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Garen’s expression had changed slightly. In the blink of an eye, he felt twenty of his Parasitic Beetles disappear.

Suddenly, a whine sounded in his Will, and his connection from the Resonance Hawk was cut off instantly.

"Fuck! I knew there would be a problem!!" Panic rose in Garen’s heart, as he grabbed his pockets and ran out of the doorway of the museum quickly, exiting the main door. Suddenly, he was frozen in shock in his position.

In the city on the left side of the museum, an incomparably large fatso carried an unbelievably huge mace as he walked through the interior of the city one step at a time.

This monster’s body was covered from head to toe in dark green, and it had rough skin that resembled the bark of an old tree. He also had a large protruding belly. His height was apparently much taller than most of the buildings in the surroundings. The mace on his shoulder was completely black, and its size was beyond comparison.

He strolled through the city one step at a time, as if he was patrolling his own territory.

Garen swallowed his saliva.

This monster’s height was already almost fifty meters high! As he walked through the city, the houses and buildings on both sides seemed like his wooden block playthings that would be destroyed easily with one gentle push.

Around his neck hung a round tooth chain, and two large horns grew out of each of his shoulders, as black as cow’s horns.

Garen had seen large monster totems, but had never seen a monster this big.

The Petrifying White Dragon and Dual Headed Salamander were large enough, but compared to the giant monster in front of his eyes, their size difference was equivalent to the difference between an adult and a baby. Without even trying, Garen already knew that he would not be able to defeat him.

For a troll that was over fifty meters tall, every time his feet stomped against the ground, a five or six meter deep imprint would be left behind.

Garen executed his commands hurriedly through his Will, and allowed all of his silver totems to escape the place quickly.

The troll seemed as if it had discovered Garen his presence. His dark green head bent down slightly as it looked over at Garen curiously.

Suddenly, he raised the mace above his shoulder.

"Uh… No way…"

Garen began to feel uneasy. He picked up this things as his feet stomped on the ground violently. A few strides later, he had already dashed more than ten meters away.


An ear piercing roar echoed behind him.

He turned around to look, and saw that the museum had been fully destroyed. A large mace lay on top of the collapsed wreckage, and just like a smashed paper box, it had was no obstruction to the weapon.

"Woah woah woah!!!" yelled the fatso as he raised his mace and made loud incomprehensible noises. It was unknown if he was laughing or just roaring.

The noise sounded like thunder, and the quakes that it caused made Garen’s whole body numb.

He noticed that even the little stones on the ground in front were beginning to jump from the quakes.

Suddenly, another black shadow covered him.

Without enough time to think, Garen used all the strength in his body, as he stomped the ground with his feet powerfully.


A large amount of gravel crashed against his body violently, and the impact caused a burning pain throughout his entire body.

His Totem Light had apparently broken in the blink of an eye!! Right now, he could not even feel a sliver of its existence!

"Which fucking form of a monster are you?!" Garen could not help himself from cursing. He turned around began to shamefully run away.

The fatso began to roar loudly again. He held the mace in both of his hands.

Boom boom boom boom!!!

He began to swing it around violently. He moved his big feet and chased Garen from behind quickly, with unusually fast speed. One step was enough for him to move thirty to forty meters forward.

Countless buildings were smashed until dust filled the air, and as they collapsed, bits of stone would fly everywhere, and some of the larger rocks even destroyed a few houses.

The black mace moved constantly in a quick flurry, and within a few hits, all of the buildings surrounding the fatso were smashed to debris.

Garen ran away frantically. He was too afraid to turn back as the fatso was incredibly fast, and could reach the distance he hastily ran with just one step. If the fatso was a totem user, he would have easily smashed Garen with one step. His speed-based secret technique was truly frightening.

He was too afraid to call upon the totems in his hands for assistance because when the monstrous fatso had attempted to hit him earlier, the gravel had broken through the totem light on his body. It was important to note that the totem light of a totem user was much stronger than the totem itself.

In that moment earlier, if a totem itself had been hit, there was a chance that it would have been destroyed instantly.

He had painstakingly nurtured and evolved a Form Three silver totem, and if it was destroyed here for nothing, he would not know what to do but cry.

The fatso chased after Garen quickly, looking as if he was extremely happy.

"Woah woah woah…!! Ansai! Lucan… Mokeya…!!" he roared loudly once again.

Garen ran frantically and suddenly felt his whole body shiver.

Suddenly, he leapt towards the left, breaking proper posture, as he used all of his strength to evade the mace that came smashing down behind him.


A white mansion that once stood upright was instantly smashed to bits. In the garden, a large tree broke off at the middle, and let out a crisp whooshing noise as it fell.

"Endor language!! Apparently it’s the Endor language!" A layer of haziness began to form in Garen’s mind. Initially, he assumed that he had seen almost everything clearly, but now he had apparently discovered new mysteries and strange things.

"Nusija! Anboer! Kasiduor!!" Suddenly, he turned around and used his secret technique to gather his voice in one place, before directing it towards the troll’s ear.

He was also using the Endor language!

Suddenly, the fatso stopped in his tracks. He lifted the mace back towards his shoulder while his face became expressionless.

"Ansai… Lucan… Mokeya… (Flesh and blood… Fresh… Want to eat…)"

Garen simultaneously translated all the other sounds into meanings he could understand. He was not extremely fluent in the Endor language, as he had not used it enough.

Standing in the middle of the street, he arched his head upwards and looked at the troll, afraid that he would suddenly become mad again, which would cause his mace to come crashing down once more. Once his strength took a hit, it mattered not whether he was a totem user or a secret technique possessor, he would get smashed flat all the same.

This tall building-sized monster had a body that was large enough to cast a huge black shadow that enveloped Garen completely.

A man and a monster, one large and one small , stood facing each other unnaturally, as if they were engaging in a conversation.

"Ansai… Lucan… Mokeya…!! (Flesh and blood… Fresh… Want to eat!!)" repeated the troll again. It seemed like he was unable to say anything else, except for this one sentence.

"Ruo… Xifeidela? (You… what type of meat do you want?)" Garen attempted to form a chain of Endor words to ask the troll a question.

"Ansai… Lucan… Mokeya…" The troll continued to say the same sentence, repeating it over and over again. Sticky saliva began to drip from the two fangs at the corner of its mouth, before falling unto the debris below, and drenching a huge area instantly.

Garen tried other questions but the troll did not respond in the slightest. It seemed to only know this particular sentence and repeated it continuously. Fortunately, it was no longer attacking Garen.

Garen tried again, but did not get the desired effect. Finally, he gave up on his plan to communicate with the troll. He thought for a moment. Before ordering his next command with his Will.

Instantly, a swarm of black Parasitic Beetles crawl in from outside the city, looking like a colony of black ants as they moved in the direction of the troll.

The troll did not move away, but reached downwards with its large hands and grabbed a huge handful of black insects before shoving them into its mouth. It began to chew them loudly. A large amount of sticky white liquid began to drip out of the corner’s of its mouth.

It ate two handfuls consecutively while Garen’s face remained expressionless, as he watched the troll quietly. All of his Beetles were here, and out of the two hundred of them, the troll had already eaten over thirty in just two handfuls.

Seconds and minutes ticked by as the troll continued to grab handfuls of beetles before chewing them thoroughly.

Soon, the last beetle was finally devoured by it.

"Woah woah woah…!!!" The troll patted his protruding tummy as he roared loudly once again. It sounded as loud as lightning, and was much louder than before.

Garen felt a slight aching sensation in his heart as his whole body became numb, and his blood began to pump furiously. His field of vision became blurry, and soon he was unable to see anything.

He wanted to release his aura, but was currently being suppressed by a large pressure, and was unable to release it.

His field of vision became a blurry mess. Suddenly, Garen felt his surroundings light up.

All noise disappeared instantly.

He opened his eyes frantically. He was standing in the middle of the street while sunlight outside was shining on the ground, leaving no trace of darkness.

"Troll? What happened to that troll fatso?" Garen turned his head upwards and scanned his eyes around his surroundings, but was unable to find any trace of the troll.

He turned towards the road he came from, and saw that the museum had already become a pile of wreckage.

Traces left behind by the troll were still here, but the fifty over meter in height, almost seventeen storey tall troll itself, had now disappeared completely.

His surroundings were completely quiet, as if nothing had happened.

Still in a state of disbelief, Garen jumped on top of a building and surveyed his surroundings. The entire city was pin-drop silent, and there was not a single trace of the troll.

"Endor again…." he said before sighing in relief.

Looking at himself closely, he could see physical proof that his grey robe had been torn full of holes. His arms, abdomen, and thighs, all of them were full of dark red bruises, all of which were caused by the gravel hitting him.

Suddenly, his expression was tinged with a sliver of shock.

On his own right hand, he was unsure when exactly it happened, but a new dark green ring had appeared on his ring finger.

Garen tried to remove the ring gently, but this little thing seemed as if it was growing from his finger, and was completely impossible to remove.

The entire ring was smooth and glossy, and had the colour of a dark green jade. The surface of the ring was engraved with a thin line of words in a square.

Garen tried to recognize the words carefully and soon realised that it was obvious, that those words were written in the Endor language as well.

"The city troll will only accept the first life that gives it a gift…"

Garen looked upwards. A confused expression flashed in his eyes.

"City troll? Is it referring to the monster from earlier?"

He suddenly thought of the recorded legends and myths that he had seen in the previous world. His expression became serious all of a sudden.

"If it really was the city troll… Then this ring…"

He quickly looked at the attribution pane at the bottom of his field of vision.

In the bottom of the attribution pane, a little dark green glyph had appeared. This was the first time Garen’s ability had displayed a color other than red.

The meaning of the glyph was: Troll Grip. (In the ruined city, if one successfully encounters the nomadic city troll without dying, but manages to communicate with it instead, once it is satisfied with the first gift it receives, it will then repay you with another present. According to the myth, the city troll’s gift will increase one’s strength to a great degree.)

"An increase in strength!" Garen’s eyes lit up when he noticed that there was a huge change in his strength attributes.

His initial strength was at 2.66, but had now unconsciously increased to 6.66, which meant that it had increased by another 4 whole points!!

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