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'Yes, Invisible Creatures exist in every world. They don't exist within the same timeline as us humans and their concept of time is drawn-out, making their lives almost endless. They are similar to Void Creatures in this aspect, and we once assumed that Void Creatures were merely extremely strong Invisible Creatures from another world.'

'To return to our main point, most people are unable to see Invisible Creatures with their naked eyes. This term is used as a general name for a creature of a certain species from a particular territory. Therefore, all of the living creatures that exist within the areas and worlds within that level are simply known as Invisible Creatures because they are creatures that we cannot see. You already know that humans like us can only see light within a very small range and spectrum. There are other vast areas that we cannot see. Hence, this world and universe are still considered to be very dark in our eyes. Within some of these dark areas, there are many unimaginable life forms that are living there. These include some of the things that you should be familiar with, such as the consciousness of large trees.'

"Large trees have consciousnesses too?" This was the first time that Garen had heard a viewpoint like this. However, he had experienced many things, and this did not shock him too severely.

'Yes. Many plants have different timelines from us. Their awareness and movements are slow and drawn-out, meaning that their every move and stretch can only be done once every few months. Their consciousness comes naturally, and whenever we come into contact with the consciousness of creatures like these, we should not approach them too closely because they have always possessed extremely hostile feelings towards humans. You know the reason behind that. Therefore, although any of these plants possess age-old consciousnesses and experiences, as well as other precious knowledge, we can never attain them.'

"But then, why do some people see scenes that they have never witnessed before in their dreams, while others are rumored to have dreamed of seeing things that would happen in the future?" Garen continued asking.

'This is not something that you can understand now. It's better to learn this step properly first before resuming. Furthermore, I'm not all-knowing. The universe is mysterious and both time and space undergo endless changes, making it impossible for anyone to see through them completely. What we need to do now is to simply achieve the things that we desire," Black Sethe threw out his final profound sentence before turning silent.

This was the first time that Garen had come across a theoretical system like this. One-third of a human's time was spent on sleeping and dreaming, and the supposed dreamless sleep was merely regular sleep where a person forgot their own dreams, as it was impossible for someone not to dream at all.

The human body had undergone many years of evolution and abandoned many unnecessary functions. Since dreaming during sleep still remained, this phenomenon could not be without reason. Garen suddenly realized that his understanding of his own body was still far from satisfactory…

After pondering in the pool for a long time, he finally rose from the water slowly before a maid came over, wiped the water off his body and wrapped him in a towel.

He sat on the white deck chair beside the pool. Behind him were dense green thickets and clumps of grass, while little lamp stands were placed on the white brick borders around the entire swimming pool, giving off pale yellow light that looked like small cylindrical lanterns.

Garen chose to lie on the deck chair while looking up at the starry sky. The night breeze blew gusts of cool, refreshing air towards him.

In the left side of the brilliantly lit villa, two hired maids could be seen sweeping the rooms and changing the curtains.

Unconsciously, Garen closed both of his eyes slowly before the sensation of drowsiness drifted through his mind.

During his moments of blurriness, a dull noise echoed beside his ears suddenly.


He opened his eyes at once before noticing from the corner of his eye that a white object was rushing towards him.

His body rolled away involuntarily and he somersaulted beside the pool a few times before finally landing steadily at the back entrance of the villa. When he turned back to look, he noticed that a familiar shadow was reflected in his eyes.

At the area where he was laying earlier, a gigantic five-meter tall White Doll was standing there. It resembled a toy figurine that was molded with plasticine. Numerous doll arms, legs, and heads were jumbled up inside its body, making it look extremely strange.

"White Dolls again?" Garen moved his body for a while because he knew that he was already dreaming. Long-term exercises allowed him to focus his consciousness and move freely in his dreams.

'Be careful, this Doll is unlike the previous ones. It seems to belong to the squad leader level.' Black Sethe's voice echoed beside his ears softly.

"I know," Garen nodded.

The White Doll took long strides towards him. It made big steps on the surface of the swimming pool but seemed to be walking on smooth glass instead as there were no signs of it sinking at all.

Its chubby head was devoid of all five sensory organs. There was only a little white doll's leg that was protruding outwards like a white horn.

'The squad leader level White Dolls possess at least two times the strength of the normal dolls. You must be careful,' said Black Sethe seriously.

Garen did not reply. He dodged and moved towards his right quickly and evaded the strike from the White Doll's fist.


When the White Doll's fist hit the floor, it seemed as if it had struck a surface that was made of either ice or glass. It formed numerous cracks throughout the floor.

Garen put on the bath towel and circled the White Doll. This big fellow had slow movements, and although its recovery abilities were alarming, as long as he was careful, it was not difficult to get rid of it. Before this key moment, he would've needed to be extremely careful to prevent himself from being sucked in by the White Doll's speedy fists and attacks.

However, that was not necessary anymore.

'Their movements are becoming more complicated. For some reason, I can smell an unpleasant smell. It's a very familiar yet indistinguishable smell, so you'd better be more careful,' said Black Sethe vigilantly.


Suddenly, a strange, dull knocking sound could be heard.

The White Doll's movements had stopped, and it stood on the side and looked at Garen quietly.


There was another dull noise.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound continued to ring out rhythmically and continuously.

It sounded as if numerous metallic sounding drum beats were sounding off simultaneously while being blended with many other noises.

Throughout the areas surrounding the pool and villa, the forest seemed to faintly transform into a twisted and blurry high wall that was covered with dark whirlpools.

Numerous gigantic figures walked out of the dark whirlpools slowly before it was discovered that they were similar five meters tall White Doll squad leaders as well.

These Dolls surrounded Garen while the surface area of the pool had seemed to expand in the blink of an eye. It had become much broader, allowing the Dolls to stand on top without having to squeeze with one another.

"They're being serious this time, huh?" Garen lowered his body slightly while his gaze became more intense.

'You'll die if you're not careful,' replied Black Sethe. 'Pay attention to their mud sputtering. Don't let their white mud touch your body.'

Six White Doll leaders surrounded Garen and forced him into the middle.

'Each of them has enough strength to produce at least four tons of impact forces, so don't meet their force with even more force!' reminded Black Sethe frantically.

"Four tons?" The corners of Garen's mouth curled before his right foot stomped on the ground suddenly.

There was a banging noise before a white stone that was a meter long was sent flying from the ground, before finally being caught in his hand.


After a violent hissing noise from gushing air, Garen's body bent backward like a crooked bowstring. His chest rose up high while strong air currents formed something that resembled a white cyclone near his cupid's bow.

Bang! Boom!!!

The stone in Garen's hand was maniacally flung at the speed of lightning. It spun through the air speedily like a white loop and rushed towards one of the White Dolls.

A dull banging noise was heard.

The White Doll collapsed on the ground at once. Its entire upper body looked as if a bomb had exploded there. It was completely smashed, making it impossible to see its initial shape.


Garen exhaled slowly while shrouds of white gas surrounded him. The muscles throughout his entire body were slightly raised and were somewhat larger than before, while a slightly black and extremely glossy texture now appeared all over.

'Shit… Did you take some sort of drug??!!' said Black Sethe finally exclaimed in a hoarse voice while stunned.

Garen remained silent and walked towards the side of the villa before accurately striking a stone pillar that was as thick as a person with his fist.

After a banging noise rang out, the stone pillar broke and was immediately single-handedly held up by Garen. He lifted it at once as if it was merely a large stick.

Two Dolls had just charged over from behind him with their large white fists positioned to viciously smash Garen's head in. At the same time, white mud droplets were constantly dripping down their bodies, and whenever the mud fell on the floor, pungent and choking fumes would form there at once.

Before the white fists could strike Garen's back, a crashing noise could be heard near both of the Dolls when they were violently struck by the white stone pillar. The stone pillar broke and turned into dust immediately while the Doll's bodies were smashed into two halves at the same time. They turned into a mess of disintegrated white mud mid-air.

The three remaining White Dolls who were unfazed by their comrades' deaths worked together and charged towards Garen. They attempted to use their large sizes to smash Garen while boiling mud bubbled all over the surface of their bodies.

Garen moved his body to the side and swung his right leg suddenly. He used the tips of his toes to draw a sharp arc suddenly while releasing unimaginably loud and sharp hissing air noises.

The moment his toes touched the White Dolls' bodies, it seemed like a sharp blade had sliced through melted butter, immediately halving the White Dolls.

Tch tch tch!!

Garen drew a large semi-circle in front of himself with his toes that release a sharp whistle when it sliced the three White Dolls into six parts. All six pieces of their large bodies collapsed on the ground heavily, making dull noises as they fell. However, their life forces were strong, allowing them to continue rolling and struggling on the ground while attempting to piece their bodies back together again.

However, Garen immediately stretched his hand out and shot a few more stones at their heads. These little stones possessed bullet-like explosive forces when they were shot out, and were able to blast the three White Dolls' heads to smithereens instantly.

Suddenly, the entire area surrounding the pool began to quieten down as everything returned to a peaceful state.

Garen shook off the white mud that had sputtered on his body. His bath towel had been corroded to rags, but the skin on his body was still completely unharmed as these were the terrifying results of achieving seven points of physical qualities.

He took a few steps towards the White Doll corpses and collected all of their Void Cores.

'Your powers…' Black Sethe suddenly had no words to describe Garen anymore. This person who was once clear-cut in his eyes was now had a thin layer of malicious air about him, making him mysterious and unpredictable. 

In the beginning, he was almost killed during his fight with the White Doll foot soldiers. However, he was now able to get rid of six leaders on his own. A difference like this… He did not understand Garen at all anymore.

"It feels different from before," said Garen suddenly.

Black Sethe returned to his senses and suddenly smelled the pungent smell again. It was obvious that it was a sweet smell but for some reason, he still felt extremely repulsed whenever he sniffed it.

Throughout their surroundings, the White Doll corpses on the ground gradually disappeared while the area fell into silence once more.

'Be careful! Dodge towards your right!!' Black Sethe suddenly felt an extremely dangerous threat charging at them from the front. Its speed was unbelievably quick like a lightning bolt. Even a blink would be insufficient to describe its speed!

That ray of white light burst forth ten meters in front of them and appeared in front of Garen's face instantly.


A loud metallic noise that sounded like a collision could be heard before shrouds of white smoke exploded and formed a ring of dark clouds and dust.

Both of Garen's arms were crossed in front of his body while his palms were gently but determinedly pressed against a large silver sword. The blue veins in both of his arms were raised while the muscles in his entire body swelled up fiercely. Meanwhile, a squeaking noise could be heard continuously when he used the strength in his palms to struggle with the sword.

Below his feet, two large spider web cracks broke through the solidified water and extended throughout the entire surface of the swimming pool.

'You… Actually caught it?!!' Black Sethe yelled in complete disbelief.

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