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A- Chapter 231: Preparation 1
Garen sat quietly on the bed for a while, before getting up and changing into a white casual shirt with silver sleeves that he had obtained from the wardrobe.
He set his sights on the the attribution pane just below his vision.
The attribution pane was no different than before.
He hesitated for a moment as he looked at the remaining ten or so potential points that he currently had, and decided against using them to speed up his recovery..
"Since I haven’t found a new source of energy, I have no choice but to ration the potential points."
The potential points were obtained via absorbing the Antique of Tragedy, and he did not know if they existed in this world. Even if they did, ten potential points were considered a very large amount, and should not be spent haphazardly.
Garen tidied his shirt properly, since he was the kind of person who loved to be clean and well presented. He touched it up, and even used different kinds of cologne.
Garen frowned as he looked at the diary that wasn’t finished from last night. All of the notes were praises and admiration towards Aquarius.
He picked up the book and flipped for a few pages to find out that there wasn’t much content inside.
As he gently closed the notebook, he walked towards the mirror and picked up the comb that laid beside it and started combing his hair tidily, just like Acacia normally would. He then picked up the usual colognes and applied onto his body.
"Who uses cologne?!" He placed down the cologne bottle with disatisfaction.
After checking everything in front of the mirror to ensure everything was flawless, he then turned away his gaze and walked out of the bedroom.
He walked along the faint yellow wooden corridor and walked down to the first floor through the spiral staircase.
The two female servants who were cleaning up the main hall placed down whatever was in their hands and kneeled at Garen as they saw him approaching. They then continued what they were doing after that.
Garen glanced at the two female servants. They were in their forties and weren’t beautiful in the slightest. However, they were very agile and they would make a good helpers.
He passed through the main hall and walked out of the building.
The lawn outside was as green as emeralds, and they looked very pure under the sunlight. A few big, grey trees were scattered in the lawn, and the leaves sung as the breeze blew. Occasionally, a few green leaves with yellow leaves mixed among them would gently drop to the ground.
There were a few people of both genders in grey long sleeves and long pants on the lawn cutting bushes at the edges.
Garen looked at the sun that had just risen from the horizon. Since it was still early, considering that it was not 7 o’clock yet, heh decided to circle the manor to familiarize himself with the surroundings.
As he walked along the lawn, he slowed down his pace as he walked passed the buildings. These buildings were of different sizes and had different purposes. They were used for living quarters, storage, collection, guestrooms, etc.
Garen spent twenty minutes slowly at first, but hastened his pace as he circled the whole manor.
The only impression he felt towards the whole manor was desertion.
There were too little people. A manor that could fit up to fifty to sixty people was only occupied by ten or so. This quantity had already accounted for the servants, gardeners, grooms, etc.
A lot of these places were not properly cared for. Weeds were growing wild in some areas, and a few buildings looked grey with paint starting to crack and peel. It looks like it had been a few years since a guest had come visiting.
The area of the manor that was actually fully utilised was only about one third of the whole manor. Many places were deserted and it gave off a sense of strange quietness.
Dang… Dang…

melodious morning clock had rang.
Garen looked up at the clock tower and could barely see a person hitting the bell.
He turned around and walked towards the main building in the center of the manor.
His morning routine involved greeting his father, and most importantly, the female housekeeper would also be there with the latest newspaper from the outside.
Going through the newspaper was the fastest way for Acacia to understand the situation outside the manor.
Garen squinted his eyes as he needed to prove that the images he saw during his transmigration was real.
He walked along the patterned lawn as he headed towards the building in the central area. As he reached his destination, he saw a tall middle aged man standing at the balcony on the second floor.
The first impression he had from this man was majesty. He was a tall man with a face filled with black moustache. His moustache was trimmed neatly, and his hair was combed from one temple to the other.
He had two moustaches above his lips and a sharp beard right under his chin.
The moustache didn’t give an impression of messiness. Instead, it gave an impression of cleanliness as it was perfectly trimmed.
The man was in a black coat as he looked down from the balcony.
"Is that Acacia."
"Yes, father." Garen answered with his head down as shown in his memories. He even mimicked the cringy expression.
"Come up here. Du Qian has returned and she brought you the Black Duran Cologne you wanted." This man was Acacia’s father, Vanderman Trejons.
This man was already in his fifties. On the surface, he was an upper class aristocrat of the Kovitan Empire and the professor of the Royal Academy. In fact, he was a Luminarist of the Phantom Light and possessed incredible strength.
Garen walked into the building and there were two people, one girl and one boy, already sitting opposite of each other on the sofa in the living room.
These two were called Edney and Maxilan and they were Vanderman’s most loyal right-hand-men. They were also the strongest among Vanderman’s underlings. Although they were not Luminarists, the royal army could not be compared to them in terms of sword and gun arts.
Garen took a glance at the two. and he remembered clearly that they would die in the hands of Beckstone and his team in the near future. On the other hand, father Vanderman would die in the hands of an elite member of the Obscuro Society.
He, as Vanderman’s son, would die from one of the Obscuro Society’s lackies as he escaped from the manor, while his cousin was protecting him.
No matter how one looked at it, these two were definitely loyal to the Trejons Household. Their profit and pride were placed with the Trejons. Their loyalty was placed not just with Vanderman himself, but with all of Trejons.
"Sister Edney, brother Maxilan." Garen greeted them politely as he recalled from his memory.
"Sir Viscount is currently upstairs and he will come down soon." Maxilan was a gentle uncle.
Two of them were not that familiar with Acacia. Since Acacia would be the next successor of the household, they treated him politely as if he was the master of the household. Their actions were not affected by the news of Garen’s gambling habit.
"Where is sister Du Qian?" Garen looked around as he didn’t see her.
"She’s upstairs reporting the situation to the Viscount." Maxilan replied. He was wearing red casual clothes with a sword hanging by his waist.
Garen nodded and sat on an empty sofa at one side as the female servant poured him a glass of lemon tea.
Garen picked up the glass and drank the tea as he noticed a stack of newspapers at the corner of his eye. He reached out his hand to the newspaper and placed it on his knees as he started to read them casually.
Maxilan and Edney were whispering to each other about something off to one side. They seemed to be unhappy, in fact it was rather obvious.
Garen ignored them and focused his attention on the newspaper.
The first thing he saw was ‘The dangers of self abortion’
Garen was speechless and went to the next page.
‘Are you well prepared to take care of your breasts?’
He flipped to the main page of the newspaper with a poker face.
‘Lush Green Sanitary News’
He raised his head up to find out that Maxilan and Edney were trying to hide their laughter with all their might. He could also heard a faint laughter off one side.
"Fine. I just wanted to see the latest news for this country. Is there anything wrong with that?" Garen shrugged.
"It’s this one." Maxilan took out a folded grey newspaper and passed it to Garen.
Garen took the newspaper and the first big headline he saw was: ‘Danpalas Five to interview Kovitan in the near future.’
Below the big headline: ‘Both leaders are to negotiate regarding the turmoil in the valley.’
"Turmoil in the valley?" Garen whispered.
Daniela was one of the top two strongest countries in the east continent. In terms of power, Daniela was on par with a super country in the west continent when allied with Kovitan.
Garen continued reading the article.
It was the uprising in the valley that he saw in the images.
Garen felt a chill down his spine.
He continued reading the article but did not find out anything of significance.
He then changed to another newspaper.
This was last week’s national newspaper. The second headline was the nation’s protest regarding rental of a small farm.
It was at this moment Garen began to understand. To assure himself, he searched his memory to confirm the location and the date of this major event and compared it to the date and location reported on the newspaper.
It was exactly the same!!
Garen used the newspaper to block his face from everyone as he tried to hide his shock.
"Looks like the thing I saw will definitely happen in the future."
"If the events I saw in the images are real… Then, what I really saw was the history of the planet?"
He closed his eyes and recalled the scenario once again.
"Garen, when did you start to care about the nation’s problems?" Vanderman’s voice came from behind his back.
Garen put away the newspaper and noticed Maxilan and Edney had already stood up and had their sight set behind him.
He turned around and saw Vanderman in a black tuxedo and he had a black hat in one of his hands. His overall look could only be describe with the word elegant, and there was a beautiful woman with an hourglass body figure standing beside her.
Garen immediately lowered his head.
"Father, you have came down? I have made an arrangement with Garcia so I will be leaving now."
"Leaving already? Why not have a breakfast together?" Vanderman walked over and sat on the sofa. The lady beside him followed his movement tightly and sat down as well.
"No thanks." Garen had his head down the entire time as he looked at Vanderman’s footsteps. His footsteps was slow and calm like a delicate clock and it sent a chill down in Garen’s nerve.
It was fortunate that his rejection was similar to of Garen. The original Garen didn’t really want to hang out with his father as well so both of them shared this side of the personality.
"Fine. You can leave now. Don’t come back too late." Vanderman replied calmly.
Garen nodded his head, placed down the newspaper and smiled at Edney, Maxilan and the woman beside Vanderman before he rushed out of the building.

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