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Inside a brilliantly illuminated golden hall.

Garen sat upright on the sofa with his eyes closed slightly, while his head and both of his arms were draped over the back of the sofa.

He had already finished absorbing the Potential Points from the relics. He glanced at the status of his own Attribute Pane.

'Garen Thomas.

Strength 2.9. Agility 2.9. Vitality 3.1. Intelligence 2.8. Potential 25648%. Soul Limit 30.'

He had neglected to increase his attributes equally but later used his increased vitality attribute to restore himself after incurring some heavy damage. Even though this had decreased his speed, Black Sethe remained confused after much thought, and could only assume that Garen possessed extremely powerful Secret Methods. After all, there were seemingly endless amounts of outstanding skills throughout the ages, and those that were created and initiated on one's own were not necessarily inferior in comparison to those of the past.

Garen closed his eyes. "My biggest problem now involves moving around in the Dream World. I don't need Black Sethe's help anymore because I can move around as I please, but this will only work when I focus my attention. Right now my biggest problem concerns the usage of my Potential Points. I still have 256 Potential Points but I don't know how to distribute them." 

He had not anticipated that he would receive such huge rewards this time. These two hundred points were something that the Black Uniform Organization could only accumulate after many years. Unlike himself, they could not filter their attributes and talents, and would not dare to wantonly absorb Potential Values to strengthen themselves. They would only absorb these values slowly in times of need. However, this would cause various after effects that would make them suffer untold hardships. Many of them died young, while only Levi faced the least effects because his vitality was different from the average person's. 

Garen had already confirmed that everything in the Dream World, including abilities and knowledge, could not be strengthened using Potential Values. Instead, they could only be trained and advanced step by step. Therefore, it was impossible to hurriedly learn the techniques of the Dream World.

His options were also limited.

Firstly, he could strengthen all of his physical qualities equally while empowering his strength in reality as well. This would be effective towards increasing his strength in the Dream World, as the body he used in the Dream World was still his own body.

Secondly, he could strengthen his skills and Secret Techniques. The Slaughtering Hand could be strengthened and advanced, and he could also choose other skills to improve as well. In the end, the Secret Techniques could be used to counter the Void Creatures, but he would need to pay attention to Black Sethe's lurking dangers.

Thirdly, he could focus on strengthening one particular attribute. Once that attribute had reached a certain level, special abilities and talents would appear the same way the Doublecast attack technique had appeared when his Intelligence had previously reached a certain milestone.

In Garen's perspective, although the Slaughtering Hand possessed strong powers, it also contained many hidden dangers.

Garen's thoughts wandered before an idea was formed when a certain Secret Method unexpectedly flashed through his thoughts.

By summarizing his personal experiences, he'd learned that two secret roads or points had to be added to the seven secret points to activate one's potential and create improvements within the Seven Star Life's Secret Point. Recently, he was constantly fixing and perfecting its contents in order to repair and gradually turn it into a complete set of Secret Methods and Secret Technique practices. The effects of every level were equivalent to forming a point of a star.

A Secret Method like this would strengthen his physical qualities equally. When he empowered his attributes and reached a certain level, there was a possibility that he would be able to reach unimaginable degrees.

Garen made up his mind.

He focused his sight on his Strength Attribute Pane immediately.

It remained there for three seconds before the values of his Potential Points decreased rapidly.

Meanwhile, his strength attribute increased from 2.9 quickly as 1 point of Potential Value would equal to an increment of 0.1 for said attribute. 2.9, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3… 4.1… 5.0.

Once his data card reached 5 full points, it did not continue to expand anymore. His other attributes were too low, making it impossible for them to continue increasing. Garen understood that this was because of all of his body parts that were linked together and influenced one another.

This 5 point strength restoration allowed him to vaguely feel the sensation of having plentiful strength as he had in the previous Totem World. Although it was not equivalent to the White Dolls and the explosive powers from the hidden life forces in both of his arms, his regular strength and movements had already reached a frightening degree. This was not merely a five-time increase of a normal individual's strength. Instead, the strength of his entire body had reached an extremely powerful stage. Once it exploded, it would be equivalent to ten times of a normal person's strength. This was decided by his Secret Technique state.

His state was the deciding factor that allowed him to move all of the strength in his body, as well as the strength in every inch of his muscles.

Even for a normal person, if they were able to release all of the strength of their muscles and unite it at once, they would be able to reach extremely strong degrees. However, regular people would only be able to gather the strength of their four limbs, while the slightly stronger ones would be able to add strength from their waist and back, and the even stronger ones could coordinate their four limbs.

If they were able to reach the next step, they could regulate and control every muscle and fiber in their body. At this level, they would be able to gather all the strength within their body, and this was the level that Garen was currently located at.

He had previously tested the Gene Limits of the people of this world. He'd used various Secret Methods to activate the potential of his experiments. Furthermore, he'd also used the Life Force of his arm to ensure that the other person would not die before constantly increasing their physical qualities. He discovered that they would stop increasing after 3 points, and if it went any higher, the components of the experiment's body would collapse immediately and even his Life Force would be unable to preserve their lives.

In other words, the people of this world which consisted of normal humans could only achieve the strongest levels of three times of the average physical qualities of a standard adult human. This was their Gene Limit.

However, Garen's own limits were constantly increased and strengthened by the Soul Seed as this was the crystallization of his efforts in the previous world.

After he had increased his strength to five points and consumed 21 Potential Points, Garen's sight fell on his Agility Pane once more.

Similarly, once 21 Potential Points had been consumed completely, he spent 19 points on Vitality, 22 points on Intelligence and ended up consuming a total of 83 Potential Points in one go.

"What a familiar feeling…"

Garen sat on the sofa while the muscles on his body began to tremble unconsciously, turning faintly red. His body size began to expand and become more muscular while unexpectedly becoming more streamlined as well.

The depression that had formed when he sat on the sofa was slowly beginning to sink lower as well. It was an obvious sign of his apparent weight gain.

Bouts of strength began to flow throughout his body and Garen soon felt that his body was becoming compacted. However, the powerful strength that surged through his body did not make it harder for him to move but made him feel more lithe and graceful instead.

He stretched his fingers out and counted them.


A shroud of white gas flew out quickly. It was an air current that had been quickly released by his fingernail.

The white smoke struck the wallpaper on the opposite wall and hit it immediately as if it was a little hammer.

Garen glanced at his remaining Potential Points and noticed that there were only slightly more than a hundred points left. If he added them up, since his physical qualities had already exceeded five points, he would need a Potential Value of twenty points to upgrade one attribute. In other words, he would need a Potential Value of two points to upgrade each attribute by 0.1. This meant that the dividing line would be decided by the methods to produce qualitative change.

The hundred over points that remained were completely insufficient to increase anything. He looked at the data properly and noticed that there were 173 points of Potential Value left.

When he was bored, he had once converted his Strength Attribute Points into the equivalent strength units that he was familiar with in order to compare the strength levels between attributes clearly and conveniently.

The one that he used the most was the strength attribute. Therefore, the data that he converted and calculated was strength.

The strength limit of a normal person in this world was usually about 460 kilograms. This was the heaviest weight that they would be able to lift at one time, which was also the data limit that Garen had calculated after many attempts. Test values like these were plentiful within the mercenary world. Most muscular black men possessed a strength of about 300 kilograms and would be able to increase their limit by 46 kilograms through the activation of Secret Methods. Once they had passed the comatose period, some of their Life Forces would be depleted and they would suffer heavy injuries.

According to Garen's calculations, attributes were affected by one's worldly environment.

In theory, an increase of one's Strength Attribute Points in this world was equivalent to increasing the limits of one's strength data, meaning that it would be increased to 460 kilograms. This was the first time he had accurately represented the data conversion of attributes.

In other words, his current five-point strength was equivalent to five times of 460 kilograms. In theory, his limit would be 5 multiplied by 460 kilograms, which would equal to 2300 kilograms or 2.3 tons of strength. Being able to lift 2.3 tons of weight in one go was possibly his current strength limit.

Only Garen would be able to achieve limits like these. His current state allowed him to gather all of the strength in his body and utilize these limits as part of his daily life. Meanwhile, other people would only have extremely strong bodies, and once their Secret Methods were activated, they would barely be able to reach the level of his physical qualities even after consuming their life potential. Obviously, these were solely based on calculating their physical qualities without taking their Secret Techniques or Methods into account.

Therefore, even if other people possessed the exact physical qualities that Garen had, they would not be able to exceed their limits if they did not have the same martial arts state or activated Secret Methods as him. Instead, they would only be able to achieve sixty percent of their limit.

This strength was purely based on weight-lifting strength. In terms of boxing strength, Garen's five points of Agility would need to be added in as well…

The calculation of the Agility attribute was not as simple as multiplying the average person's speed by five. The speed limit of the human body possessed a data limit, and the value of the Agility attribute would increase on this basis. Garen had yet to calculate this carefully but he knew that adding one point to his Agility would be able to lighten and optimize his body's weight and dexterity. He could vaguely understand that Agility points were mainly used to lighten the bloat brought on by an increase in strength and prevent his body from becoming overly muscular.

In reality, he felt that increasing his current Agility and Strength did not improve his speed or movements too drastically, but merely got rid of the speed reductions that were caused by his strength.

There wasn't a huge difference between his current speed and previously before his attributes increased. However, if he were to lift two tons with his previous speed… 

His current body weight was at least one hundred kilograms and his body size was not vastly different from the average person. However, his body was frighteningly dense. His previous punching speed was at least 20 meters per second when he released it quickly.

A speed of 20 meters per second for a strength of two tons meant that forces of more than ten tons would not be able to endure his blow. Coordination of strength and speed like this meant that he had already achieved a terrifying physical impulse. Of course, his skin and skeleton would need to bear the force of this impact.

However, an impact force that was produced by strength like this meant that regular cranes would not necessarily be able to achieve Garen's level.

Garen vaguely felt that among his own physical qualities such as his strength and speed, it was important to note which attribute broke through and surpassed the other more. Excessive strength and speed would cause great rebound impact forces and if he did not have strong physical qualities and physique to endure it, he would not be able to bear the force during the moment of impact with his opponent and would end up collapsing with them.

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