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The bright light kept spinning in the hall, slowly forming a small vortex.

The light emitted from the vortex felt warm.

They heard a low singing voice coming from it.

As it kept whirling, the eye of the vortex kept growing bigger, and under everyone's shocked gazes, a bright starry sky appeared behind it.

They could clearly see the starry sky through the castle.

The Swimming Fish Constellation.

It was made up of a total of 247 stars.

This kind of existence that only appeared in rumors appeared before their eyes.

The vortex kept spinning, and soon a small light slowly descended before entering Marvin's forehead.

"What happened?"

They all looked at Marvin, concerned about the changes in his body.

But Marvin helplessly spread out his hands and said, "I didn't notice anything."

Constantine clicked his tongue. "You are quite lucky kid… Last time I saw someone's birthday wish being fulfilled was more than ten years ago."

The old blacksmith took a deep look at Marvin and didn't say anything.

Marvin was also confused.

He knew about wish to the constellations.

In the game, each player would have their birthday, and they would receive a three day blessing on that day by making a wish to their constellation.

This blessing might be an increase of a few attribute points, a direct increase of their Attack Power, or simply double experience.

But Feinan's natives didn't get this kind of benefit. Instead, a few people might be able to get an answer from their constellation.

Marvin thought that since he transmigrated into a native's body, he shouldn't be able to get an answer from the Swimming Fish constellation.

He wasn't expecting it to really happen.

But the blessing he obtained this time was completely different from the one in the game.

After the light entered Marvin's body, there was no change in his logs.

There was only another line at the bottom of his character window that said, [Swimming Fish Blessing (inactive)].

He didn't know how to activate this thing.

But what made him somewhat concerned was that this blessing appeared at the exact location where the Fortune Fairy's [Luck +1] blessing had appeared last time.

'Could this need some special conditions to trigger it, like last time?'

Marvin thought it was so.

But regardless, getting the blessing of the Swimming Fish was good.

They all celebrated, and with a lively "Happy Birthday," Marvin spent his first birthday in Feinan.

Till midnight, apart from chatting with friends and taking a small break, he didn't do anything else.

He sat on the sofa in the hall for a moment, taking a short rest.

He was truly exhausted this time.

In the temporary camp on the coast, a girl wearing a dress was hugging her knees, sitting on a tall rock and looking toward the west.

At that time, she saw the bright light from the Swimming Fish constellation descending in a region not far from there.

'Swimming Fish.'

'Turns out today's your birthday,' Lola quietly thought.

After today, the Sea King would become the center of the starry sky.

A person quietly walked over and sat next to her.

"It's rare to see you not speaking." The Elven Prince was also looking at that light in the distance.

As a Legend, his perception was much higher than the average person's.

"The Swimming Fish constellation hasn't blessed anyone in about three years. Marvin is someone very special," he said.

Lola nodded, seeming somewhat depressed.

"Are you upset that you can't wish him Happy Birthday personally?"

Ivan took the rare initiative to start a conversation with Lola.

The Elven Prince loathed women, so his attitude toward Lola now would simply shock people.

Even if she was quite a chatterbox, she was a girl that was hard to hate.

"In fact, what I told those sailors was fake. I was deceiving them."

Lola turned her face, a bit uncomfortable with the topic. "I'm not something like the person in charge of White River Valley's business activities. I'm only a swindler, that's all.

"I'm probably just one of those insignificant characters to Lord Marvin."

"He chose to believe in me just because he thought everyone deserves a second chance."

"I always mess up. I even messed up with the food situation. I am worthless."

Ivan was silent for a while.

He gently patted Lola's shoulder. "You are wrong."

"There are things you can't do, not because you are worthless, but because people or circumstances can't help you show your worth."

"Moreover, Marvin chose to trust you not only for that reason. I believe it's even more important. It was because he believed you were a kindhearted girl."

"This world is very chaotic, and strong people can't protect everyone. Thus, for all those weak people, lying became a must-have skill."

"To survive, you have to lie, isn't it so?"

Before Ivan finished his words, the girl at his side already started shedding tears in silence.

"You are right. In reality, I also didn't want to become a swindler…"

"When I was younger, my father had already passed away…"

"When my mother was at death's door, she made me promise to keep on living. But what could I do? I was a rural girl without any skills… An older girl, my childhood friend, sold me to a brothel. I did my best to escape."

"Then I stopped trusting people. I began to learn how to scam others. I was only able to survive then."

"I'm not like you or Lord Marvin, fighting so fiercely. I can't protect myself..."

"You said people like us have it so much harder to live in this world. Then what is the meaning of living?" Lola asked, choking with sobs.

The Elven Prince shook his head before firmly saying, "In this world, every life has its meaning as long as you are alive."

"This was what my father told me when I was young. He is the most powerful man in this world."

"Thus, you should believe his words."

Lola nodded, slightly confused, her eyes filled with tears.

She might not even know what "Ivan's father" meant.

But this sentence was already the greatest comfort to her.

"Thank you, Mister Ivan."

She cautiously asked, "But… why did you take the initiative to talk to me today?"

"Aren't you annoyed by women?"

Ivan noticed that Lola's eyes suddenly emitted a hint of wariness and was amused.

He chuckled as loneliness flashed through his eyes. "Because I feel very bored sometimes. I also wonder why I am alive."

Lola seriously said, "But you are so strong, and you have a father good to you."

Ivan was silent for a moment before saying, "Once I turned ten, he stopped acknowledging me."

Lola looked at Ivan in a daze and suddenly patted his shoulder.

"Don't be so sad, at least you are handsome."

"Do you know the story of the Swimming Fish constellation? If you don't know I can tell you."

"It's rumored that early on, this world didn't have any constellations. It wasn't until after God Lance arrived that there were constellations. As for the Swimming Fish, he casually…"

The sea breeze was very strong, as the girl's voice slowly scattered in the wind.

The night gradually darkened, and the Swimming Fish constellation gave out its final burst of light before the center of the starry sky was ultimately replaced by the Sea King constellation.

Summer would soon be over.

Late at night. Marvin, lying on his bed, slowly opened his eyes.

This feeling… He had a good sleep.

He might have really been too tired this time. He didn't even feel people carrying him from the the dining hall to the bedroom.

Marvin massaged his temples, trying to wake himself up.

He dressed up and left the bedroom, quickly arriving at the old blacksmith's place.

That was naturally a blacksmith's workshop.

Late in the night, the old blacksmith was still forging, the "Clang!", "Clang!" sounds confined inside the workshop, unable to affect other people's rest.

"You arrived?" He apparently already knew Marvin would come.

"Do you know what I want?" Marvin smiled.

"Of course. This group of noisy adventurers looks powerful with those numbers, and should be able to overthrow an Ogre Tribe."

"But in real battle, their morale and cohesion is something to doubt. If a few people die, they might scatter."

"In any case, you can't win this war by relying on the Silver Church or other external powers, right?"

The old blacksmith frowned. "Even if you weren't here tonight, you could have come tomorrow night. But you should have rested a day."

"I am already rested."

Marvin took a deep breath. "Help me open the [Eternal Night Kingdom]."

"I need their help."

Sean nodded. "Indeed, they have been resting for far too long."

"This world has had too many changes since they started their rest. I heard news from a lot of my friends, including Lady Hathaway."

"There will soon be many shocking changes in this world."

"Awaken them if you have the power to do so."

"They are real warriors."

The next morning, a group of luxurious carriages stopped at the boundary of White River Valley.

It consisted of three carriages, over twenty high level knights, and even more squires.

They had a military banner with half of a new moon on it.

Soon, a messenger walked over to White River Valley's castle.

Marvin wasn't inside the castle at that time.

Every matter was handled by Anna and Wayne.

But when they granted the messenger an audience and heard what he said, the two couldn't help but speak out at the same time, shocked.

"Another fiancée?!"

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