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The same few saw Garen dismounting the carriage. The member leading the team nodded slightly towards Garen. Without saying a word, they both passed each other.

As Garen made his way up the steps of the castle, he couldn’t help but take a second glance at the blue team.

These people were indeed powerful; each of their auras were ambiguous, unu­sual and deeply hidden. The weakest of them should be in the third form at least; while the strongest, even Garen was unable to decipher the aura.

It was highly possible they were in the fourth form just like him, but their auras were significantly weaker than Garen’s, which meant they had probably barely reached the fourth form.

Although so, it was already a huge accomplishment.

The blue team still had 3 tiers above them – purple, white and silver. Among them the silver remained the strongest; Garen had no idea what their members were capable of.

These were the 3 major services; strong users were as uncountable as the clouds. Even Obscuro did not dare face them in a straightforward manner and instead relied on the monsters and the contents of their nest.

Garen continued on into the castle. Right then, he saw a figure with a silver emblem walking out from the front door.

Both of them saw each other’s faces.

The person was a silver-haired woman with dark skin; she had thick, luscious lips, an average looking face, and a slightly bloated body. Her right and left hands were placed into their opposing sleeves. The section of clothing on her shoulders seemed to contain something moving; a living creature.

As Garen walked closer towards her, he smelled a pungent fragrance.

He furrowed his eyebrows. Taking a second glance at the moving shoulder, the incident with Obscuro's poison as well as the poisonous nature of the nine-headed hydra came to mind. He could immediately tell that the fragrance had an underlying poison that was extremely lethal.

"Crimson team?"This woman saw the red emblem on Garen’s chest and immediately blocked his way. "I heard that the head of your team is a master named Garen? The return to the capital this time around, he would join us right?"

Garen raised his eyebrows.

"Why do you want to see him?"

"I heard that he walked out completely unscathed after being poisoned twice with two types of poison by Obscuro. I’m just trying to figure out what he is made of."The dark skinned woman chuckled, "If you see him, let him come to my lab voluntarily, instead of having me issue a personal invitation."

Rage flickered in Garen’s eyes; the red glow in between his brows shone. Next to him, a gigantic dragon head leaped forward.


A circle of red black light shattered into pieces right in between them.

A red dragon head close to 2 meters big crashed into a giant black snakehead. Both of them were similar in strength and backed away at the same time.

"You are knocking on death’s door !!"The dark skinned woman never thought Garen would retaliate this way. She was enraged "There are people in the administration who actually dare mess with me!!"She quickly took out a handful of black powder, disseminating it in front of her.

The black powder followed the wind and disappeared, melting into the air in just seconds.

Garen turned a deaf ear to her words, and then the remaining eight dragon heads appeared behind him. In moments, they pounced towards the dark-skinned woman from all directions.


The low rumble of the dragon’s roar shook the whole castle; circles of runes appeared on the walls one after another, these black runes preventing any damages inflicted by the rumbling of the dragon’s roars.

The wooden tables and chairs at the front door and the decorations made from bone on the wall turned into dust during the dragon’s roaring.

The ground, with Garen as the center, folded up like waves from all directions; large number of stone pieces flew all over the place. You could hear gasps coming from rest of the people in the living room inside.

"Fabulous timing. I have yet to kill anyone today, may you be that blood sacrifice!"Garen’s eyes had a killer gleam. His sequelae had started reacting again; he killed a few experiment subjects that were asking for it and felt himself calming down. He’d never thought he will meet another idiot with a stronger than thou attitude in the administration today.

The dark skinned woman laughed dryly and took two steps back hurriedly; Her long hair behind turned into countless black snakes, engulfing any empty space around the place from all directions, spreading out with piercing hisses. It looked like a huge blob of black lines pouncing towards 8 large red dragon heads.

Among them was the largest black snake head with three horns attached to it. Its eyes were green and fierce, heading towards the main golden dragon head.

"Enough!!" A voice thundered from the castle all of a sudden.

It was at that time a white figure slashed out like a whip, aiming for the space in between the dragon head and the black snake.

White billowy smoke burst out from the middle with a sizzling sound, separating Garen from the dark-skinned woman.

The black-skinned woman had a crazed sick look to her eyes, looking as if she found her new toy.

Garen’s eyes were even weirder; he looked at her as if she were food, licking his lips, ready to pounce on her any minute to devour her.

It was during this time figures in full black armors walked out slowly from the hall; these people were members of administration teams that had just returned recently. Most of them had orange and yellow emblems on their chest, which obviously meant that they were from the orange and purple teams, teams which had the most numbers.

"Black Nesat! If you want to butt heads with Nine Heads that’s your problem, but the purpose of calling you here is for you to cooperate with the investigation, not for you to create more trouble!" A middle-aged man in white robes walked out slowly. His gaze fell on the woman with dark skin, and felt his head throbbing.

He then looked towards Garen on the opposite side; his instincts told him that this guy was going to be another source of headache for him.

The way this dude was staring at Nesat looked as if he was seeing a spread of delicious treats, damn! Another pervert!

Was there no sane person among these top dogs?

He couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

"I would need a detailed explanation as to why your poison fell into the hands of Obscuro, which eventually led to its use on our men." The middle-aged man’s voice was similar to the voice of the administration director, which Garen had heard from the black box prior to this. Evidently, he should be Director McCain.

"My only concern is about mixing the poisons and selling them out; as to who uses them and on who, that is out of my reach."The dark skinned woman chuckled and looked towards Garen, her eyes darkening, sinister. "Although so, when it comes to who lived on after facing any poison of mine, I am extremely interested.

"Ahh…So it was your poison.." Garen recalled the unpleasant memory of the poison that brought him great annoyance, and anger flared up in him, "Good…very good…"

Both the orange and yellow team’s leaders were there. Both of them entered the service together as blood brothers; now they stood together, trying to avoid the 3 people at the door. They looked at the dark-skinned woman with extreme fear.

"It’s that crazy woman Black Nesat again! I thought she returned to Ender? Why did she pop out of nowhere!? Orange team’s leader Cohen locked her eyes on Nesat, hatred blazing across her eyes.

"She is merciless even towards her own people. I have long suspected that it was this woman who plotted against us from the beginning, causing the horrible death of Aqua and the others! Does she think that she is all that just because she is from the silver team? Sooner or later she will crash into a wall!"

Both of them had long held grudges towards Nesat from an earlier time. Now that they have seen her in a tough spot, they could not help but glow with satisfaction.

"Disperse! All dispersed. Brother Cohen, please bring your men out."The administration director McCain instructed the bustling crowd from a distance.


Cohen made a sound signifying his dissatisfaction and dragged his brother, along with more than 10 people out of the door on the right.

Garen suppressed his inexplicable killer urges and looked towards McCain. 

"Director, if there’s nothing else I will return to my team."

"This issue…sigh…" McCain did not know how to resolve this; Nesat was the sole poison specialist in Kovitan’s administration, and the only reason the administration was not afraid of any sort of poison attack from the enemy. This was the reason why even when she created huge problems, she would be let off with just a severe warning.

In the 3 main services, masters were as uncountable as the clouds; there were countless strong users. Even so, those who used poison were but a few; when it came to status and rarity, they were similar to that of a fifth form master.

"Sooner or later I will devour you." Garen glared at Nesat with bloodshot eyes.

"You will definitely lie on my laboratory table, hehe."Nesat laughed openly without restraint. She had initially wanted Garen’s cooperation on a few experiments without the intention of hurting him. She would never have thought he would be so gutsy, not easily complying the way the previous people did. Now, she really wanted to get rid of him permanently.

As for Garen’s previous battle record, she was also a fourth form master. Even the director and assistant director of the administration pegged her as a headache. God Cloud? He seemed to be only a fifth form master from Obscuro, how much does that count for?

"Enough! We are all from the same team! If you feel like killing, find someone else!" McCain felt his head throb yet again. "Nesat, let’s go. The others are still waiting for us." He was not only Kavitan’s administration director, but also the leader of the strongest team here – the silver team.

"Uh uh." Nesat placed her hands back into each opposite sleeve. "Such a tiny tiny pawn. Do not think you can go rampant just because the director protects you."

"You are looking to die!"

Garen’s urge to kill intensified. Out of his left hand shot a red lightning within seconds.

Clang!!! Baaam!!

McCain and Garen both retreated a step.

One of them held a knife while the other empty fists.

"Sorry, I was a little impulsive." Garen suppressed the growing urge to kill, and it showed in the raspiness of his voice.

McCain felt his heart thumping against his chest violently. Just now, he could not summon his totem in time and used only his totem light and instantaneous knife technique. He never thought that even his instantaneous knife technique which was used for the purpose of self-protection would almost falter.

Silence haunted the hall.

Two workers who had just walked out held their hands over their mouths, staring at the 3 people at the door. They did not dare make a sound.

Nesat gulped. A moment ago, she clearly felt the shadow of death.

That speed, that power; even the director was forced to take a step back. Director McCain! The man known as Silver Dagger, their top close range combat totem user!

Even among the fourth form totem masters, he was one of the elites – to the extent that Blood Tower was not a worthy opponent. He could be considered within the top 4 when it came to fourth form users.

It was unexpected that he would be on the same level with Nine Heads!

"So what, who cares that you’re stronger than me! Longing to kill me? I’ll poison you first!" Her heart was full of venom.

McCain shook his head, feeling as if Garen was a volcano waiting to erupt anytime. A moment ago, his one palm could affect even him.

He then looked towards Nesat. This idiot had finally decided to control herself.

Having a person to keep her under control sounded good; Garen was immune to poison anyways. He released a sigh; Nesat was really too much most of the time. Now that there was someone capable of restricting her, it acted as a method of control.

Garen bowed to the director slightly, suppressing his hunger and yearn to kill, and walked into the castle.

To the nine-headed hydra, any type of hostility signified food! The more riled up he got, the more he felt like eating the opponent.

The current Garen needed to kill periodically, using fresh blood as a way to settle his emotions. Now that he had been taunted by Black Nesat, a part of him exploded.

The sequelae caused by nine headed hydra was not one of the norm; when it was still eight-headed, Garen’s secret technique had been capable of keeping it under control. Now that it had nine heads, he was barely able to keep it in line.

Without a spirit realm that was strong enough, it was hard to overcome the urges and yearnings of the flesh.

"Don’t know if an upgrade in secret technique would help with a breakthrough in this area."Garen passed by two people and walked in the direction of the castle’s secret passageway.

When the time was right, he would devour that Black Nesat. As useful as a person could be, their value would plunge to zero when they were dead.

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