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A punch!

Garen’s right arm darted forth like a slithering python, aimed at Tenstar Ni’s head.

Murderous thoughts emerged in his mind.

After he had transmigrated to this alternate reality, he had been pretending to be a teenage boy with his adult conscious. He had been under the influence of depression. Training in martial arts gave him a chance to unwind. Every time his strength grew, so did his sense of security.

However, old man Gregor’s death made him feel helpless and realize how weak he was. As soon as he achieved great improvements with the secret arts, he met Sylphalan and almost lost his life. This raised his sense of crisis once again.

He didn’t plan to provoke the Celestial Circle Gate, but he didn’t expect them to side with his enemies flagrantly. At this moment, Garen’s depressive emotions erupted like a volcano.

The blood sphere inside his chest released countless hot streams that circulated throughout his body.


His fist smashed into the wall, sinking deeply in it.

Tenstar Ni dodged aside with a serious expression. His sword swirled to make a silver light curtain, blocking possible attacks, and he jumped back with a backflip.


Suddenly, a cloud of rubble and sand sputtered all over his face. Several rocks smashed into his nose, slicing open a few bloody wounds.

"Go!" Tenstar Ni closed his eyes in the dust. He raised his left hand and a strand of silver light flashed out from it.


A short dagger bounced off Garen’s chest, with no effect. Seeing that, Tenstar Ni pulled the dagger back into his hand by a thin thread tied to the hilt.


Garen leaped forward. His right arm still had a fistful of gravel, so he hiked his hand to throw another wave of dust at his opponent. At the same time, his palm smashed toward Tenstar’s chest with a Shot Form.

His dark blue hand stretched out with inhumanly sharp nails. As the hand moved, a sharp howling filled the air. This howling sounded singular, yet layered, resembling the howling from a mammoth.

Tenstar Ni’s expression changed again. He raised his hand to block the dust and lifted the sword with his other hand. In this situation where he could not clearly see the attack, his sword flashed as he hacked at Garen’s hand.


The sword cut onto Garen’s hand and made a thud noise, but it couldn’t stop Garen’s palm from advancing.

Tenstar Ni gritted his teeth, his face flashed with a blue aura, a clump of dark muscle emerged on the back of his sword hand, the clump was shaped like a cross shaped star1.

Swoosh! The sword stabbed three times in an instant, and in the fraction of a second, turned ninety degrees and stood up, slashing directly at Garen’s hand.


The hand and the sword came in contact. Surprisingly, the sword could not leave a single scratch on the dark blue palm, and thus was bent into a curve. 

Garen’s showed a ruthless expression as he slammed his feet against the ground!

The stomp blasted sand and debris into the air.

The sword broke into two pieces with a cracking sound, while Garen’s hand pressed down the weapon pieces into Tenstar Ni’s chest.

With a heavy thud, Tenstar Ni groaned and flipped over. After rolling for about ten steps he finally jumped back up.

Three bloody marks appeared on Garen’s right palm; the skin and muscle around the marks were completely scraped off, vaguely revealing the bones underneath.

He clenched the hand and felt a sharp pain in the center of the palm. There wasn’t much bleeding though, since the blood soon clogged, forming a protective layer around the wounds, preventing the flesh from getting in contact with the air.

"This isn’t what the Mammoth Secret Technique looks like!" Tenstar Ni hatefully roared. His face flashed red as he spoke; it was a sign that he was seriously injured.

Tenstar Ni backed off quickly while taking out a small paper bag from his pockets and dumping all the medicinal containers inside his mouth.

As soon as he gulped down the medicine, he turned around and staggered away.

"Still trying to escape!"

Garen followed up closely using Dash Form. He stomped down on the ground with a Step Form, forming a small crater on the ground as his speed suddenly increased and he leaped forward at Tenstar Ni.

As soon as he started the chase, his eyes were blinded by a burst of flashing light as two daggers came flying to his face.

With the impressive speed from him dash forward and the daggers flying at him on the opposite direction, Garen had no chance to dodge. Adding up the speed of these daggers combined with his own, the lethality of the enemy’s attack was at least doubled!

A sense of danger never experienced before took over him. The reflection of silver lights grew larger and larger in his pupils.

Garen could only close his eyes and try to lower his head. At this moment, a stream flowed up to his eyebrows from the blood sphere in his chest.

He didn’t expect the injured opponent to hide his ultimate skill until now, turning the tables and putting Garen in great danger.

"Die!" He furiously threw the Weeping Sword forward.

The two daggers slashed onto Garen’s eyebrows and immediately hit the bone on his forehead. They were only able to cut two blood marks on his eyebrows.

Tenstar Ni’s face went pale when he turned around and saw his attacks were not effective.

He knew his strength wasn’t enough. His full might was only able to cause a small injury to the enemy. He tried everything and still got badly injured, and all of the damage came from a single hit.

Combining his full strength and Garen’s momentum from sprinting, he should have been able to put an end to this fight. However, he didn’t expect that…

"How do I fight him…" He whined mutely, "I shouldn’t have pissed this freak off in the first place! His Body-hardening Technique is ridiculous! I can’t hurt him. All that trouble only scraped off some skin.

As he turned around he saw Garen throwing a silver sword at him, and along with it came a screeching noise. Tenstar Ni was scared to death. The cross-shaped muscle plumped up again as his right arm turned into a shadow, smacking behind him.

He blocked the Weeping Sword and sent it flying. The sword sunk deep into the wall beside him, leaving only the hilt to be seen.

However, the huge counterforce shook his body and slowed him down. Garen saw this opportunity and quickly leaped forward, grabbing Tenstar Ni’s shoulder.

A grey powder sprinkled onto Garen’s face in a puff; it was the medicine Tenstar Ni used to heal himself.

The powder smelled spicy and pungent. Garen’s movement slowed down, as he knew it would irritate his eyes. He closed them and whipped his hand forward with Swing Form.

However, it was too slow and the Swing Form missed the target.

Tenstar Ni did a backflip and landed a few meters away, but his face was even paler than before. It seemed the use of his cross-shaped muscle technique expended a vast amount of energy, and combined with Garen’s smash to his chest, Tenstar Ni’s condition was terrible.

"Garen of White Cloud Gate! Just wait, I’ll kill everyone around you!" Tenstar Ni’s malevolent voice came from afar, he turned around and staggered away. His movement looked unnatural, but that didn’t slow him down.

Garen was rubbing his eyes, which were still blurry from the powder and tears. At that moment he couldn’t clearly see the opponent.

However, as the voice came, he sneered and smashed his hand into the ground, breaking the rocks and dirt into gravel. He grabbed a handful of small rubbles and fiercely threw them toward the direction where the voice came from.

His arm swelled in an instant, and his hand sent the rubbles flying in an instant, with the peebles screeching in the air.

Poof! Poof!

As soon as the bang was heard several bloody holes appeared on Tenstar Ni’s back and he fell on the floor.

"Retard! I really wouldn’t know what to do if you didn’t make a sound!"

Garen grinned hideously and rushed over under his blurry vision, catching Tenstar Ni by his hair.

"Senior Brother will avenge me!" Tenstar Ni knew he couldn’t escape. He roared as Garen held his hair and smashed his head down.


To Garen’s surprise, Tenstar Ni’s head was fine. However, as he tried to pull him up he tore his scalp off by the hair. The scene looked horrific and bloody.

Tenstar Ni quickly climbed forward like an invertebrate mollusk, exhibiting his robust vitality.

Garen chased up and stomped hard onto his back.

Step Form!

Bang! Crack!

Two sounds echoed together as Tenstar Ni’s spine broke into pieces. He struggled with all his force to turn around and spit an arrow of blood onto Garen’s face.

This arrow of blood could have killed a common person, but it was completely ineffective to Garen. He closed his eyes and felt a warm liquid on his face, nothing else.

Garen wiped the blood off his face, aimed at Tenstar Ni’s head, and used another Step Form.


The neighing sound of the mammoth lingered in the air.


A deep crater appeared on the ground. Brains, bones, and blood mixed together, and along with some blue messy hair, they turned into a slimy blend.

Garen’s right foot and ankle were covered in this mixture. He lifted his foot and started searching on the torso. He found another pack of medicinal powder, two more silver daggers―both threaded with a thin line―, a string of keys and some money.

As he collected the loot, he opened his eyes as much as he could. The tears had washed away the medicinal powders in his eyes, and although it still felt uncomfortable, he was able to see clearly again.

He looked around and didn’t see a trace of the bald guy.

"Escaped huh?" He looked around. He was standing in an open ground behind the two-story building. The building wall was covered in fractures and holes from the fight.

It was completely silent inside.

He took a deep breath and looked around to check if there were other enemies nearby. Suddenly, a child’s weep came from inside the building, but something soon muffled the noise. He could faintly hear the horrified breathing of a woman.

Obviously, a family was still inside, but they dared not make a sound, afraid of getting silenced as witnesses. They kept quiet to pretend no one was home.

At this distance, a normal person could not have heard the noise. However, Garen’s senses were several times sharper, so of course he could hear everything.

Shaking his head, Garen looked at himself. His shirt was gone, a line of bullets were stuck at his waist, there were two wounds on his eyebrows and three on his right hand.

He gripped the bullets in his waist and pulled them out hard. Streams of blood gushed out from the wounds but stopped almost immediately. The blood clogged into a membrane and covered his wounds.

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