough, I remembered correctly. Treasures were behind the door with the engraving of the Sun God's mark.'

'The other doors should all be trapped!'

He didn't hold back as he went up to the first jeweled chest, took out a Lockpick scroll and ripped it apart.

The lid of the treasure chest creaked open in response.

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