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‘Deep Swamp Croc: The Form 2 evolution of the Short-tailed Croc, Second Form Creature Totem. Upgradable, Probability of successful evolution: 25%. Potential Point cost: 500%.

Ability: Explosive Surprise Attack, Iron Hide, Parasitism.’

"Forty Potential Points, that would mean eight chances. I don’t believe that it can’t go any higher!" Garen’s gaze remained on the Deep Swamp Croc’s body. These were all the Potential Points that he had gotten from Goth. Goth was currently heavily injured, and would not be able to go out and hunt Ansella. Likewise, he would not be able to receive more Potential Points as well, and thus, these Potential Points were all that were left for him to use to gain more.

If he failed again this time, the only thing he could do would be to slowly depend on his luck.


Garen stared at the Deep Swamp Croc’s icon for more than three seconds.

Suddenly, the icon shook vigorously and became blurry. Under Garen’s hopeful gaze, the icon began to become clear quickly again.

It was still in its initial form!

Garen’s expression remained, and he resumed the process.

Three seconds later, the icon became blurry again, and then instantly became focused, without any other changes.

"Again! I don’t believe this!" Garen’s gaze grew serious. Continue!

The third time!

Failure again!

The fourth time! Fail!

The fifth time! Fail!

The sixth time! Fail!

The seventh time!

The icon became blurry for a moment, and then became clear once again.

"Failure again…" A reluctant expression flashed in Garen’s eyes. Suddenly, he looked at the icon properly once it had become focused again, and his voice caught itself in his throat. "This is…??"

The Deep Swamp Croc’s icon disappeared, and was replaced by a new unknown icon.


The Deep Swamp Croc could not help itself and roared softly, as its body began to turn into a dark brown colour. Its body started to expand as well, and it grew from its original five meters, immediately lengthening to six meters, seven meters, eight meters…

The Deep Swamp Croc’s body expanded and soon reached the maximum capacity of the room. Garen stared at it with his mouth opened and his eyes dazed, as it broke the window frame and jumped out of the window, falling into the garden below.

Its body expanded endlessly, as it had finally underwent many years of growth in this short space of ten seconds.

Garen stood at the window that had just been broken open, and bent his head downwards to look outside.

The entire ten meter length of the garden was now almost fully occupied by the Deep Swamp Croc’s body. It had grown to almost fifteen or sixteen meters in length, and possessed a seven to eight meter wide body, resembling a large dinosaur from the Jurassic period.

The strangest part was that its initial head had grown in a slightly crooked manner, while an extra clump of flesh had grown on its right shoulder. The clump of flesh kept growing rapidly, transforming into something new. Finally, it grew into a large head that was the exact same size of the Giant Croc’s original head.

Bang bang!!

It was unknown when an extra pair of large feet had grown from the Giant Croc’s abdomen, and were now violently stepping on the ground. The six legs supported its large body altogether.

Finally, it completed its evolution, and had transformed from its original crocodile-like image into a salamander. Its two heads began to snap their big mouths in opposite directions, as its large mouth roared silently.


Both of its mouths exhaled a large gust of smelly wind.

Garen finally snapped out of his state of shock. He looked at the brown Dual Headed Salamander below and realised that his Potential Points had been well-spent.

This sixteen meter long terrifying beast crawled around in his garden, looking as if it were a giant dinosaur from the past. Its size appeared to be slightly bigger than the White Bat that he had encountered earlier.

"Too bad it’s not a Form 3 Totem, but a mere Silver Totem instead!" Garen lamented as he looked at the Totem Pane in his field of vision, looking at the icon section carefully.

The icon of the Deep Swamp Croc had really been changed into the Dual Headed Salamander’s image.

‘Dual Headed Salamander: The Form 3 evolution of the Deep Swamp Croc, Third form creature, Final form cannot be upgraded.

Ancient informative message: This terrifying beast existed in the ancient Behemoth era, which was at least twenty million years ago. They were the overlords of the amphibians, and possessed great strength as well as unmatched defenses. They generally live in dark, damp maze-like caves underground, and have a strong territorial sense, and are extremely possessive.

Abilities: Digging maze-like caves, Life Biting (Creatures that are bitten by its left mouth will unconsciously allow their life force to flow into the body of the beast, creating a healing effect)

Dragon skin (Strong dragon scales that are able to prevent damage inflicted by most weapons and sharp teeth)

Dragon roar (Loud roar that will cause deafness and dizziness in all surrounding creatures, in order for the slow-moving Salamander will be able to catch up to its prey and swallow them)

Parasitism: The Dual Headed Salamander can lay its parasitic eggs inside the bodies of its enemies, causing painful injuries, and finally creating a single-headed ferocious Form 2 Deep Swamp Croc. The rate of egg production is one per week.

"Shh!!" When he looked at the Deep Swamp Croc, Garen could not help but sigh in relief.

The Deep Swamp Croc could create Parasites on its own, while this Dual Headed Salamander could create more Deep Swamp Crocs.

"I’ve gained so much this time!" Garen looked at the strong Dual Headed Salamander below him, and felt his heart fill up with satisfaction.


In a faraway part of the sky, an ear piercing howl echoed towards him, sounding like a leopard’s roar.

Immediately, a terrifying Giant Bird with a wingspan of more than ten meters flew towards the Dual Headed Salamander quickly. The body of the Giant Bird was jet-black, and there were eight yellow claws growing out of its abdomen.

The Giant Bird was illuminated by a yellow glow that looked like a halo around its whole body, as it flew towards the Dual Headed Salamander.

The Dual Headed Salamander raised both its heads and roared at the Giant Bird fiercely. The head on its right side had on a fierce and cunning expression. It stepped backwards slightly, as if it was gathering up its energy, and preparing to snap at its opponent.

Garen hid himself behind the curtains, and subsided the overwhelmingly conspicuous smell of his blood, as he quietly watched the battle between the two large beasts. The Giant Bird in the sky was obviously a Form 3 Totem, and had come here because it was attracted by the Dual Headed Salamander.

The battle between both of the Form 3 beasts was something that he could not intervene anymore. He could only wait for the conclusion quietly.

The Giant Bird continued to circle the sky, as if it was looking for an opportunity to dive down and capture the Dual Headed Salamander, but was wary because it felt somewhat threatened. After circling for a while, it gave up on this initial thought of starting a battle. It outstretched its wings and let out an angry roar, before flapping its wings and flying far away.

The shadow of the Giant Bird’s wings flew over the villa instantly, as it disappeared into the faraway hills.


The Dual Headed Salamander arched its head upwards and let out an arrogant roar.

Garen stood behind the curtains, and looked at the Dual Salamander down below through the crack.

"Go out and hunt," he instructed through his will.

The Dual Headed Salamander bowed its head suddenly, and began surveying its surroundings from left to right, as if it was sniffing something.

Immediately, he confirmed the location, and his large body began to head towards the produce market near the suburbs.

Crash crash crash…

Its six brown large legs seemed like six stone columns as they stepped on the ground, causing some of the small stones and white bones on the ground to be stomped into smithereens.

Garen jumped out of the window, and stalked it stealthily from behind.

As the Dual Headed Salamander walked on the road, all of the other monsters ran to hide. It mattered not whether they were Dead Babies or Unihorn Lizards, once they saw the Dual Headed Salamander approaching from a distance, they acted like mice who had just seen a cat, and would run away frantically.

The Salamander did not linger for long, and ran straight towards the produce market, as the loud sound emitted by its footsteps caused some of the buildings to shake slightly.

Garen followed it and continued forwards. Instantly, a rectangular shaped market made up of large grey and white caravans appeared in front of him.

There were large holes in many of these caravans in the markets, and a few Unihorn Lizards were resting on the roofs. Meanwhile underneath the shade of the caravans, a few Unihorn Lizards that had glowing red bodies were busy chasing and fighting each other.

There were nearly a hundred Unihorn Lizards in this place!

"Don’t tell me this guy actually wants to provoke this herd of monsters?" A thought flashed in Garen’s mind. Out of all these Giant Lizards, even if one of them was Form 3 it would be scary to think that…

Before he could even finish his thoughts, he saw the Dual Headed Salamander speed up suddenly, as it ran towards the grey and white caravans and began to knock them down. It seemed like a large freight carriage had just crashed into them.

Crash crash crash!!

The Unihorn Lizards flew up frantically, as if they were a startled pack of birds, as they flapped their wings quickly and let out weird cries.

The red Unihorn Lizards also flew up, and dashed towards the Dual Headed Salamander. They were greatly angered by this monster that had disrupted their sleep. The red Unihorn Lizards began making housefly-like buzzing noises.

These noises caused the listeners to feel drowsy, and made their whole bodies exhausted as well.

They made this noise while they circled the Dual Headed Salamander, endlessly looking for an opportunity to fly down to attack it.

But the large difference in size, made them seem like a group of children forming a circle around an adult.

The Dual Headed Salamander stomped towards the front of the caravans, and both its heads turned upwards suddenly. It stretched its blood-red mouth open, and roared in both directions.


A loud sound wave caused the air pressure to increase, creating a shock wave that could be seen with the naked eye, that spread outwards towards its surroundings like a water wave. Most of the Giant Lizards were affected and were forced to the ground, causing a loud banging noise as throughout the ground where they landed.


The Dual Headed Salamander used one of its heads like a warhammer to hit one of the red Giant Lizards, causing it to fall out of the sky mid air. It landed on the ground violently and the Salamander took a large bite out of it and crunched hard, causing fresh blood to spray all over its own face. The entire red Giant Lizard was snapped into two separate parts.

Garen’s mouth gaped opened, unsure of what to say.

He looked at the Potential Points at the bottom of his field of vision and noticed that there had been an increase of two points, but when he looked at his fearsome Dual Headed Lizard, he realised that it had won the battle effortlessly because of its opponent’s lack of strength.

The red Giant Lizard possessed strength that was equivalent to a Form 2 Totem. A Silver Totem was unlike a Primitive Totem because their essence was accumulated in their own bodies. On the other hand, the essence of a Primitive Totem was always stored with their Totem users instead.

This was another reason why he could gain Potential Points from killing Silver Totems, but would not receive any benefits when merely killing the Totem user.

The death of the red Giant Lizard allowed Garen to gain two Potential Points at once. This meant that it was equivalent to the lowest ranking Form 2 Totem user.

The Dual Headed Salamander let out a loud roar, causing the hundred over Unihorn Lizards to fall on the floor like dumplings. They became dizzy and were unable to get up for half a day, a sign that they had all been stunned.

Meanwhile, the red Giant Lizards struggled on the floor weakly as they tried to get up. Their resistance was slightly stronger, but they were still unable to get up, much less flee from here.

The battle ended right as it was getting started.

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