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The ferocious force brought up a burst of wind. Before Garen’s arm connected, the strong pressure from the move already squeezed the air out of No.101.

Garen’s right arm seemingly grew a few inches as it swelled up. Like a mace, it crashed past.


His claw slid past No.101’s face.

No.101 snickered. He easily avoided this attack with a side movement.

"An attack with this speed, are you joking around with a kid?"

Garen withdrew his hand as his arm returned back to its original form. He stayed put and calmly stared past No.101.

On the edge of the embankment, the man who was holding a small blade slumped to the ground. Fresh blood slowly flowed out of his forehead, and a pendant in the shape of a book fell on top of his clothes.

"You bastard...!!" No.101’s face darkened as he retracted his vision. "I guess I have no choice but to break the rules this time…"

He abruptly teared off his trench coat and threw it away, exposing the black vest underneath as well as his well-defined muscle lines.

With one hand vertically in front, and with the other hand’s palm facing outwards, he slouched his back. He exhibited a strange style of combat pose.

"Oh? You practice martial arts too?" Garen expressed his surprise as he watched his opponent position himself. He noticed that his vertically erect right hand had an abnormal skin color—a faint copper red.

Bang! Bang!!

Suddenly, the sound of two gunshots came from the neighboring road. It was especially piercing to the ears on this quiet street at night.

No.101, after hearing the gunshot, peeked at his right. The expression on his face immediately changed, and he quickly relaxed his combat pose.

"Something’s happening! Everyone, retreat!!"

The other strong men who surrounded Garen became nervous as well. One by one, they put back their knives and other weapons as they ran towards the neighboring road. They quickly disappeared in the little alleys.

No.101 coldly glared at Garen for one last time.

"I will come back for you."

He tipped his toes, picked up his trench coat, and swiftly disappeared into the alley like a shadowless grey bat.

Frowning, Garen watched the group of people depart before proceeding to relax his muscles.

"It’s a shame that my speed is too slow. I could have gotten an opportunity to make a person stay this time."

He pulled up his collar and quickly walked to the edge of the embankment.


He grabbed Grace’s right hand, slowly lifted her up, then gently placed her onto the ground.

"Are you okay?"

"I’m fine. Thankfully, you scared off that group of people, or else we really would’ve gotten in big trouble." Grace was still shaken up. She glanced at the dead Golden Hoop member on the ground.

"I cannot believe that the Golden Hoop would try to make a move on me! I am my company’s upper management! Master Garen, please excuse me for a minute. I have to go back and report this incident to the headquarters!" Grace’s face turned cold.

"Even though Manleyton Corporation is not as great as the Golden Hoop, but we are not pushovers either!"

"Alright, you should go." Garen nodded. "I have to go see what is actually going on. Just now, something lured them away. Be careful by yourself. It would be best if you arrange some people to protect you. What happened to your gun?"

Grace blushed. "Before I could get it out, I was attacked and grabbed from the back…"

"Be careful, I’ll go find out what's going on." Garen couldn’t help but laugh a little. "What happened to that aggressiveness from when we first met?" As if she was a child, Garen stroked her hair and pinched her cheeks. Then, he picked up the pendant and walked towards the dark alley.

Even without the transformation of his body, Garen was already more than 170 cm; his natural height made him taller than Grace by a little bit. The way he treated Grace seemed very natural, and both of them completely forgot about their actual ages.

Grace stood still and bit her lips as her cheeks turned even redder.

"I told you! Don’t treat me like I’m a child!" She quickly squeezed into her car and took out her gun from her purse. She then turned on the engine and drove towards the company.

Garen walked along the sidewalk into the alley. Very soon, he heard sounds of fists pounding. Between each punch, someone whimpered and moaned.

"Catch him! Don’t let him get away!"

"Carlo passed out! Goddammit, this guy’s punches are strong!"

"Be careful of the gap! Don’t give him any opportunity!"

A group of men shouted at each other; it seemed like they were trying to attack someone.

Garen stood in the shadows at end of the alley and looked in.

On the muddy road, a group of men from the Golden Hoop Organization surrounded two skinny youths. No.101 stood outside of the circle and watched the fight with a cold expression on his face. He remained alert of any noises around him.

On the ground were three to four adult men, all of whom seemed to have passed out from being punched in the head.

Garen gasped as he estimated the extent of the injuries these members received.

"This level of strength is similar to the amount I used when I first killed someone! Could it be that all these casualties were caused by these two children?"

He moved his gaze onto the two youths.

One was a boy, and the other was a girl. The boy was handsome, and the girl appeared innocent. They were only around 15 to 16 years old, similar to Garen. However, from the looks on their face, it was obvious that this was not the first dangerous situation they ran into.

The two of them wore white sportswear. Their backs were against each other, and their stances in proper boxing stance.

"My father will be here to save me soon!" The boy sneered out of his teeth. "He won't let you off easy!"

"Don’t talk too much! Save some strength!" the girl said in a quiet tone. On her waist, a black gun was tucked away.

No.101 chuckled and speedily walked forward.

"Let me do the rest. You guys make sure he doesn’t run away. This fella here is the White Eagle’s son. We finally captured him after much work; we cannot let our effort go to waste."

He marched inside the circle and stood still. One hand vertically shot up as the other hand’s palm faced outside. Then he slouched. He positioned himself in the same stance as before.

Faintly, Garen noticed that his right hand turned even redder than before. It was as if his blood was congested, and his veins would pop at any second. 

"Kid, I cannot believe you dare to fight me. You’re courting death! If any part of your body ends up paralyzed, don’t blame me."

"Cut the crap! Make your move!"

The young boy’s body remained straight as he interrupted his opponent.

Before he could finish talking, there was a snipping sound.

A red shadow dashed across his chest. and his white uniform was silently sliced open. A red slash ripped across his wheat-colored skin as blood started to spew.

After the red shadow faded, it reversed back as No.101’s hand knife.

The boy’s face whitened. When the red shadow dashed across just now, he sucked in air to tighten his chest. If he had reacted any slower, the knife would’ve cut open his stomach. However, because he inhaled too much oxygen too fast, he was having some difficulties breathing. His lungs felt like they were tearing apart.

"Silvica! Are you okay?" the girl asked in a panic. "Please be careful! He practices Red Hand Fist!"

"I’m okay. I dodged!" The boy, Silvica, coughed a few times as he intensely stared at No.101.

"I have dragged on long enough." No.101 positioned himself in the same stance again. "What I just did was a warning. Now, I will cripple your right arm!" His black pupils gradually turned cold as murderous intent flashed across his eyes.

Snip! Snip! Snip!

After three soft sounds, Silvica staggered backwards and quickly dodged two slashes from the hand knife. The third snip landed on his right arm, and red blood quickly dyed his white sportswear.

"Nice dodge. Let’s try it again!" No.101 was getting angry. "Die!!"

His right hand violently shook, and, like a chopping knife, he aimed for the young boy’s limbs. Within two seconds, he slashed four times.

With every slash, the speed increased, and only red shadows could be seen.

The two youths backed off even more.


A street light made of stone was hit. With a bang, its concrete base was destroyed.

Another series of snips rang out. The boy’s right leg could not dodge fast enough and was slashed open. He stumbled and could no longer stand up straight.

"Silvica!" the girl screamed out of worry.

Garen stood in the shadows; he was planning on stepping out, but he decided to draw his extended leg back.

"The White Eagle? Is that the guy with Dale Quicksilver?"

"If it’s that guy, then it’s a bit troublesome. I cannot let them see my real face."

He observed his surroundings and took a deep breath.


Another punch landed on the right-side wall of the alley. A bowl-sized bulge instantly appeared as gigantic pieces of cement were shot off.

Garen grabbed a piece of cement and squeezed it, causing it turn into a handful of dust. He then slabbed it on his face. Immediately after, his dusty face became unrecognizable.

"Who is it!" The party heard noises from the alley and questioned.

Garen slowly walked into the alley and observed the change in the situation.

During the one moment Garen did not pay attention, the young boy’s left arm was hit. He was now supporting his entire body with just one unwounded leg. The young girl was trapped by another group of people, and the situation was unfavorable.

No.101 stood with his back against him.

Hearing the noise, No.101 turned his head and glanced at Garen.

"It’s you. You want to involve yourself with this too?" Without waiting for Garen’s answer, he suddenly laughed. "Since we’re all here today, we might as well take care of all of you together. "


The young girl on the side was kicked in her stomach. She wobbled a few steps back and was immediately hit from the back. She fell to the ground hard. Her face turned ashen as she struggled to breathe. The gun tucked in her pants had also shook loose in the process.

"Eve!" Silvica screamed as he kneeled down on the ground with one knee.

No.101 turned around and marched towards Garen, completely ignoring the now weakened and defenseless young boy.

"You had such a good opportunity, yet you did not run away. Should I call you stupid, or should I call you an idiot? I have no idea why our boss sees you as valuable." He pointed at the young boy and girl who were still getting beaten up. "See this? This is what happens when you fight against the Golden Hoop. Even if they are the son and daughter of the White Eagle and Dale Quicksilver, they have to obediently be tortured by us."

Garen loosened his shoulders. Crisp bone cracking noises were emitted out of his body.

"You talk so much useless crap. Just fight me. As a gift for what happened before, I’ll make sure you have a relatively comfortable death."

"That is exactly what I wanted to say." Before No.101’s voice faded, he dashed towards Garen at an incredibly fast pace. The moment he was about to reach Garen, he twirled his foot and turned left for an upper cut.


Garen felt a pinch of pain in his left arm, and the sound of his clothes being ripped open echoed out. He looked at the wound in disbelief. There was a red imprint on his skin.

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