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Garen pondered for a while, as he only had a few hundred gold rumbs with him at the moment. He couldn’t even upgrade for even a grade with the current amount he had. What’s worse was that this was considered a huge amount even for a noble.

He didn’t expect that an upgrade would be this expensive.

As Garen sighed, Kid beside him pulled his sleeves.

"Captain, I have some gold rumbs that should be enough for your upgrade. Do you want me to lend you some?"

"You do?" Garen was slightly surprised.

"Yeah. I typically trade the items I do not need for money after missions and I have nothing to spend them on." Kid laughed as he told the bouncer. "My emblem is directly linked to the Kingdom’s bank account. You can directly take the money out from my Emblem for the upgrade."

Garen was speechless.

"Never thought that I would depend on you all the way through."

"It’s fine. I don’t know how to spend all this money anyway and it’d be a waste if I were to hold onto them." Kid didn’t mind at the very least.

The bouncer looked at the white-bearded old man.

This old man nodded his head.

"Then, how many grades do you wish to upgrade by, dear customer?"

Garen didn’t pull back his punches at all.

"If you can upgrade it to the maximum, that would be great."

"That’s not a problem at all." The old man replied with confidence." However, it would require some time."

"How long do you need?"

"You may have to wait until night time. We need to first analyze the state of your chain and design the War Chain based on your compatibility. Within this period, you will have to pay the deposit and we will notify you when the time has arrived. You may entertain yourself here while you wait. Time will surely pass in a blink of an eye."

The bouncer then walked forward and introduced what they had here.

"Here we have casino, pleasure area, Sant Table Game and also battle gambling area. Two of you may freely choose which one you desire."

"There are a lot of well-trained men and women who can fulfill your desires in the pleasure zone. The Sant Table Game is one of our unique games here where the sand table is modeled by totem light and the customers can freely control the items on top of it to commence their battles. The battle gambling area is where customers sort their dilemma and is also a gambling activity as well."

Garen didn’t expect that there would be so many activities here as the environment looked similar to of a bar.

"It should be the underground of this place, right?’

"Yes." The bouncer replied immediately.

Garen pondered for a moment.

"I think we’re fine. I will come and retrieve it later tonight as I have things to attend to."

"That’s fine as well. We will always welcome the two of you." The bouncer responded with respect.

Garen left the bar with Kid and waiting for a normal horse carriage at the entrance.

"Go to Cloud Light District Tanning Street No. 128."


Garen threw a silver rumb over as he sat at the back of the carriage with Kid, and they watched the streets behind slowly disappearing from their sight.

"Where are we going now?" Kid asked.

"Since you have nowhere to go, you might as well just follow me." Garen smiled as he answered.

"Alright." Kid lowered his head and took out a piece of paper and pen from nowhere and started drawing.

The Kingdom was separated into three major districts.

The Palace District, Cloud Light District and Trading District.

The Cloud Light District was where the guardians and nobles gathered. The Palace District was where all the Royal members lived in and the Trading District was where all the common citizens resided and trading occurred.

Garen recalled the first time he appeared in this world, the first person he met. Everything was long in the past in a blink of an eye and he couldn’t stop himself from feeling emotional about it.

Cloud Light District, on the street beside a three-story white building.

Hathaway still had a golden ponytail and was beautiful as ever. She also gave off a rather strict vibe.

She was kneeling on her single bed as she was trying to place a newly given order at the wall of her bed.

Her white undergarments highlighted her beautiful curves.

Hathaway pouted as she held it up, firmly pressed onto the glue and took a step back only to realize that it was slightly slanted. She then went back, pulled it down and attempted to place it nicely once more.

She had always been this serious when it came to doing anything. As long as it didn’t meet her standard, she would do it over and over again.

The afternoon light shimmered through the window and glowed on the wooden floor beside the bed, a faint yellow sheen reflecting off.

Since the incident in Vanderman’s manor, she’d returned to the Kingdom and continued her duty as the Lieutenant of the Royal Guards. She was not a totem user and wouldn’t be of any use during the war, so she could only maintain the basic order inside the Kingdom.

"Are you alright Sophie?"

A clear female voice came from outside of her room. "Isn’t it just a captain’s order? Even if you lose it you can get a new one at the Archives. Why do you have to be so vigilant about it?"

"It’s almost done," Hathaway replied loudly.

"Where’s your sister Dani?" The female asked.

"I think she went to the lake again. She and her friends had planned to relax there."

"Your family has very little relatives." The woman said softly.

Hathaway slightly smiled.

Compared to her cousin brother’s household, her relationship with her relatives were a level apart. In addition to her straight personality, which no one found likable, her relationship with her relatives had gradually died off.

She was currently living alone. The horrifying battle at the manor was more like a dream, as it became more and more unrealistic as days passed.

Her peaceful life seemed to be able to hold on until the day she died of old age.

"Perhaps this is better since this is the life of a commoner." She sighed as she was about to get up from her bed.

Knock knock knock.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door rhythmically.

"Who is it?" Hathaway asked loudly as she pulled on her royal guard’s uniform and ran towards the main door at the living room.

"I’ll open it!"

The woman’s voice appeared once again and then the next thing was the sound of her footsteps.


The door on the first floor was opened.

West Virginia was stunned as she looked at the two people standing by the door and couldn’t grasp what the situation was at the time.

Two black-shirted men stood at the entrance. They had cloaks over their silky smooth uniforms as if it was a uniform of a certain department. Their collars were placed up high with a golden Iris flower sewn into its sides.

The two of them were very eye-catching.

A handsome face paired with fair skins and golden hair at shoulder length. In addition to that, he also had three red dots on his forehead which formed into a triangle and gave off a rather strange vibe. She could also see her own reflection through his pair of red irises.

"May I ask… who are you looking for?" West Virginia asked softly as she completely ignored Kid, who was beside Garen.

"This is where Sophie Hathaway live right?" The golden-haired man asked calmly.


"Then we’re good." He smiled as he looked at West Virginia’s redden face. "I am her cousin brother, Garen Trejons. I’m here to visit my cousin sister."

"Cousin brother?" West Virginia’s eyes were wide open as she heard Hathaway mentioning that she had a cousin brother in the past but she hadn’t mentioned about this person recently. As a colleague and a friend, she rarely heard about Hathaway talking about her household at all.

"Sophie! Your cousin brother is here! Quickly have a look." She immediately turned her head and shouted.

Garen looked at the woman in front of him.

"She seemed to be about twenty-two or three years old and had a grey-brown ponytail and was wearing the royal guard’s silver armor. This armor didn’t have any defense capability and was merely used for decoration purposes. It was placed tightly onto the woman’s body, revealing the woman’s body figure to its maximum. There were also delicate and detailed patterns on it and a few decorative white crystals lining.

It was obvious that this woman in front of him was his cousin sister’s colleague. The royal guard was separated into two sections, where one section was the honor guard where they were used for public relation to show the glory of the royal family and the other was an actual team where they would perform a royal guard’s duty.

It seemed that his cousin sister had been transferred to the Honor Guard team.

His cousin sister was an expert among the commoners who had gone through countless of dangerous missions and obtained the Astronomical Edict. However, commoners were not really of any use during the chaotic period and it might’ve been the reason she was transferred.

This woman in front of him was elegant. She wasn’t considered beautiful but her rating would be above average. Her beautiful long legs were very eye-catching as they were firm, long and it outlined her curves and tight hips. Although her skin wasn’t very fair and she didn’t really have any bust, she was giving off a realistic sexy vibe. Unlike Aquarius who was close to perfection, but somewhat unrealistic.

"May I know who you are?"

"Oh! My name is West Virginia. I’m Sophie’s colleague and friend! Since you are Sophie’s cousin brother, you should call me sister as well, right?" West Virginia turned around and smiled.

Garen and Kid walked into the living room and saw his cousin sister Sophie in the same silver armor coming down from upstairs.

"Cia!?" Sophie called out his previous name the moment she saw Garen. Her eyes were filled with worry. "What took you so long to visit me? Has something happened?" She was not a totem user and didn’t really have a good networking so she didn’t really know what happened in the world of a totem user. Naturally, she didn’t know that Garen was no longer her weak cousin brother.

"Sister Sophie, where’s Dani?" Garen went towards her and gave Sophie a hug.

Two of them sat down on the red sofa beside the wall and a green parrot could be seen chirping and hopping about inside the silver cage.

"Dani has gone out with her friends. You could have met her if you visited this morning. She’s been getting crazy lately and I couldn’t control her any longer."

Sophie Hathaway shook her head hopelessly.

As she stared at her cousin brother in front of her, her worry had finally settled down.

The Hathaway household was just a branch of the Trejons family from her generation onwards, hence her connections with the other relatives had distanced quite a bit. However, if not for the care his uncle had provided her since young, she wouldn’t have become a Lieutenant of the Royal Guard. With her unconditional love towards the only successor of the Trejons Household, she didn’t even consider the relationship changes towards her cousin brother.

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