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Surprisingly, displayed on the magic screen was the current situation in White River Valley!

A rebellion arose in the territory!

Even if Madeline agreed to let Marvin go on his own right now, if he rushed as fast as he could, it would take at least an hour to get back.

By that time, the rebellion might have already ended. Toshiroya’s people might have already taken control of the castle!

Marvin took a deep breath and asked with a heavy voice, "What do you want?"

"Nothing. I don’t really care about what you did previously." Madeline poured herself a glass of red wine. It could clearly be seen that she was a woman who knew how to enjoy life.

She charmingly looked at Marvin. "This is a world where the strong are respected, and you showed enough potential to make people praise you."

"I want to cooperate with you."


Marvin almost thought he misheard.

The great City Lord of River Shore City, a 4th rank expert and a Half-Legend, actually wanted to cooperate with him?

"The Magic Holy Grail." Madeline finally revealed what she was after. "I need that thing. The news is spreading quickly among the Wizards. Your performance in the Three Ring Towers made people speechless."

"I know it’s on you, isn’t it?"

Marvin couldn’t do anything to deny that, so he simply nodded.

[Lance’s Holy Grail] was indeed on him.

Although this item would be helpful for Wayne, after Marvin requested it, Wayne unhesitantly gave the Holy Grail to him.

‘Magic Holy Grail…’ Marvin started thinking fast. Since Madeline wanted the Magic Holy Grail, that meant she was about to set out for that place.

It was a lot earlier than it was supposed to happen!

Marvin’s heart was somewhat put on alert.

"Let’s make it simple." Madeline put down her wine cup and resolutely said, "I’ll help you pacify your territory’s rebellion. And you’ll lend me the Magic Holy Grail. River Shore City will protect White River Valley. I know you already formed an alliance with the Ashes Tower of the Three Ring Towers. But the Three Ring Towers is extremely far away after all."

"Even if Hathaway wanted to protect you, she could only rely on her prestige to scare some people with bad intentions. But River Shore City is different. If you are in trouble, we would be able to help out at anytime."

"That includes that huge problem you are about to face: food."

"I can sell you a portion of our food at market price."

Madeline’s voice was very captivating.

But Marvin knew that this was only a disguise.

If it weren’t for his relationship with Hathaway, and that Holy Grail being the token of the Three Ring Towers, Madeline might have directly fought for it.

The reason she instead was patiently negotiating with him right now was only because she didn’t dare to act.

But from the expression in her eyes, it could be seen that the Magic Holy Grail was something that she absolutely had to have.

If Marvin declined her offer, he might not be able to walk out of this room today.

He thought it through and ended up giving a reply that made Madeline extremely shocked.

The latter thought for a moment and finally nodded in approval.

Even if Marvin’s request was somewhat strange, the final outcome was more or less the same.

Thus, a bit later, a giant eagle stopped in front of the window of Madeline’s room.

"Since you don’t want me to deal with it, I wish you luck, Baron Marvin."

Madeline stood at the window, her red nightgown extremely revealing.

The Great Falcon’s wings flapped, creating a fierce gust of wind. Madeline’s thin nightgown was suddenly swaying in the wind, revealing her fair legs.

Marvin jumped on the Great Falcon’s back, enduring the gale as it soared to White River Valley!

The Scarlet Monastery was a place that had been troubling River Shore City for a while.

Madeline had sent Disciplinary Knights and guards to suppress this evil force several times in the past.

But those two Pain Monks at the gate made her helpless.

These two Pain Monks were too strong. Although they were only at the 3rd rank, they were immune to magic.

And if soldiers fought in close range with them, they would have heavy losses due to their lack of expert combat classholders.

After probing several times, Madeline had temporarily given up her plans on dealing with that place.

The monsters there were content with what they had, since after that Lich who failed to become a god died, there was no more movement. Though that Lich was actually in a deep slumber.

But a while ago, Demon God Enforcers appeared near River Shore City!

These were the subordinates of the 3rd Hall’s master, Avenger Fegan.

They seemed to be plotting something. This annoyed Madeline greatly.

It wasn’t like she couldn’t take care of the two Pain Monks, but it would cost a huge number of her soldiers their lives.

But the emergence of those Demon God Enforcers made her firmly determined to root out the Scarlet Monastery.

After the purge of the City Hall and the containment of the Dark Sweet Poison, this swift and decisive City Lord began to prepare her third major move after her seclusion!

And that was attacking the Scarlet Monastery.

Marvin’s Magic Holy Grail had an impact on this war that was irreplaceable. The Holy Grail’s various Auras and Anti-Curse abilities could give a huge boost to the army’s fighting potential. Even a powerful Silver Church Priest wouldn’t be able to do that.

Marvin remembered very clearly that Madeline’s attack on the Scarlet Monastery ended up failing.

‘The outcome this time might be different after my involvement.’

‘But it also might not be. That guy is truly powerful…"

Marvin leaned forward on the Great Eagle’s back, the deal with Madeline flashing through his mind.

Madeline would help Marvin get back to White River Valley and Marvin would personally participate in this war.

He would be in charge of the Magic Holy Grail. Moreover, he also stated that he wanted to have a relatively high priority in picking the loot.

These two points weren’t an issue for Madeline, as she was interested in neither the Scarlet Monastery’s loot nor the Magic Holy Grail, as long as its effects were used to help.

Both of them temporarily made a deal.

What made Madeline the most surprised was that Marvin actually hadn’t mentioned the issue of food.

Could he have another solution?

The Witch was puzzled.

It was safe to say that only River Shore City could deliver food to such a location.

But whatever the case, this enigmatic Baron Marvin still left on her summoned Great Eagle, only leaving a thin but steady back in Madeline’s sight.

White River Valley was in a complete mess!

At the bottom of the mountain, all the civilians were gathered together.

A youth shouted with a red complexion:

"Everyone listen!"

"How long has it been since our Overlord appeared?"

"Ever since last month, our food supply has been restricted and that Half-Elf bastard still doesn’t agree to receive the kindness from River Shore City’s chamber of commerce!"

"She doesn’t give us food to eat!"

"She deprived our territory’s inhabitants of the most basic right! This wasn’t the case in the previous White River Valley, but that’s how things are now!"

"I suspect she secretly murdered the Overlord and casually modified old decrees, trying to seize our territory!"

"Don’t you see that fire! That was our painstakingly built granary. The food inside was to be used to get through the winter. Now our food has burnt, there is no more!"

"That treacherous woman wants us to starve to death. We can’t sit and wait for death!"

"We have to go to the castle to protest!"

Many people were moved by the youth’s extremely provocative arguments.

They blindly went to the castle under the incitement of a few people!

"Miss Anna, what now?"

Andre looked below the castle, extremely nervous. There was a huge mass of the territory’s inhabitants!

The garrison had already locked the castle gate a long time ago, but this didn’t make them feel more secure.

Because they were also terrified, and their hearts were in chaos.

There had been an increasing amount of rumors in the territory these days, rumors about Anna plotting against Marvin, trying to become the Overlord.

Ordinary people weren’t very informed after all. Marvin’s amazing performance in the Three Ring Towers still hadn’t spread to River Shore City, not to mention White River Valley, this countryside area.

When he left, he chose to sneak away in order to avoid unwanted attention.

But now, there was a huge problem with Anna making the decisions, as she really wasn’t an Overlord.

She wasn’t the target of those ignorant citizens’ loyalty. She was only Marvin’s butler, White River Valley Overlord’s Proxy.

"How is the granary?" Anna gently asked.

Andre said with a heavy face, "Everything is ruined. The remaining food would at most last for a week."

Hearing this, Anna almost choked!

She had already suspected that a mole had infiltrated the castle, but she didn’t think he would succeed.

With the granary being so tightly guarded, for someone to succeed… She felt powerless.

If he was here, everything would be fine.

Anna couldn’t help but think of Marvin.

But at this time, an arrogant sounding laugh echoed, "Is there something worrying you? My beloved Anna?"

"You are more beautiful than the moonlight tonight."

That was a luxuriously dressed man. He came over and said that despite the fact that there wasn’t any moonlight tonight. He tried to embrace Anna.

But he was pushed away by Andre!

"Get away from Miss Anna!" Andre loathsomely said.

"Such a rude guy. To dare speak like that to the Greatest Alchemist in all History!" That man angrily stared at Andre, "Don’t you know what kind of troubles your territory is currently facing?"

"If Miss Anna wishes, I’ll go out and solve the problem for you."

"No need! Mister Edward," Anna coldly said, "We’ll settle it ourselves."

However, at that moment, the citizens were apparently unable to bear it anymore.

They sent a representative, that youth who had been riling up the people.

He proudly approached the castle and loudly yelled, "We want to meet Sir Overlord!"

"We want to know the territory’s current situation. Return us our food. Greedy and treacherous woman, if you don’t agree to our requests…"

He hadn’t finished his words when a burst of wind arrived from the sky!

A shadow suddenly dropped from the sky, landing next to the youth.

A cold light flashed.

Marvin turned, two daggers in hands, not caring about the body falling behind him.

He coldly watched the instigated populace:

"Are you rebelling?"

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