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Garen kept observing the changes in the sky as he left the War Guild.

Huge numbers of White Dragonhawks and Giant Hawks were battling with the creatures and corpses would plummet from the sky from time to time.

The streets were completely empty as most of the citizens had gone to defend the borders. Only a few people remained in the center of the inner city.

A melody of harp music drifted from Garen’s right. It was a middle age man with a freckled face. He was giving his all to a performance that no one was listening to.

"Life is like a water splash without the foam, clear and paradoxical. What is the purpose of the war when I hear the sadness of the Iron Tank City during its night. I could clearly hear the creatures scream in the wee hours. Ahh~~~ The blood is red and it is so thick… Yet tears are colorless and so thin… Life, where it could bloom a cursed flower, could also bloom a pure lily. Ahh~~ Will you please tell me if the beauty eventually dies…"

The poet’s musical voice echoed in the empty streets.

Garen saw the tears on his face and a black golden adonis flower adorning his chest, which was only worn when a family member died.

Garen gently pulled down his hood as he walked past this person.


Inside the white Palace in the inner city.

At the center of the empty Palace laid a pyramidal hero monument.

The monument was pure white in color and black names were densely carved onto it. They were the names of the totem users who died during the war.

Multiple men in black stood in front of the monument.

One of them was a youngster. He was looking at the pyramid in silence, thinking of something.

"The Memorial Tower, where all the dead totem users were buried here and had their names carved." An old man walked towards the monument as he said softly. "Aisaiya, I hope you live a better life in heaven and not suffer like how you did here…" He gently spread soul sand onto the pyramid. The black sands landed onto the pyramid and gave off a sizzling noise.

Garen, too, grabbed a handful of sand and gently spread them out.

He spread the sand at the familiar name in the pyramid.

‘Andy Cruise’

"May you rest in peace in heaven." He muttered.

"Perhaps I have been keeping a low profile for too long… I have almost forgotten the glory back in those days." Garen opened his hands and quietly stared at his hands which had taken countless lives. "Time will eventually erode a human’s will, and I am not excluded. Perhaps it’s not too late…"

He looked passed the pyramid through the small gaps and saw a little girl standing at the opposite end of the pyramid. She had a long golden hair with fair and tender cheeks. The girl was quietly staring at him in sadness as well.

An adult and a child, staring at each other in silence.

Garen smiled, turned around and left as he put on his black robe.



The right halo instantly exploded the abandoned area and shattered many fragments of stones into dust.

Goth stared coldly at the creatures that had exploded. This creature that resembled an ostrich had instantly died to him.

Behind him stood a man and a woman in white shirts with golden sleeves.

"Be careful! The Thousand Moon Flower is just up ahead" Goth ordered softly.

"Don’t worry about it." The white-clad woman huffed. "I alone could have completed the mission if not for my superior, who wanted me to work with you!"

"Quit it Aisijia. It wasn’t Goth’s fault!" The white robed man placated her.

Goth continued walking forward without any change in expression.

Two of them followed closely.

The situation in the inner city had been stagnant for a while and they required an elite to eliminate the energy source of the creatures’ Enhanced Spirit Light, the Thousand Moon Flower. It’s a magical item that was created by the Creature army’s Sammy, which could provide endless stamina and strength towards the army.

Goth’s team was one of the few that were ordered to take care of the Thousand Moon Flower.

Goth was still replaying the scene of him meeting his father.

The father that had never tired in his memory, had been covering his wrinkled face with his hands.

"It’s alright. Have confident in your father. I am the Iron Tank City’s Grand Duke White Dragonhawk and I have a formidable presence even going against the royal alliance. The Heart of the Dragonshadow is nothing."

"Go and battle with ease and do not let other things distract you. You are my son and my pure blood flows within you. The Blackfield Birds are the proof of the bloodline." The Grand Duke looked at Goth and his injured eye with sympathy, as though he saw himself in the past.

"You have to learn to forget. If you’re truly unable to forget them, keep them as the beliefs within your heart."

Goth felt warmth inside him.

"I still have my father. He would not lie to me…"

The Grand Duke’s words were like a sharp sword that instantly destroyed the confusion in his mind.

Goth unconsciously sped up as they arrived at the outskirts through the dark passage. They were attempting to alleviate the stress upon the inner city.


Suddenly, the Dragonhawk Horn’s blast echoed from the inner city.

"It’s the Dragonhawk Horn! The final battle in the inner city is about to begin! The Three-eyed Black Bear and the remaining third form creatures have appeared!" Goth turned his head and looked at the inner city. His red totem light expanded and turned the surrounding creatures into mince meat.

Countless creatures had gathered to form the black cloud above the inner city.

"It’s starting…" The girl in white robe whispered.

"Quick! We have to speed up!" Goth muttered. "We will retreat immediately once we destroy the Thousand Moon Flower!"

"Okay!" Both of them responded in unison. Both of them were the strongest form two totem users. Excluding the form three totem users who were currently busy, they were the best candidates for this mission. Since the city was lacking many form three totem users, they simply couldn’t send out their men for an away mission as they had more important things to take care of.

Furthermore, a form three totem user would’ve attracted a lot of attraction so they had specifically sent out the elites from the form two totem users for this mission.

The three of them jumped through the abandoned grey city at incredible speed, passing through countless creatures. These creatures were under the form three ultimate creature’s command to rush into the inner city so they would ignore the trio unless they were being attacked by them. The three of them had high speed so they instantly killed the ones they could kill and avoid the stronger ones. Just like this, they had arrived at an abandoned wall in the outskirts.

"This is it!" Goth confirmed the mission’s location from his memories. "Start searching! There should be Transparent Creatures around! Stay alert Aisijia!"

The girl in white robe didn’t say another word and took out a white short staff and slammed it onto the ground.


An invisible ripple expanded through the region with her at the center of its source.

Multiple invisible wolf type creatures were discovered by the ripple as they were trying to ambush the trio from their back.

Aisijia sighed and a silver light burst out from her back and shifted into a white hawk that spanned at least three meters. It immediately killed off the transparent wolf type creatures in her surroundings.

The beak of the giant hawk was burned with a brown flame. As it opened its mouth, it spewed a brown torrent of flames and scorched all the wolves. The wolves started to roll on the ground in silent agony and died after a few moments of struggle. What was left behind were burnt corpses that were no longer invisible.

Goth and the other man were looking for the Thousand Moon Flower’s potential hiding spot.

"I found it!!" The man in white robe yelled in excitement.

They gathered and found a square transparent black box underneath the rock. Inside it lay a delicate and beautiful black crystal flower.

The flower stood straight and there appeared to be a black pearl in the middle of the petals.

"Thousand Moon Flower! Let’s quickly destroy it!" Goth ordered. "The time limit is 1 minute. Once we attack the Thousand Moon Flower’s defense, we will definitely alert the form three totem users. We will work together and attack at the same time!"

"Okay!" "Okay!"

Three of them placed their hand onto the black transparent box at the same time.

Suddenly, a deafening avian cry rang forth from the inner city.


It sounded like a cross between an eagle and a nightingale and the outcry reverberated throughout the inner city.

"That was… The cry of the Grand Duke’s Dragonhawk King!!" Aisijia recoiled as her face was filled with despair. "Only an injured Dragonhawk would produce such a noise!!! We must go back and support them!"


Goth started to panic.

Three of them took out a yellow scroll, which was covered in Tactic symbols.

"Tactic Curse!" Aisijia glanced at Goth

"Dragon Spirit Summon!!" Goth shouted.

A high pitched sound rang out and red lightning burst forth from all three of their scrolls at the same time. The red lightning soared and struck the surface of the black box as wind gusted in all directions.

The red lightning slowly shifted into tiny dragonhawks hovering around the box.


A fissure gradually widened on the box.

The black flower started to wither at a rate where the process could be seen with the naked eye. It swiftly arched down from a straight posture and soon turned into a pool of black ash.

"Let’s go!!" Goth shouted as they packed up the scrolls and retreated.

Two white Giant Hawks grabbed the duo in white robes to increase their speed. The Blackfield Bird chirupped and melded into Goth’s body, increasing his speed tremendously.

The three of them accelerated into streaks of black and white, and sprinted towards the inner city.


As the three of them were moving swiftly, something apperated in a dark corner on their right.

"How could I let you guys leave and destroy the work of my lord?" A shrewd voice whispered from the shadows. "The Blackfield Birds. Hehe. If it could merge into the Grand Duke’s White Dragonhawk Totem, its strength would be unexpectedly strong. I didn’t expect to have such a little surprise. Three form two totem user elites? It will be a good appetizer for my babies, hehe."

A man clad in a black robe sauntered out from the shadows as he stared at Goth with his Emerald eyes. Although the movements of his legs appeared slow, it was surprisingly agile as he surged towards Goth’s team to intercept them.

He then stomped the ground with his leg.

"Who is it!" He looked to the right as his emotions started to falter.

"A battle is the collision of life. A stage for us to perform our best dances." A second man walked out from the darkness. He was also in a black robe and had short golden hair. His eyes couldn’t be seen, but he projected a fierce and powerful aura.

"Do you want to spice up your life? Trash from the Obscuro Society?"

Garen took off his hood and squinted his eyes.

In an instant, pairs of emerald eyes surrounded him from the darkness.

From the top view with Garen as the center of point, green eyes were densely packed staring at him from up to a hundred meters away. These Giant Wolves were emitting a faint signal. They were all from two totems!

The man in his black robe smiled as he stared at Garen with his green eyes.


Goth’s team was sprinting across the abandoned buildings. Suddenly Goth picked up a strange signal.

"What was that?" He couldn’t see anything as he was moving so swiftly.

"What’s wrong?" The man in white robe asked loudly. Two white streams were generated by the Giant Hawk above his head, which tore apart whatever was in their way.

"It felt like someone was there… whatever, let’s move quickly!" Goth dismissed the thought.


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