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Crimson Cross!

This was an ancient tradition from the North. Few southern nobles would use it because the Southern Wizard Alliance considered this method to be too bloody, ruthless, and uncivilized.

At least on the surface.

But Marvin knew that the current White River Valley was at the heart of the struggle.

If White River Valley was likened to a boat, then it was facing a huge storm.

Whether it would brave the wind or sink depended on this military campaign.

He knew that ever since the wilderness clearing order was released, a small place like White River Valley wasn't low key anymore.

Adding Marvin's previous display, his strength had already soared rapidly.

At least in East Coast, and even some other places in the South, Baron Marvin was already the hottest topic of the summer.

There were too many rumors about Marvin to count.

Having a high reputation didn't necessarily bring benefits though.

White River Valley's rise led to many people feeling pressured.

The only thing Marvin was pleased about was that White River Valley was located in a remote area. It wasn't like those inland territories and those territories bordering the South Wizard Alliance.

White River Valley only had Madeline's River Shore City in the surroundings, as well as Jewel Bay, which didn't belong to any noble.

That was the South Wizard Alliance's eastern headquarters, directly belonging to the council.

And the Three Ring Towers were different. Although these towers were part of the Alliance in name, in reality, the way they were divided was entirely different.

This was the advantage of remote areas.

At least they wouldn't be suppressed by surrounding powers during their development.

Despite this, the attention and pressure White River Valley recieved was exceptionally high.

This was a relatively backward territory after all. The inhabitants, guards, and even Marvin himself weren't prepared enough.

White River Valley itself couldn't bear this kind of pressure.

Fortunately, Marvin had many friends, and after experiencing all kinds of adventures, he had obtained support from all sides.

But it was other people's strength in the end. He had been feeling unsteady before obtaining the Dark Knights today.

There would inevitably be a time when others' strength would be unreliable.

Only your own strength is the most stable.

These people weren't careless when they read the clauses of the wilderness clearing order Marvin released.

But they still chose to do it.

This meant there were many people who had evil intentions toward Marvin and White River Valley.

These people were hired by enemies to disturb the order of White River Valley.

And Marvin couldn't allow any slip-up to happen during this military campaign.

Thus, he ruthlessly acted.

Desperate times called for desperate measures.

Even if he would come to have a ruthless reputation, Marvin didn't hesitate!

Thus, no matter what Gru said to persuade him, Marvin eventually set up the Crimson Cross!

One kilometer from the Spider Crypt, the adventurers who rushed over from Jewel Bay would first see this frightening and conspicuous cross!

The cross was five to six meters tall and those reckless adventurers' heads were hanging on top while headless bodies were piled up at the bottom.

A wooden tablet was erected on the side, with the cause of death of these adventurers written on it. - Not complying with the territory's laws, breaking into a pumpkin field to wreck havoc. -

Regardless of the country, this was a harsh punishment for this crime.

But for the current White River Valley, Marvin's method was the best way to strengthen his rule.

He made Gru assign two quick-witted guys to defend this place. They were in charge of registering and informing the adventurers who wanted to enter White River Valley.

Each adventurer would receive a number plate. The adventurers without plates would be expelled by the guards.

If there was any rebel, kill!

Obviously, the guards would be unable to handle this part.

The one who would was a Dark Knight standing behind them.

He was called [Eighteen].

He would defend this place and become the power protecting these guards' backs.

Indeed, the nineteen Dark Knights didn't have their own names.

Marvin simply gave them numbers. The leader was [Zero], continuing this way until [Eighteen].

The Dark Knights had no objection to this and this was convenient for Marvin to order them.

After the Crimson Cross was set up, it created a stir in the territory.

Adventurers who had yet to move from the river bank were scared witless. Many people began to secretly spread words of Marvin's brutality.

Even more people quietly packed their luggage and escaped White River Valley.

And the news soon spread to the temporary camp in the front line.

That group of adventurers didn't have much of a reaction.

After all those in the temporary camp were adventurers already directly recruited by Marvin, 2nd rank experts. Some were discharged from military and knew what must be done in times of war.

In addition, they also hoped there wouldn't be any infighting during the war.

They would be facing frightening Ogres after all!

That race had always been known for being fierce in battle.

Instead, Marvin's actions made them feel more relieved.

In any case, the war preparations were cleanly progressing under Marvin's orders.

Large amounts of adventurers simply moved to the temporary camps.

Some built their own camps while some joined a camp and helped build it. It was buzzing with activity.

The logistics groups were also crazily busy, constantly delivering water and food to the front line.

Under Anna's directions, everything was tightly regulated.

In the evening, inside the meeting room.

"I'm very sorry to make you two wait."

"I had to handle some matters."

Marvin sat on a chair and apologized to the refined Oren and to Daniela, who was still in a bad mood.

"It's all right," Oren hurriedly said.

Apparently this Head Knight's position was a bit higher than the Young Miss Daniela's in their group.

The two also sat down.

"You must have heard from Anna about what happened previously in the territory?"

Marvin looked at the two and went straight to the point. "That woman also claimed to be my fiancée."

Daniela snorted, "That was someone from the Twin Snakes Cult. They attacked us when we were heading to the South. At the same time, they appeared to have some ties to some territories' overlords. We had no other choice but to change our route."

"This made us arrive at White River Valley a lot later."

"Someone actually dared to pass herself as me. Wait till I see her, I'll kill her!"

Marvin was speechless.

Did his own cousin believe things were this easy?

He couldn't help but tap on the table with his finger. "Bamboo was very strong. Even if she wasn't a Legend, she still had the strength of a Half-Legend. And she had the Divine Power of the Azure Matriarch. An average person couldn't kill her."

"But she isn't a problem anymore, she already died."

He didn't expect Daniela to craftily smile. "Oh yeah?"

She put both hands together and a snowflake descended before turning into an ice mirror.

Surprisingly, there was a hot spring shown in the mirror.

There was a cave in the background.

"This is?" Marvin was shocked.

That Daniela woman could actually use magic? When he previously used Inspect, he couldn't perceive the existence of a battle class!

'Don't tell me she is much stronger than me?'

'No way, right?'

Marvin shivered and began to take another look at this cousin.

But his attention shifted back to that ice mirror. A well-shaped figure suddenly came out of the hot spring.

Her hair was hanging down on her face, and her hands spread out, exposing her fair body.

Marvin frowned after one glance. "Impossible!"

Suddenly, the woman raised her head, apparently realizing something!

"Bang!" The mirror shattered.

"Damn woman, pretending to be me and not allowing me to peep!" Daniela shamelessly said.

Marvin was left speechless.

But the shock in his heart had yet to disappear, because the woman in the mirror was really Bamboo!

'She didn't die?'

"Surprised?" Daniela sneered, "The Azure Matriarch's Chosen aren't that easy to kill."

"She is the same as her master. They can be reborn. You need to kill her at least three times to completely kill her!"

Three times?

Marvin's frown became even more pronounced.

Bamboo didn't die. This was an unprecedented news to him.

Even if Constantine was keeping watch in his territory, with Bamboo's abilities, she could cause terrible destruction.

Especially during this military campaign, who knew what she would do!

"You are worried about her?"

Daniela looked at Marvin, all smiles, "Dear Cousin, even if I really don't like you, I dislike that woman pretending to be me even more."

"As I just said, as long as she appears, I'll kill her!"

Oren nodded in agreement. "Since Young Miss said so, she would definitely keep her promise. Lord Marvin, even if our Young Miss is sometimes rude, willful and unreasonable, she has a strong point, which is that she keeps her promises."

"Knight Oren!" Daniela snapped angrily from the shame, "Who is rude, willful, and unreasonable?"

Oren seriously said, "Young Miss, Master told me before leaving that I must let Lord Marvin know everything about you."

"It would only work out if he is willing to marry you after knowing everything. Otherwise we can't force him to marry you. The Cridland clan doesn't force marriages."

Daniela flipped out! "Oren! I don't want to hear you speak for an hour!"

Oren had yet to speak again when Daniela opened her hand and a frightening cold was emitted from her palm. The pitiful Oren was immediately frozen into an ice sculpture!

Marvin saw this and was dumbstruck.

This kind of strength… she wasn't a Legend, right?

Daniela was apparently very satisfied with Marvin's expression, and arrogantly raised her head while looking at im. "Ice Shaping magic, not bad huh?"

"Wait a bit until I become a Legend. The Ice Shaping magic will transform into [Heavenly Ice Shaping], and when the time comes, I'll be able to change the entire continent into a winter climate!"

When Marvin heard Daniela's words, a famous name from his previous generation popped in his mind.

"Ice Empress?"

"Ice Empress?" Daniela apparently heard this name for the first time.

"I like this name. Hmm, I've decided, this will be my awe-inspiring name in the future!"

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