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A group of people silently waited in the forest. Vicky lighted a few torches and distributed them throughout the group. The crackling of the flames could be clearly heard.

The croaking of frogs one after another could be heard in the distance.

Croak, croak..

Garen fixated his gaze in the direction of the fortress. He abruptly stretched out his fingers and gestured in the air. Black flames emerged as a dot from his finger tips, leaving black strands in the air.

Very quickly with the formation of the gestures, his eyes dilated and lost its focus.

"Sight sharing tactic?!" Angel was slightly startled. "So fast…" She stared at Garen in disbelief. Her complexion was complicated, seeming like she had thought of something.

After a whole ten minutes, a light roar came from the direction of the fortress. It seemed like the roar of a lion, but from a long way away.

"Let’s go. There is a problem here." Garen took the first step and moved towards the fortress. He seemed slow but was actually quick and had a rhythm to his steps.

The rest of the party followed behind him, but only Reylan could keep up with him. Angel and the rest had difficulty in keeping up, and had to summon primitive totems to carry them.

In the dark night, the group cut through the vast plains from the dark forest, and quickly headed towards the fortress. Only three swiftly moving orange flames could be seen in the dark, whereas their shadows were completely not visible.

Garen took the lead, following the pathway of the fort to directly arrive at the main entrance. The iron-clad wooden door was wide open, and the keyhole had obvious traces of damage.

The roar of a lion could be continuously heard from behind the door.

Garen went straight into the entrance.

There was a wide stone plaza within. As the faint moonlight shone on the plaza, it seemed like it was plated with a white-greyish layer.

In the middle of the plaza, Leila was commanding his serpent-tailed lioness in a battle with two black shadows..

Whenever the lioness let out a fierce howl, she would emit a circle of expanding pale yellow light, which would only disappear after expanding three metres. Every single time, the light would send the two black shadows flying and rolling on the ground.

The black shadows would then persistently get back on their feet and continued their assault.

Garen walked closer, trying to see the true forms of the two shadows with the aid of the moonlight.

It was two black panthers with bull horns on their heads.

They bowed their heads and pawed on the ground with their hooves like a bull. Air was coming out from their nostrils and their eyes were glowing red.

"They are not silver totems?" Garen carefully identified. Suddenly there was a flash of light in his eyes. "They are not totems, but mutated creatures who were infected. "

"Chief! They are not powerful, just very resistant." Leila shouted towards him. "Their speed is too fast. Although they have weak attacks, but because I’m totally unable catch them, I can only passively counter attack." A dejected expression could be seen on his face.


One of the black bull panthers let out a roar, and directly dashed at the serpent-tailed lioness.

A dash like that might have been effective towards normal creatures, but not at all towards the serpent-tailed lioness with totem light.

The serpent-tailed lioness stood its ground and howled fiercely, emitting a circle of yellow light from its body, which immediately sent the black bull panther flying again.

With a bang, the black bull panther was savagely sent flying a long distance. Its four hooves left long black marks on the ground.

"Let me do it." Angel finally arrived behind Garen and dismounted from her black panther. Looking at the two black bull panthers, there was some mild covetousness in her eyes.

"These are living mutated creatures, if only the unit factory could be used to replicate them as totems.."

Reylan laughed without saying a word.

Vicky from the hunting group stood out.

"Do we need miss to act for mere speedy types? Let me do it!"

Before she finished her sentence, a yellow line leapt out from behind her and headed directly towards the two black bull panthers.

After two light hisses, the yellow line flashed across the two black bull panthers, and flew back towards Vicky’s shoulder. It was a fully gold mink. It obediently crouched on its owner’s shoulder and continuously licked its blood-stained claw. Its two eyes had a wolf-like dark green glow, giving off a dark malevolent aura.

Both the two black-bull panther were wounded by their side abdomens. After wobbling for a few more steps, they couldn’t support themselves and fell to the ground.

"Be careful! There are more of them around us!" Reylan yelled loudly.

Their surroundings were full of black shadows. The shadows of black bull panthers kept flashing by, carrying a heavy aura of silver totems.

Garen’s countenance changed slightly.

Among the totem auras, he could even feel second form totems, and it wasn’t just one. To be able to gather so many second form totems together, there might even be third form creatures.

"Retreat for now." Garen ordered in a low voice.

The few of them slowly exited the fortress gate, constantly on their guards against any ambush.

"There is certainly a nest here." Reylan muttered as she walked towards Garen’s side. Only Garen could hear her voice. "A nest is the Obscuro Society’s biological weapon plant, if only we could conquer one…"

"Weren’t these kinds of nest invented by the Obscuro Society?" Garen frowned.

"Of course not. They initially also found a special creature’s nest, then imitated it after that. But many of them were unrefined, and it was impossible to control the nests." Reylan explained. "There should be a black bull panther’s nest here. According to the Obscuro Society’s records, it is an agility type, and is decent among first form totems. Big brother, there are two ways for you to come in contact with the derivator’s control method. The first method is to find a derivator not owned by the Obscuro Society to shift your silver totems. The second method is to directly make adjustments to the original derivator."

"A derivator that is not owned by the Obscuro Society? Besides the Obscuro Society, are there others who have derivators like this?" Garen curiously asked.

"Actually, the derivator crystal was discovered by the Obscuro Society in the outside world. It only achieved this form through unique modifications." Reylan explained softly.

Garen immediately came to a halt.

Angel and the rest in front noticed it, and stopped as well.

"All of you stay on guard around the fortress. If you meet something you’re unable to fight against, immediately send signals through the fire bombs." Garen ordered. "Reylan and I have something to handle."

Angel frowned as she gave Reylan a glance. She didn’t say anything but nodded her head.

"Then we shall go back and wait."

Garen nodded.

As he looked at Angel and the others quickly leaving the fortress, he turned towards the black bull panther herd on the plaza, which was growing by the minute.

"How do we conquer the nest?"

"The first step is to clear up these black bull panthers, get rid of all the guards. The nature of a nest is like a plant. The roots are rooted in the ground to absorb nutrients. These black bull panthers are like the fruits. They are like vassals and guards who are being controlled." Reylan calmly said. "A black bull panther’s nest should only be a first form nest. There are minimal second form creatures. The black bull panthers gathered here should be all of them."

Garen heaved a sigh of relief.

"As long as there aren't any third form creatures. There are strong and weak third form creatures, but their abilities are troublesome. If we are unfamiliar with their abilities, it might lead to injuries or even death if we are not careful."

Both of them faced off against all the black bull panthers on the plaza.

Garen stepped forward. A few deep swamp crocs[1] crawled out from the shade behind him, while a resonance hawk was circling in the air above him .

He pointed at the tens of black bull panthers on the plaza.

The resonance hawk dived, letting out a horrendous cry. At that same time, there were sounds of resonant heartbeats.

Pok Pok!

Two black bull panthers leapt forward a few steps and crashed to the ground. There was blood on the side of their jaws as they laid there motionless.

Five deep swamp crocs armed with their long tails and pitch black hides crawled towards the black bull panthers. They darted forward time to time, grabbing the black bull panthers beside them with their jaws. They snapped the panthers into two and then flung them away.

The sharp claws of the black bull panthers could only leave minor scratches on the body of the crocs.

A few of the second form black bull panthers took on the deep swamp crocs. They were exceedingly swift, and their bodies were covered with black bone armor, like artificial abnormalities.


As the second form black bull panthers bowed their heads, blue lightning arcs formed in between their horns.

Sheesh! The lightning arcs discharged a blue line and savagely landed on the body of a deep swamp croc. The electric current left a black burnt mark on its hide.

The deep swamp croc was knocked back by the current and retreated a few steps as it let out a roar signalling its injury.

"Electric current?" Garen instantly looked surprised. As he spread out his right palm, lines of black flames quickly erupted from his five fingers. Another tactic gesture was formed in the midst of the shadows.

Reylan was stunned at Garen’s feat. "Five...five sight sharing tactics!"

There has never been someone as crazy as this. Even among the countless elites in the Obscuro Headquarters, she has never met someone who could draw five tactics at once. Can a human’s hand be as agile as this?!

Garen wasn’t in the mood to notice Reylan’s reactions. His vision had split into five. Four of them were with the deep swamp crocs, while one of it was with the resonance hawk in the air.

The five different visions were monitoring the second form black panthers from different angles and directions.

The secret ideas that he had finally had a glimmer of hope of being realized.

"Electric current with totem light…..For me, doesn’t it have the same properties as the legendary dragon blood?" His eyes narrowed as he had a definite objective in his heart.

Through the sight sharing, Garen’s powerful martial arts body could finally reveal its strength.

He simultaneously controlled five totems, forming a defensive semi-circle around Reylan and himself. Every black bull panther that attacked was repelled with immense accuracy, or immediately bitten to death.

Every electrical attack from the second form black bull panthers would be blocked by Garen with the deep swamp crocs. The powerful electric attacks could only leave minor burn marks on the black hide, not causing significant damage to the giant crocs.

Garen’s gaze was still. His pupils faintly separated into five fan shapes, every fan presenting images from a different angle.

A second form black bull panther quietly crept towards to the back of Garen and Reylan. It lurked and hid its body in the dark, and took steps towards Garen’s rear.

Suddenly, it swooped quietly to grab the back of Garen’s head. There were traces of blue electric current on its claws.

As the sharp claws were about to touch Garen, from the right came a big black jaw.


As the deep swamp croc’s jaw landed on the black bull panther’s abdomen, bone crackling sounds continuously came from its jaw. The croc brought its prey to the ground with a thud. Then immediately started to roll on the ground.

In a moment, after a few flashes of lightning arcs in its jaw, everything became still. The second form black bull panther’s corpse broke into two parts and fell out from the side of the deep swamp croc’s jaw.

The five totems were like meat grinders, annihilating every black bull panther on the plaza. Very quickly, the numbers of the black bull panthers gradually decreased. Finally, the two or three remaining looked at Garen in fear, as if they could run away any time.

Garen brought his tactic and control to a stop. As he looked at the black bull panther corpses all over the plaza, there was no hint of expression on his face.

"Let’s go to see the nest. How do we conquer it?"

Reylan retracted her surprise expression. She adjusted her wind-swept hood to cover her dry, ugly face.

"To control a nest is difficult indeed. But the core material to create the derivator could be obtained from a nest. It is called the Resonance Stone and has wonderful effects. After a splitting a resonance stone into two, one of the pieces could be transmitted through resonance to the other piece regardless of distance. Although there is a certain loss, but the frequency will be the same. Because of this, the Obscuro Society used it as a core for long distance communication. After complicating the simple resonance, then going through informationization, then coding, it will then have the communication function of the derivator in your hand."

"Then how do we concretely control the nest? With the Resonance Stone?" Garen asked.

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