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"In the entire Trejon Household, there are twenty-three official subordinates.The eleven guards are assigned into two groups with the two knights, Maxilan and Edney, leading one each. The remaining twelve are elderly, handymen, maids, coachmen, and others. Myself included." Lala was incredibly familiar as she immediately reported all the information.

"We have three manors, twelve farms, thirteen shops and an auction house." Lala summarized. "The people who remained are those who have been raised by the family since young. They are living in the other two manors."

"Don’t we still have farms? How are the profits?"

"It looks like a lot. But recently, the farms were unable to find a preventive measure for mutated flies, which has severely affected the crops.." Lala shook her head. "The food produced is now sufficient only for their own survival, nevermind the family."

"What’s the status of the family’s totem users?" Garen asked further.

"Not good...Out of the 10 first form totem users, half of them already left. The remaining five have deep sentiments towards the family. Furthermore, you were out there for such a long time. There were rumors from the capital that you’d been killed by the Obscuro Society. It was then that the men left."

"It’s really bleak…" Garen shook his head. He himself had become stronger, but the entire Trejon Family was on the verge of disappearing. The assets left by his father were either gone or weakened. If it wasn’t for the King, who couldn’t bear to watch it happen and thus provided some assets in support, the entire Trejon Household would have been eradicated.

Even the old totem users that were raised by the family were disheartened. They were only left with five loyal first form totem users. If it wasn’t for the support of the two elders, Maxilan and Edner, the family guard would have long been extinguished.

Garen thought for a moment. Avic’s assassination was about to happen. Whether he should choose to help or be a bystander would be a major decision.

The Obscuro Society was his greatest enemy. Therefore, it would be a logical decision to help Avic and thwart their plans. However, Garen did not know of Avic’s perspective towards himself.

Moreover, the crucial detail was the palace was where Kovitan’s strongest was stationed at - that old monster. The elite from the Elder Council was not a laughing matter. The old guy was different from Garen himself, who was not a fifth form but managed to reach the level of a normal fifth form through unique methods.

The old guy in the palace was a genuine fifth form totem user. He might even be the top amongst them.

What methods did the Obscuro Society use to fight the old guy and successfully retreat from the capital?

According to history, after the Obscuro’s assassination had succeeded, all of them had quickly retreated from the capital. The old monster had not left the palace in pursuit. In fact, he hadn’t even been in Garen’s vision. After that, the whole of Kovitan had fallen into a state of discord. It led to internal struggles and eventually decline. The Black Prince was suspected to be a member of the Obscuro Society, and he left the capital injured.

"Let’s wait for a few more days. After the Aegis Ceremony, I will make arrangements for the matters of the family." Garen thought for a moment then murmured softly.

He wanted to wait until the incident had happened, then make his move based on the situation.

"The family resources can only last for two more months." Lala coldly reminded him.

"Don’t worry."

"Alright. Prepare some food and get some rest after dinner. We still have things to do tomorrow."


Now, Lala willingly followed Garen. Although she was now free from the control of the derivator, it was obvious that she had nowhere else to go. She was already used to taking care of the Trejon Family, hence she did not entertain other thoughts.

Garen knew that in his current state, it was necessary for him to help.

Since he would be pursued by both by the Obscuro Society and the Terraflor Society, he might as well help to preserve the power of the Royal Alliance, albeit earlier than before.

After dinner, he went to the secret chamber.

In the underground cave, the female assassin that had created trouble was the last female inmate that he’d transformed. She had a strong body and was already two meters tall. As she had muscles all over her body, she didn’t look much like a woman.

As Garen strode into the underground hall, the woman was boxing fiercely with two muscular men. Muted thuds sounded whenever one of them managed to land a blow on the others.

The three of them were engaged in a scuffle, much like a bunch of barbarians. Blood was splattering everywhere.

Two other men were clenching their fists as they stood beside to watch the commotion. Both of them had incredibly strong bodies, which were comparable to Hercules. They only wore black underwear and their heads were completely bald. They were all shaved including the female assassin.

Garen entered in his white pyjamas and coldly stared at them.

When the two bystanders saw Garen, it was like mice noticing a cat. The hairs all over their body stood upright. They quickly put down their hands and bowed their heads, looking like they were timid and obedient.

"Lord…" The two men softly greeted him one by one.

Garen walked over to them. He was 1.8 meters tall, yet was still obviously a head shorter as compared to the two men. His normally strong body was clearly not on their level.

The bodies of these men were swollen like Garen when he’d been practicing the Divine Statue Technique. The muscles on their bodies were incredibly tight as if they were about to explode.

The three people who were embroiled in the fight had not noticed Garen's entrance.

"Not bad. Now you know how to create trouble." Garen smacked his lips with a bloodthirsty stare. For whatever reason, he’d often felt his body burning recently. Only during a slaughter would he feel slightly soothed. This put him on his guard.

After not killing for a few weeks, he felt something stuck in his heart. He grew more and more uncomfortable.

The two men who stood in front of him were shivering due to this gaze.

"It's not us who created trouble. It's that b*tch!!" One of them pointed at the female assassin who was midfight. "It's all because of her! Her body grew stronger and stronger recently. After our transformation, our skin grew tougher and tougher. We can't even feel any pain from being beaten. The b*tch is especially strong!"

Garen’s gaze grew cold.

He turned his head towards the direction of the fight.

His gaze was almost tangible as it swept over the three of them.

Instantly, the three people shuddered and noticed Garen standing at the side.

At this point in time, one of the men behind Garen raised his hands quietly, flexed his tough, steel pillar-like arms and fiercely crushed Garen’s head.

"Die!!" The strong man cried with a vicious expression.

The female assassin let out a satisfied smile from afar.

According to their previous tests, with their strength, a punch on the wall would leave a deep hole. Other than the bodies of their companions, nothing could withstand their hits.

The last time Maxilan and Edney came, they only showed a third of their strength and acted like they were defeated by the two men. It was all a farce to conceal their strength for this moment.

They wanted to completely eradicate this man who’d made their life hell.

Out of the five, this was planned by three of them.

At that point in time, the other two were completely stunned.

One of them was Komodo, the one who’d previously trusted Garen the most. At this moment, he looked absolutely terrified. He rushed towards Garen in an attempt to save him.

He was immediately held back by the female assassin and another strong man.


Finally, the strong man’s two fists smashed into Garen’s temples on both sides of his head.

It did not even activate totem light.

Garen turned. There weren’t even red marks on his two temples.

"Are you helping me scratch an itch?" He smiled abruptly.

The man was sweating all over his body. He bowed and looked at Garen, realizing that he had done something incredibly stupid.

"He...hehe...Lord...It wasn’t on purpose.."


A red blur flashed by.

The man remained motionless. His whole upper body disappeared as though he had been bitten into two by something. Only his lower body was left on the ground, then it fell over with a thump.

His bloody intestines spilled onto the ground, releasing a thick fishy odor.

"I thought I was already merciful enough. Who knew that something like that could still happen."

As the rest of them witnessed the scene, their expressions were filled with terror. Especially Komodo, who saw with his own eyes how Garen had turned a monstrous, frightening beast into jerky. He couldn’t imagine that these idiots would dare to revolt against their Lord!

As he saw Garen’s glowing red eyes, he instantly felt like the sky was about to fall.


With another clear sound, the female assassin and another man were instantly left with only their lower bodies, and they toppled onto the ground.

Komodo and another man were the only ones left shivering. Their sweat trickled down their bodies onto the ground. Their faces were twisted in fear as they fell onto their knees.

"Lord! It had nothing to do with us! It’s that bitch! It’s her! We totally do not know anything!!" Komodo beseeched him.

The other man could only howl. He shook his head non-stop, begging for forgiveness.

At this point, Garen had slightly cooled down. He glanced at the three corpses.

"I know who has the heart and who doesn’t. Both of you really did not know anything. Go clean up the place. Follow me out tomorrow."

"Yes! Yes! Lord!!" Komodo immediately bowed repeatedly.

After Garen left the hall, the two of them trembled and fell to the ground. They looked at each other in relief, as if they’d received a second chance at life.

"Quick! Quickly, clean it up!" Komodo quickly reminded.

"Alright!" The other person immediately started moving as well.

Garen left the hall. After killing the assassin in the secret chamber, he understood more about the people he transformed.

Although his initial experiments had been carried out to perfect the dragon heart transplant on himself, the results he’d obtained weren’t weak at all.

The transformed humans had the power and speed of a first form totem. Each of them were incredibly, silver totems in human form.

With this conclusion, he could actually use this technique to create a living army for the family. However, he would have to completely perfect the surgery before starting.

Due to the incredibly painful repelling process, the mortality rate was too high.

Out of the hundreds of inmates he’d experimented on, only five had succeeded.

Of course, this was a plan for the future, but he could actually bring out the two men to be members of the family guard.

As he left the chamber, Garen considered the information he’d received from various sides. He returned to his bedroom. After washing up under Lala’s service, he climbed onto the bed to rest.

He had to be revitalized. It was likely that tomorrow would be the day Avic called for him. It was imperative for him to gauge Avic’s attitude. After all Avic could not represent the Royal Alliance.

Even if he wanted to help, he had to think of a plan.

The First Concubine was Avic’s most trusted person. For him to suspect her based on Garen’s few words would be completely impossible. It might even get Garen himself into trouble.

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