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Kovitan's Castle

The black city stretched over the mountain top. Red and yellow lights were flashing from within.

In the evening, the kingdom's mountain roads winded down in circles, passing through a sea of white clouds to the foot of the mountain.

Within the forest at the foot of the mountain, the black-roofed white-walled civilian houses were like fine white stones. They came in all sizes. In the middle of them were civilians passing by, as if they were ants.

Several carts were carrying heavy loads of goods as they headed towards the mountain road.

The faint moonlight shined on the surface of the mountains, coating the ground with a layer of silver.

Garen's black-robed group appeared before the road to the entrance of the civilian housing district.

At the entrance, two black stone towers stood tall. Sentries were on guard with a totem user on one of the towers.

This totem user was in white robes. As he saw Garen's group of six's appearance, his face instantly turned solemn. He rushed down from the tower, appearing from the exit at the bottom with a few silver-armored soldiers behind him.

As he took the initiative to meet Garen's group, the totem user bowed his head.

"I am the totem user on guard, Anlin. May I ask you to present your passes."

As he spoke, he was assessing the group in front of him. The six of them weren't like normal totem users or martial artists. The carved golden iris pattern on the collar of their black robes showed their noble status.

Looking at their dusty bodies, it was evident that they had come from a long journey. Being able to travel long distance and passing through the area where the monsters gathered, it can only mean two things. Either they were incredibly strong, reaching the third form level, or they had strong backgrounds with the support of precious heirlooms.

As they only had a small number of six people, the possibility of the former was the largest.

Anlin had met quite a few experts, but this group of people were on par with the masters of national authority. The smell of their bodies were obviously due to their countless killings.

Garen only nodded towards him. The old man beside him quickly walked forward with a black-golden pass and handed it over.

Normally, they always flew in and out. Rarely would they enter the kingdom through the main entrance. However, he was prepared and everything was proper.

After checking, Anlin volunteered and led the way towards the second tower.

Along the journey, Garen casually talked to the man.

"I heard that the black prince is visiting the kingdom to meet His Majesty. I wonder if he's arrived in the city?"

"Sir, the prince has arrived yesterday night. I heard that he has entered the Jade Pool. After freshening up, he should be officially meeting His Majesty tomorrow." Anlin replied respectfully.

"This time the Black Prince is really a big deal. He has more than a hundred totem users following him. Rumors have said that there are also third form totem users among them. Gee.."

Garen didn't care about third form totem users. In the eyes of this second form totem user, a third form user is an immensely powerful figure. Garen wouldn't be able to obtain any information about stronger forces from him.

"When the Black Prince arrived, who was the minister who went to meet him?" He asked again.

Anlin hesitated for a moment.

"I'm not very sure myself, but if I'm not mistaken, the Foreign Affairs Minister is usually the one who does the welcoming. His Majesty would wait until the other party washed up before officially meeting him. But the Black Prince is also the king of a country. The only thing is that he doesn't have an official title. So I think they would be meeting today."

Garen nodded and took out a golden Rumb.

"Tell us about other major happenings in the past ten days."

In the era of war, the Rumb has been heavily devalued as a commodity. However, to a second form totem user, a golden Rumb was not an amount that could be neglected.

After getting the small reward, Anlin instantly felt more relieved and continued speaking.

"There is another more important piece of information. The King has decided to hold an Aegis Ceremony for the First Concubine. The only thing is we do not know what the Aegis Ceremony is. In conjunction with the Black King's visit, His Majesty has decided to hold the ceremony next Monday."

"Aegis Ceremony?" The old man looked surprised and let out a low mutter. "It should be a ceremony of trust, awarding the rights to guard the precious heirlooms.." He explained softly through the black box.

The rest of them quickly understood and instantly let out a yearning expression. It was the strongest, legendary Original Heirloom! To be able to be protected by a heirloom of this level, would be a big thing for any totem user.

Naturally, Garen was the clearest on this matter. This meant that the First Concubine or the Obscuro Society's plot were coming to a head.

He continued asking Anlin about some other trivial matters until there was absolutely nothing. Only then did Garen stop asking.

The group of them did not talk much, and very quickly arrived at the second tower.

This time there were already men waiting outside the tower. It was clear that Anlin had informed them ahead.

"Let me excuse myself." Anlin bowed respectfully and left.

"Thanks for your efforts."

"My pleasure to be able to serve all of you."

As Garen and the rest went closer, they suddenly realized that the group of people welcoming them were dressed luxuriously. They were wearing thick cloaks used for concealing, and their faces couldn't be seen clearly.

"Your Excellency Garen Trejon, I wonder if Liv can have the privilege to have dinner with you?"

One of the black-cloaked figures lifted her mask, revealing her face beneath.

It was pure yet pitiful, beautiful girl's face.

Her fair and delicate skin was faintly glowing under the moonlight. Her blond hair was combed into a ponytail, winding down from her shoulders. Her lips were pink and delicate.

Her most prominent attribute was her eyes. They were clear like purple gemstones.

Although the girl had evidently no intention to beg, Garen still developed pity towards her.

It was like her gaze would unknowingly cause others to develop pity.

"Princess.." The old man honorably called out her name. He was evidently trying to point out her status.

"Princess?" Garen blinked and fixed his gaze on the legendary princess.

"I wonder if Your Excellency can agree to Liv's stubborn request?" The princess had a tiny figure, with her height only up to Garen's chin. They stood opposite each other. As the wind blew, it brought with it a faint fragrance. It wasn't a recognizable fragrance, but a girl's natural body fragrance.

"Since Your Majesty has invited, how would Garen dare to reject?" Garen smiled, assessing the legendary princess in front of him.

Being King Avic's most precious daughter, Princess Liv had astonishing beauty, a superhuman strategic mind and extraordinary courage. Unknowingly, she gathered large amounts of forces for King Avic.

Vast forces.

Being Avic's eldest daughter, Princess Liv definitely wasn't very young, but looking at the girl, there was a hint of doubt in Garen's heart.

The girl was at most sixteen years of age! It was impossible that she was the rumored thirty-year old princess!

"Are you suspicious?" The princess smiled. "In fact, there's no harm in telling you directly. This is my body's natural talent."

"Body's natural talent?"

"Yes. My body will never grow old, up till my death. This is my natural state." The princess smiled. "However, this is not the time to talk about this."

Suddenly her expression turned solemn.

"Your Excellency Garen, I'm sure you know about the upcoming Trust Ceremony?"

"What about it?"

"Let's start walking. We'll talk in detail during dinner."

Garen nodded and gave the rest of his group a glance.

"You guys head to the headquarters first. I will return later."

"Yes team leader." The old man and the rest of them stuck with Garen over these few days. In this chaos, only the strong ones had the highest possibility of assuring their own safety and benefits.

Together with the princess, Garen and the group went along the mountain path. Very quickly, they arrived at a secluded bungalow.

The bungalow was brightly lit. A banquet dinner was already ready in the hall.

Golden roast chicken, rich beef and vegetable soup, fragrant black caviar, red colored fruit platter and big pieces of black steak. There were also fine egg rolls with unknown fillings, and others.

The princess ordered everyone to leave, including the waiters. Then she put on a confident look.

Very quickly, she and Garen were the only two left in the hall.

She lifted a jade-green colored wine bottle and poured some wine for both of them. There was a pure smile on the princess' face.

"You might know this, but, the First Concubine Delouse is very possibly someone from the Obscuro Society?"

Garen furrowed his brows and nodded without uttering a word.

The princess glanced at him and continued. "But, you do not know her other identity."

"Oh? What identity?"

"I didn't plan to tell you this secret, but I did not expect….aih...Honestly,

"It was my father that requested me to wait at the tower for your return to the capital. This secret, was also told to you by my father's request. His intention is for you to not worry."

"These are King Avic's intentions?" Garen got more and more curious.

"This secret is simple." The princess smiled. "First Concubine Delouse is actually a spy that my father placed long ago in the Obscuro Society."

"Oh?!" Garen shuddered. At this point he finally understood why the Obscuro Society ignored him although they knew he might have found out about First Concubine Delouse's status. This was where the problem was.

Delouse was originally not of the Obscuro Society, but a spy that Avic placed in the Obscuro. If it weren't for the fact that he already knew this history, Garen couldn't have imagined that Delouse would give up her status as the First Concubine, and eventually choose to betray Avic.

"Why tell me such a big secret?" Garen asked without any expression. Now only he knew, the depth of the complications behind Avic's stabbing.

"Tomorrow, father will personally meet you. He will let you know then." The princess shook her head.

Garen looked at the innocent, beautiful girl in front of him.

She looked innocent, but in fact there was huge ambition hidden inside her. You can't judge these kinds of people by their appearance.

"Alright. I've completed my father's request. Next, it should be our own time." She pouted her lips signaling displeasure.

"I originally thought my father would stay away from you. Then I would have opportunity to grow close to you. I never imagined it would be like this. It's really disappointing."

She raised the wine and drank a big gulp. As she put down the glass, her face instantly blushed.

"You know, when I heard from the palace that you managed to escape from numerous ambushes in the battle of snow mountain, I was instantly excited." There was passion in her eyes. "Since young my body wasn't healthy. I did not have the qualifications to become a totem user. My body was weak. It would have been impossible for me to live to this age if it weren't for the herbs from the Royal Family. My greatest dream would be to be like the ancient heroes, surging through armies. Unstoppable! That would indeed be too… amazing!!" She could not find a word to adequately describe that feeling, as she formed a fist showing her passion.

"So at that point of time, I was thinking, if only I can meet the person that could carry my dreams…"

Without knowing why, Garen felt a surge of lust within him. Looking at the innocent and cute princess opposite him, he suddenly had an urge to rush over and press against her, tearing her clothes apart. There was a fierce rampaging impulse within him. He noticed her eyes of adoration as she looked at himself. Time to time, a small tongue protruded from her soft lips.

"I know I do not have a perfect body. But I only want to fulfill my my ambition...wonder if you would agree…" The princess bowed her head, letting out a shy expression. Her face and neck turned a rose-like pink.

"If you agree.whatever position…I will allow you. Even from behind..that's…fine too" The princess spoke softly.

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