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The tires of the convoy grazed against the grass while the engine made a loud noise.

Garen sat slumped against the seat casually while both of his eyes were narrowed slightly as if he was dozing off.

"Levi has been spotted!" said the woman with the ponytail suddenly while she was connected to the satellite. "There's a forty-three-kilometer distance between us."

Baldy glanced at Garen but the latter did not stir at all as if he had not heard anything.

"Pursue him," Baldy commanded on his own. He touched his own eye which had been pierced and blinded. A look of hatred flashed through Baldy's remaining eye.

"But it seems like there are signs of a large gathering of animals in front," said the woman with the ponytail softly.

"Just kill any obstructions that we encounter at once," said Baldy with furrowed eyebrows.

"Alright." The woman with the ponytail understood that if Garen remained silent, Baldy would become the head of the group.

They were a group that consisted of more than two hundred people who were all equipped in military gear with various heavy weapons on hand. Therefore, it was unnecessary for them to be afraid of any animals, as they would be able to get rid of a stampeding elephant herd immediately!

The convoy continued to travel forward.

Although Garen had wrapped his arms around himself was continuing to sleep in the car, none of the nearby elites and core members dared to let their guard down even though he was currently resting.

They were aware of the true measures and willpower that this young golden-haired man possessed. He was nothing like a regular twenty-year-old young man but was more like an extremely determined and terrifying mercenary.

Once in awhile, the gazes of the people in the crowd would wander towards Garen unconsciously.

Both of Garen's arms were wrapped around his chest while he slept in the car.

His initial plan for visiting South Africa was to get rid of his enemies and returning after retrieving the Stone Clock of Fortune. However, he never expected that the Stone Clock of Fortune would be involved in a big secret. Moreover, the person who was holding on to it has left the city long ago as well.

His initial plan that had involved a relaxing vacation had fallen through completely.

He thought that this trip would merely be a simple vacation. However, it had turned into a long and arduous track.

Furthermore, that sly Levi had used various means to lure them in the wrong direction many times. In comparison to him, their tracking expert was basically a rookie. No wonder that guy was able to live so comfortably under such dangerous circumstances.

"Another group's signal has been destroyed," reported the woman with the ponytail quietly.

"F*ck!!" Baldy reached his hand out and was about to hit his fist against the car door furiously before he looked at Garen immediately and put his hand down slowly.

How many times had they been down this road?

Not only had Levi led them to a dead end, he had also continuously hunted down the smaller tracking groups that they had sent out. So far, more than fifteen people had already died by his hands.

"Send out a command and tell them to switch to five people in a group. I don't believe that he will be able to get rid of five people so easily."


A row of soldiers in the convoy began to check their weapons carefully before loading their ammunition.

A heavy oppressive aura slowly dominated, as the convoy now resembled a proper army that was traveling towards the village beside the large canyon at a constant speed.


A lioness lunged over in a frenzy and bit at one of the native people's throats but was immediately stabbed in the abdomen by numerous sharp long spears.

A pool of blood remained on the surrounding weeds, dyeing the grasslands red.

This was only one side of the story. Numerous lions, wild dogs, and baboons lunged towards the native people's village and bit them as if they had gone insane from consuming poison.

Most of them were still afraid of the unknown and chose to stop outside the circle on the outskirts of the village. However, a small herd of beasts had charged into the circle with red eyes, fighting with the natives that were defending.

The village was filled with the blood of the natives and the beasts.

On a clean circular area in the middle of the village, no one dared to enter that area even if they were fighting, regardless whether they were man or beast.

A few people stood in this area while the village Witch Doctor Dalier stood in the middle, raising a cane with a chain of bones up high and muttering incantations.

Kenna stood beside her with Dahm Rose. Both of them stood slightly behind her while neither of them moved as they watched the brutal killings that were happening outside.

Astonished, Kenna realized that the village natives were not as weak and helpless as he had expected. Instead, they seemed to possess incredible strength and speed, as well as bravery. He saw two native women work together to kill a lioness with his own eyes.

Their strength seemed to have transformed overnight while their combat moves became abnormally adept and strong.

Meanwhile, the men would only be ambushed by the beasts when they were worn out. Otherwise, each of them would be able to kill at least ten animals, showing that they were terrifyingly efficient.

Sometimes, Kenna wondered if he had truly encountered God. Did the white people know that the natives were actually so fierce during the slave wars?

His mind was frazzled and did not know what expression to put on.

"Just smile, just keep smiling," interrupted Dahm Rose while he stood beside him.

"Oh shit!" Kenna was shocked. "Could you not suddenly appear like that?"

"It's almost time," said Rose Dahm suddenly in a mysterious tone while glancing at a faraway distance. "Remember the incident at the ruins in Ceylon previously?"

"Of course."

"That old guy was once the owner of the ruins."

"... You're saying that, that old guy… Those ruins were fixed for that old guy?" Kenna reacted immediately after being hit by a great surprise.

"He was the messenger of calamities and disasters; the plague of the earth. Three hundred years ago, the tribal leaders formed once formed an alliance to use the Best Book Page to kill and seal that person. However, they never anticipated that he would resurrect now," said Dahm Rose frankly.

"Shit… Are you telling me a legend? He was killed but later resurrected himself? I'm an ancient scholar! Do you know what a scholar is? I'm a person who is well-versed in science!" Kenna really felt like punching this old man violently. "You kept bragging and saying that you've lived for a hundred years, and now you tell me that this guy has lived for three hundred years and still managed to resurrect himself after dying? Could you stop teasing me?"

"Alright… Old friend, seeing that you've regained your vigor, I am truly relieved now," Dahm Rose shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

"Don't interrupt me!" Kenna's mental state had always been strong, and a little scene like this was not enough to scare him. It was like that time when he was attacked by numerous black flesh-eating insects inside the ruins. He had only been scared to the point where his body was limp but was still in much better shape compared to the other guys who had feces and urine running down their legs.

"Be careful! It's here!"

Dalier stood in front of them and spoke suddenly. "Dahm Rose, help me for a bit."

"Alright." Dahm Rose reached his hands out and started removing Dalier's clothes.

"Shit! Both of you should take a look at your surroundings before you fool around!!" Kenna screamed in horror.

"You're fooling around!!" "F*ck!" Dahm Rose and Dalier cursed at him angrily at the same time.

"You you you…! I thought you couldn't speak English?!!" Kenna pointed at Dalier as if he had just seen a ghost.

"I've seen and experienced more things in my life than you! Boy, watch your mouth!" Dalier patted Kenna's shoulder gently before this fellow behaved immediately. His entire body had stiffened and he remained unmoving.

Only then did he realize that Dahm Rose had not removed her clothes, but has simply used his hands to grab the clothes on Dalier's back instead.

After both of them were interrupted by Kenna, the atmosphere became much lighter immediately and was no longer as heavy as before.

Both of them nodded at each other before exchanging glances.

Dalier opened her mouth and stretched her throat.


A black book flew out of Dahm Rose's clothes slowly.

There was no wind but it seemed like an invisible hand was holding on to the book and allowing it to hang gently in the air in front of the two people.

The pages of the book were flipped open slowly, displaying the black words and symbols inside that were leaning towards the left. No one was able to understand the things that were recorded in the book.

"Best… Best Book Page…" A frail elderly voice echoed through the faraway winds.

The grass that grew further away seemed to be pushed aside by an unknown force while the withered grass and shrubs collapsed after being rolled over. It was as if the ground that covered the entire area had been gently combed over and pressed down, similar to someone using a tool to comb over a carpet. 


A strong invisible force surged towards the village and pressed down on them furiously.

The wild beasts let out frightened roars and ran helter-skelter without stopping in their original areas as if a life-threatening force was chasing them from behind. They were completely unable to fend off the natives that were slaughtering them for the time being.

Large herds of wild beasts fled the village in a frenzy, resembling a dark yellow torrent that soon disappeared in the faraway grasslands.

"Woo~~~~..." Dalier continued to howl loudly as if the energy in her lungs was limitless. 

But Kenna could see that Dahm Rose was constantly taking deep breaths while his hands remained plastered against Dalier's back as if both of their lungs were linked to each other's.


At that moment, Kenna felt as if his own ears had gone deaf. He felt a large air current explode from the black pages while it remained floating in mid-air.

These air currents formed a strong pressure that was used to face the large pressure that came from the further direction head-on.

All of the surrounding natives were enveloped inside these strong pressures. They crawled on the ground and let go of their weapons before singing praises and praying at the top of their voices with extremely devout expressions.


It was obvious that there were no sounds.

But when both of the pressures collided with each other in an airspace that was less than two meters from the village, Kenna felt as if he had heard a thunderous noise at that moment. However, it was not a real noise, but simply a loud bang that only existed within his consciousness.

He made a conscious effort to cover his ears but could not find a way to block the thunderous noise.

"Be careful!!" Someone pulled him suddenly. Kenna could feel that his body had moved a step towards the left before a large invisible air current gushed past his initial position at a moment when everything was hanging by a single thread.

His shoulder had been grazed slightly and a burning pain could soon be felt there.

He was still unable to see anything in his surroundings as his eyes were blinded by numerous colors that blended with one another and twisted around, as if many different shades had been poured into a bucket and mixed, making it impossible for him to see anything clearly.

A faint noise could be heard in his eyes.

"His consciousness has been shaken. It is a weak consciousness… To have encountered an attack like this head-on… It is truly troublesome…" A stuttering noise could be heard continuously as if Dalier was speaking.

Kenna felt as if he was submerged in extremely deep water. His body movements were slowed down and he was unable to see anything and could barely able to hear a few things.

He felt as if someone was pulling him back while he was running. He passed through a colorful path before going through a cave that twisted and turned. This went on for an unknown amount of time.

Bang bang!!

Suddenly, two noises that sounded like claps of thunder rang out beside his ears.

Kenna recovered from his stupor before all of his senses returned to normal. 

Suddenly, he realized that he was no longer in the previous village. His surroundings were completely dark as if he was inside a cave tunnel.

Dahm Rose was pulling him backward and following behind Dalier closely. All three of them were standing in front of a passageway that led to a cave opening.

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