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"King Assassin's challenge?"

One-Eyed Byrd checked Marvin out and couldn't help but say, "If I'm not wrong, you should be a Ranger?"

Marvin nodded and casually replied, "Doesn't the rule specify that every rogue class can participate?"

One-Eyed Byrd scratched his head, somewhat at a loss.

Rules are one thing, but it was actually the first time this kind of situation had happened.

A Ranger challenging the King Assassin's challenge? This wasn't an error?

A few military instructors in charge of training the Apprentice Assassins apparently heard the two's conversation, and walked over.

They surrounded Marvin. And a few Scimitar Fighters in charge of the order also joined in the encirclement.

One of them, an extremely arrogant Bai Scimitar Fighter, said, "You want to participate in the King Assassin's challenge?"

"You first have to ask my scimitar…"

However, he didn't get to finish his words before Marvin made a move at lightning speed!

Shadow Step!

The distance between them shortened in an instant.

Marvin made a clean chop with his hand and the other painfully howled, dropping the scimitar.

At that time, Marvin took advantage of the opportunity.

Edge Snatch successful!

"Clang!" He slashed backwards at the other arm of the fighter!

The Scimitar Fighter's complexion paled.

Marvin was really too fast. In that instant, none of them could even react before he finished his slash!

Thankfully, Marvin used the back of the weapon, or else that guy wouldn't have been able to keep his arm.

"Shling!" The others all drew their weapons at the same time, coldly looking at Marvin.

The Scimitar in Marvin's hand turned and returned to its owner as Marvin calmly asked, "Is this the way Bai clansmen meet a challenger?"

There seemed to be a leader among the military instructors. He looked at Byrd. "One-Eyed, this is the person you brought. Make a decision."

Byrd shrugged. "According to the rules, Rangers are indeed qualified to participate in the King Assassin's challenge."

That military instructor sneered, "Good. In that case, let him participate."

"I'll personally be in charge of his first trial."

Once these words were spoken, they all looked at Marvin with sympathy.

Even if Marvin's quick move intimidated people, it was more or less a sneak attack. And that Scimitar Fighter he'd attacked was merely at the 2nd rank.

But this military instructor was a person of importance in the Shadow Valley. He was level 15, and had Master proficiency with his daggers. He would be able to promote to a 4th rank powerhouse at any time!

If he was in charge of the first trial, this random Ranger would definitely be hopeless.

Byrd faintly frowned and looked at Marvin.

Marvin said, quite relaxed, "Just follow the rules."

King Assassin's challenge.

This was a challenge with a long history. Ever since the Shadow Valley was founded, that place had welcomed challengers almost daily.

But these challengers were all Assassins.

Even if Rangers like Marvin were also rogues, they were in totally different worlds. After so many years, it could be considered the first time one attempted the King Assassin's challenge.

That information spread across the Shadow Valley very quickly.

All the people who had some free time came to watch.

This was a sort of invisible pressure on those that attempted the challenge.

But this challenge already included a test of the ability to react under high pressure in all kinds of situations.

As for Marvin, he disregarded the other people's whispers. It wouldn't be able to influence him!

'If it wasn't to get a hold of the [Dark Hole] pass, I wouldn't feel like challenging the King Assassin's challenge.'

'I only have to accomplish two or more challenges to obtain the Assassin Alliance's acknowledgement and receive a pass."

The Dark Hole was a secret path leading to the Underdark, the world under the surface.

Marvin had no interest in exploring the Underdark for the moment. But through the Dark Hole, he could find an underground river. By following this underground river he could directly cross the Saint Desert and arrive at Rocky Mountain.

Going there through the Underdark was a lot quicker, and what he lacked the most right now was time. As soon as he arrived at Rocky Mountain, his ultimate goal was to find a Source of Fire's Order.

But he also recalled that the King Assassin's challenge wasn't without its own benefits.

He recalled that each winner could obtain a level in Straight Dagger mastery.

This ability might not look useful to Marvin, since after all, he was using curved daggers at the moment. But once he advanced to Ruler of the Night, if he had both Legend level Curved Dagger Mastery and Straight Dagger Mastery, then these two masteries would fuse and turn into a Legend level [Short Weapons Mastery].

At that time, he would be able to freely switch between Curved Daggers and Straight Daggers, the only prerequisite being that his hands needed to be fast enough, or else he would need an item for quick weapon switching.

Regardless, Marvin had to participate in the King Assassin's challenge.

The entire challenge was split into many trials.

First was to defeat an Assassin of similar rank.

This was a comprehensive test of real combat ability.

Usually, more than 80% of the challengers would fail that first trial. The military instructors of the Assassin Alliance were all top class.

Like Marvin's opponent, that guy named Youwen.

"Mister Marvin, when you are ready, please tear down that black cloth on your chest."

In a wide open room, a staff member informed Marvin before slowly withdrawing.

Countless pairs of eyes were watching Marvin.

The latter showed no sign of moving.

Everyone waited impatiently, hissing sounds springing up all around.

Marvin's eyes were still closed. Calmly feeling his surroundings.

This was the rule.

The challenge wouldn't start unless the black cloth was torn off. Youwen couldn't attack him.

An Assassin would actually be at a disadvantage against a Ranger in a straight confrontation. Rangers had the same outstanding dexterity, especially Dual Wielding Rangers, and the leather armor of the Assassin couldn't resist the Ranger's slashes.

But the King Assassin's challenge wasn't fair. Youwen entered the room before Marvin and already used Stealth, or maybe Hide. Who knew which corner he was in now.

He might instantly attack once Marvin tore off the black cloth!

Those clamoring spectators also helped Youwen by hindering Marvin's perception.

At least, [Listen] wasn't usable.

Marvin didn't worry. He lightly pressed his right hand on the black cloth on his chest.

Everyone immediately became quiet.

But he didn't tear it down. He only pressed against it and then slowly strolled around the room!


"Hurry up!"

"How can this kind of trash be qualified to participate in the King Assassin's challenge?"

The audience immediately began to curse.

Shadow Valley's inhabitants originally didn't have a good opinion of this Ranger challenger, and seeing Marvin acting like a scoundrel, they immediately couldn't help but hurl abuse.

The reason was that, apart from weapons, Marvin couldn't use any items. He could only rely on his own strength to get rid of the invisible Assassin.

Youwen's stealth was very powerful, so Marvin couldn't feel any trace of him.

Thankfully, Marvin had participated in the King Assassin's challenge repeatedly, so he had plenty of experience about it.

Most opponents would choose to move slowly using [Stealth].

Based on his experience, Youwen should be keeping a distance of more or less six steps away from him. It would rarely be directly behind because this direction was the one people paid most attention to. It would also obviously not be the front, so it would usually be toward one of the sides.

'Left? Or Right?'

Marvin stopped.

He was at the exact center of the room. This place was the best location to take back the offensive.

Then, under the audience's verbal abuse, Marvin tore off the black cloth.

In that split second, he viciously threw the big piece of cloth to his right.

Then he dashed like a fierce tiger toward the left, slashing down with his two daggers!

The moves were extremely smooth.

This was the strategy Marvin had carefully prepared. Regardless of it was left or right, Youwen wouldn't be able to easily make a move!

The audience's eyes were wide open as they watched Marvin pounce toward a location, his two daggers slashing at an empty place.

And the black cloth also slowly fell to the ground.

Nothing left or right!

'Damn. This Youwen is actually patient…" Marvin's heart sank.

But at this time, an ice-cold feeling could be felt behind him!

It was actually from the back!

A cold dagger appeared over his neck.


All the onlookers suddenly held their breaths.

Marvin reacted immediately, bending his body backwards.

Following Youwen's surprised "Eh?", Marvin's head ruthlessly hit his nose as his left curved dagger came in at a very ingenious angle, blocking between his neck and the straight dagger, stopping it from moving further.

Marvin smirked.

Cutthroat? Marvin was the god of Cutthroat! Even if he couldn't see through the other's trick, he still wouldn't die from participating in the King Assassin's challenge!

Then came Marvin's counterattack. He let go of the curved dagger in his right hand and grabbed Youwen's right wrist, holding that straight dagger.

Under the acute pain, Youwen didn't have time to use [Vanish] or [Strong Invisibility]!

Marvin took the opportunity and turned, viciously slashing down with his left hand!


It was too late for Youwen to dodge, and he was barely able to raise a dagger to block. But then, Marvin's curved dagger slid down the dagger and directly plunged towards Youwen's shoulder!


The curved dagger stabbed in, causing Youwen to let out a scream. The left hand which was about to counterattack lost all strength.

Marvin released his grip and ruthlessly kicked his opponent's chest, sending the latter flying. Youwen cut a sorry figure as he knocked against the wall and lost consciousness.

The audience was in uproar!

Marvin broke through Youwen's cutthroat this effortlessly and could instantly counterattack, knocking him down!

This kind of reaction speed and battle experience was definitely not something that could appear in a mere teenager.

He totally seemed like an old fox.

But in any case, Youwen lost.

Marvin's logs showed the line, [Straight Dagger Mastery +1, you obtained Beginner level Mastery.]

"Next trial," Marvin told a staff member.

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