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"Collin, tell me exactly what happened at White Cloud Gate." Garen turned around to speak to Collin.

"Okay!" The girl cleaned her sweaty forehead. Knowing the urgency in the situation, she tried her best to explain everything with brevity.

"Right now, Senior Sister betrayed the Gate, Second Senior Brother went missing, and Third Senior Brother could not withstand the situation. The people below our gate have always been ambitious. I’m afraid they might take this opportunity to carve up the gate.

"This is a terrible situation for us to be in! Master is still unconscious. Also, the Southern Twelve Gates had always supported each other in times of hardships, but now all our allies are paralyzed or have lost contact with us. It must be chaotic at the gate, so we need someone to stand up and take charge of it! Senior Brother, you must get back now and accept the responsibilities."

"Our enemies won’t let this opportunity slip through their hands. We will surely meet some trouble on the way back!"

"We’ll have to see how much trouble they could bring!" Garen’s expression was cold.

At that instant, a group of masked men walked out from the side of the road. Their body sizes varied, but they all uniformly wore black bandana masks. There was a strong warrior’s aura around them.

These masked men sneered and blocked the road. A skinny woman who was leading them stepped out with a smirk.

"Fei Baiyun, you didn’t think there would be a day like this, did you?" The voice was dry and hoarse, and her body was young and curvy. She had a great body, but her voice was unpleasant to hear.

A little further ahead on the road, a few more people came out of the woods. They were in red and white clothing, and none of them were masked. A dozen young men followed behind them. All in all, they looked like a secret arts sect.

"The Crimson Scorpion Angela went first. Nice, let her test the water for us."

A short and chubby elderly man, whose nose had been sliced off, squinted his eyes. "We’re not the only ones preying on White Cloud Gate. Countless sects are after the Southern Twelve Gates, since this is a fat piece of meat. If we don’t act fast we might not even get a taste of the soup."

"We’ve waited patiently for so long. It’s finally the time to take a slice of the cake. Fei Baiyun is still unconscious, leaving behind a disciple who is so tender we can squeeze water out of him. Two of their core disciples have gone missing as well."

"The White Cloud Gate does not have any chance to resist, we just have to watch out for others." Another woman dressed in white whispered.

"The Southern Twelve Gates suppressed us for all these years, this time we can finally get rid of them altogether!" The old man said with a chuckle. "Although we’ll have to watch out for Fei Baiyun’s last struggle."

"No problem, the Fighting Association’s President is right behind us; he is waiting for Fei Baiyun." The woman sneered. "Our Jade Mountain Gate will take care of the others."

Garen sat on the carriage and carefully observed the road blockers. His eyes glanced through the woods on the side of the road. Who knew how many unknown threats were still hiding in the glooms.

"You guys keep going. I’ll take care of them!" Garen’s eyes turned cold and he jumped off the carriage without waiting for Collin’s response.

He strode toward the woman in black mask up front.

"Give us Fei Baiyun…"


Garen didn’t say a word. He simply jumped forward and brought his right arm down with a Shot Form.

The woman was swift; she dodged with a sidestep, and her hands ensnared Garen’s arm. "I’ll break this arm first!" She said cruelly as she infused all her force into her movement. However, just like entangling a steel beam, her arms couldn’t move the opponent even an inch.

Garen’s arms abruptly exerted a huge force and the woman was sent flying like a jute bag filled with grass. She was knocked into a dozen back flips on the ground, and ended up smashed into a tree trunk. She turned pale and cried out in pain, tightly covering her chest.

She was unable to speak a word at the moment.

Garen didn’t stop to analyze the outcome of his attack. He charged straight at two machetes that were thrown at him. With a crackling sound the machetes broke into pieces, along with the bones of three masked men; they were blasted away and knocked out on the ground.

Garen’s expression was indifferent. His arms expanded to both sides in Shot Form. He caught two masked men’s hair and effortlessly pulled, resulting in two bloody scalps being torn off from their heads. The men screamed in pain, staggering.


Along with an abrupt gunshot, Garen felt a small pain in his stomach. He lowered his head and saw a copper bullet bouncing off of his skin and it fell to the ground in a series of tinkling sound.

At that moment, everyone froze astonished.

"Even bullet can’t… pierce through his skin!!" Someone said in a shaken voice. The men in masks started backing off, horrified.

Garen whipped over a masked man on his right with his foot. A cracking sound came from the target’s waist while his spine bent back in an unnatural shape as he rolled back on the ground. There was no sound from where he was lying down.

Garen charged at the masked woman under the tree. He didn’t need to look at her to know she was the one who shot him.

He used the Step Form and, with a huge thud noise, the woman’s magnificent breasts blew up from under his foot, while a huge hole appeared in the middle of her chest. She died instantly without a whimper. The pistol in her hand slid to the side.

Garen picked up the pistol and threw it into the carriage, then turned around and sprinted deep into the woods.

The astonishment had not vanished from the faces of the short elderly man and the woman in white, their disciples spread out into a defensive fan shape. Garen was already charging at them without any emotion.

Bam Bam Bam!

With three consecutive thuds, Garen barbarically knocked three disciples into the air. The disciples hit either had their spine broken or exploded into flesh and blood under the impact. Suddenly no one else dared to stand in front of him.

The short and chubby old man pulled out a short cutlass. His hands glowed blue as he swiftly looped around to Garen’s side and fiercely stabbed at Garen’s waist.

The woman in white sneered. She wore a silver bladed-knuckle on one of her hands, and thus she ripped her fist through the air, attacking Garen. The fist broke into three different fist doppelgangers attacking Garen’s face, chest, and stomach at the same time.

Their attacks hit Garen simultaneously, but other than scraping off some of his clothes, they were completely ineffective. The two were both shocked, pushing down their toes in a hurry to try to escape, but it was too late.

"Double Shot Form!"

Garen closed his eyes, completely ignoring their attacks, and flicked his fingers as they swept past the two opponent’s necks.

With two crisp sounds of impact, the old man and the woman both slipped past Garen.

Without looking behind, Garen once more charged deeper into the forest.

The two stood in a stupor, a thin line emerged from their neck. Their heads fell from their necks with a thrilling sound of flesh and bones breaking. Blood streamed from their veins while the bodies slowly hit the ground.

After gazing for a few seconds, their disciples all screamed in terror.

"This is a massacre!"

Collin and the crew, who were still on the carriage, watched with faces pale as Garen rampaged through the enemies, anyone who dared stand in the way was blown up into a blood mist, like an air balloon. He was unstoppable.

Simon and the disciples from other sects were astonished; the gore and blood scared a few girls.

"Let’s hurry out of here, we are just burdens if we stay!" Simon realized something and whipped the horse hard to speed up the carriage.

"This level of strength… Senior Brother Garen is so strong!!" The leaders of other two sects, the silver-haired youngster Rampas accelerated as well. He held down the urge to vomit and exclaimed in an envious tone.

"Senior Brother Rampas, are we safe now?" A cute little girl asked while covering her mouth, her face was ghastly pale."

"Not entirely. Even though Senior Brother Garen from White Cloud Gate could protect us for a while, we must get back to our own gates later. You have to take charge as the Senior Sister of your sect."

"The Southern Twelve Gates are in chaos, and our masters have been badly injured." Rampas looked decisive as he glanced at the White Cloud Gate disciples in front of them.‘’

Garen raced into the woods toward two slim silhouettes with their hands in their back.

One of them was a middle-aged man, wearing a tight black leather suit with the word "Fighting" printed on his right chest. His two hands rested on a pair of dark scimitars.

The other man looked aged and was wearing a loose black training suit, with a short white staff on one hand. The shock from the carnage only left his face when he saw Garen approaching.

"White Cloud Gate’s Garen! The strongest of the Southern Twelve Gates! Let’s see how much stamina you have!" The old man stepped back, as the middle-aged man came forward to face Garen.

Shoo shoo shoo!

Three consecutive blades swung at Garen’s face, two of them aimed at his eyes.

The man in black suit was ruthless, swinging out three attacks right at the moment he was about to run into Garen. His right knee concurrently tackled at Garen’s lower abdomen with a spiked kneecap that appeared suddenly on his knees.

"Chain Swing Form!"

Garen’s upper body spun around like a spinning top. His arms flexed out like the propellers of a helicopter, bouncing back the scimitars and cleaving at the opponent’s neck.

The spin simultaneously dodged the knee attack.

Bam Bam!

The three blades were knocked flying, but the man’s strength was surprising as he only took one step back before he continued his attack by clawing at Garen’s face.

"Heh!" Garen recklessly punched at the attacker, ready to trade blow for blow.

He closed his eyes and felt his steel-hard eyelids blocked the opponent’s clawing attack.


A sound of metal clashing came as his fist came in contact with the enemy’s chest; something hard was blocking his fist.

Garen sneered and suddenly pushed down again with even more power.

Crackle!! Pui!!

After a loud thud, he heard the middle-aged man spitting blood.

He opened his eyes and saw his enemy embedded into the tree trunk. A large piece of a metal breastplate was ripped inward, showing a bloody hollow that pierced the body and sunk deep into the tree.

Without resting for a second, Garen charged directly toward the other man.

"Cain!! The breastplate was pierced through!! How is that possible?"

The old man was sweating while holding his short staff. He raised his arms and the staff turned into many shadows that surrounded Garen’s upper body.

However, the strength and the speed from the attack was far worse than the ones from the middle-aged man. Apparently the man was old and way past his prime shape.

Garen used a Dash Form, raising his fist and smashing into the old man’s chest.


A beam of silver light dashed in front of him, stopping his attack.

Garen stood still and squinted his eyes.

"You again?"

Tenstar Ni walked out from behind a tree with a smile on his face and a silver sword in his hand.

"You can’t kill him. He is the president of the Fighting Association, an ally of our Celestial Circle Gate."

"Isn’t the Celestial Circle Gate worrying too much about other people’s problems?" Garen’s voice was low and his face turned cold.

"Too much or too little, that’s our problem. Do you want to try my sword?" Tenstar Ni’s eyes glowed with ruthless light. As he stared at Garen’s neck, a mysterious aura emerged from his body.

Garen could feel that threat.

"Celestial Circle Gate …" He controlled his rage and turned around. He had younger disciples to take care of back in White Cloud Gate, so he could not afford to keep fighting here. Up until now he had not used his secret arts to inflate his muscles, because he wanted to save his stamina for the real danger later. The true threat had yet to come.

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