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"Hmph!" Garen finally stopped holding back, and stomped down his right foot.


Large swathes of concrete shards instantly flew into the air, shooting away in all directions like a bomb.


A piece of concrete accurately hit Red’s large, perky breasts.

"Ahh~~" This woman actually moaned seductively, somersaulting before landing slowly on the ground not too far away. Her right hand cupped her chest tightly as she stared at Garen resentfully.

Garen’s heart skipped a beat, and he suddenly found his mouth thirsty and his tongue dry.

"Why don’t we end the sparring here." Black Orchid’s voice came from above, "We, the Behemoth Gate, have understood your strength, Gate Master. As expected of the White Cloud Gate Master, the man who could fight against Sylphalan…"

Before he realized it, Black Orchid had soundlessly walked up behind Garen, her soft arms like white jade as they lightly caressed Garen’s chest. There was a hint of seduction on her face, her lips moist and glossy like peaches.

"What are you lot trying to pull?" Garen carefully worked his Blood Qi throughout his body, but didn’t find anything amiss. Having successfully perfected the Divine Statue Technique, and add that to his maxed-out vitality, he should have been completely immune to all diseases. Most poisons also only had a tiny effect on him. Right now, his Blood Qi was shockingly thick, about equal to the blood and flesh essence of a few elephants compressed.

Turning his eye to the side of the arena, Garen abruptly discovered that General Lycian had disappeared without him knowing, and the surrounding soldiers were also retreating non-stop.

Black Orchid’s soft and slender arms held Garen’s face lightly. For some reason, Garen had no intention of rejecting her whatsoever. The places where his skin was in contact with Black Orchid were radiating a bone-numbing sensation.

The fragrance of Black Orchid’s body kept assaulting his nostrils, further agitating his already quickening Blood Qi.

Black Orchid’s cherry lips hung by Garen’s ear as she said softly, "There is only one medicine in this world… that can get past even peak-level Body Hardening Technique…" She grabbed Garen’s hand lightly, and placed them on her own towering breasts.


The black gown flew upwards, covering the two of them like a black veil.

"Let me bear you a child…" Black Orchid’s voice said softly from underneath the black veil.

All the Blood Qi in Garen’s body erupted in an instant, like black powder set alight. He no longer held back, and no longer wanted to hold back. Although he had no idea what the Behemoth Gate was planning, his natural-born special power was indicating that his current condition wasn’t negative, but positive. Besides, this primal instinct gushing up from deep within his body made him unable to resist it.

Beside them, Red stood up from the floor, her gaze complicated as she looked at the man and woman tangled behind the black veil.

"The world’s strongest woman and the world’s most talented man… A combination like this…"


After an unknown period of time.

There was abruptly a loud moan from within the black veil.

Soon after, the black veil started to twirl and rise, enveloping a slim and perfect female body, as it floated directly to land on top of a wall.

At the end, Black Orchid turned back to glance at Garen.

"The world’s most talented man, a child like this would definitely complete our dream!" She felt the intense, tearing pain from her lower body, her gaze complicated.

Red landed softly beside her, and was similarly wordless.

"Go!" Black Orchid lifted her black dress, obscuring both of them from view. Once the dress vanished, the two of them also disappeared without a trace.

Garen lay face-up, the clothes on his body once more tidy and presentable. There were still traces of Black Orchid’s soft fragrance on his body. That water-like feeling and surrounding had him slightly dazed even now.

"The Behemoth Gate…" he chanted lowly, as he slowly stood and glanced towards the direction Black Orchid had left. He lowered his head to look at the bloodied scratches across his chest. It was the first time someone had managed to break his skin with their fingernails since he perfected the Divine Statue Technique.

"To think it would be under these circumstances…" Garen smiled wryly.

He did not know why Black Orchid, as the leader of the Behemoth Gate, would do something like that. But as his first woman in this world, Black Orchid’s body was just like a water current, soft and supple, clear as jade. That faint fragrance, those perfect, slender curves. Every image was imprinted deep into his brain.

Inhaling deeply, Garen tried to chase the lingering temptation and pleasure out of his mind.

He understood what the medicine Black Orchid used was. It was a medicine that could work against peak-level Body Hardening Technique, and it was even an irresistible aphrodisiac.

It was the Heaven Match Powder, from the East. This kind of nearly-extinct aphrodisiac should have been exhausted several centuries ago. To think the Behemoth Gate managed to find a portion.

"Now the relationship’s gotten complicated." Looking at the virgin blood on the floor, Garen suddenly felt a headache coming on. At first, his relationship with the Behemoth Gate was crystal clear. Because of First Senior Sister, both sides had a considerable grudge against the other. Great, now their highest leader had even given him her body’s first night. The previously simple relationship instantly became ambiguous and complicated.

It was obvious to see that Black Orchid had all this planned in advance. She used the intervention as a chance to get closer to him, and drugged him when they were testing him one-on-one. In the end, they achieved their motive.

Helplessly, he turned around and walked towards the exit to the arena. He had no idea since when Lieutenant General Lycian had been standing outside the door, but presently the man smiled at him suggestively.

"How was it? That was the strongest leader of the Behemoth Gate, y’know. Such a strong woman, beautiful, with good skin, strong enough abilities, and wielding considerable power as well. She even took the initiative to drug you and gave herself to you. And you’re still sighing like it’s the end of the world, you chump?"

"Looks like I hadn’t taken the training to build an immunity towards drugs seriously… This time they got me with an aphrodisiac, but next time it could be a poison." Garen shook his head, "And besides, if it weren’t for you, Lieutenant General Lycian, pulling some strings in the middle, their chances of success wouldn’t be that high, would it? Don’t you think you should bear some of the responsibility?"

Lycian chuckled, looking rather awkward. "You already got all the benefits, can’t you leave a little for others? When that woman Black Orchid found me and mentioned about borrowing some seed, even I was shocked. But I still agreed in the end. You know how it is, in the South of the Confederation now, the main conflict is the problem between you and the Behemoth Gate. As long as the two of you have this sort of relationship, when faced with an outside threat, you won’t have to worry about the other side deliberately holding you back."

"Besides, you can relax, the agreement you had with the Behemoth Gate before this still stands. That woman, Black Orchid, is deathly decisive, so once she has made a promise, she will definitely fulfill it." Lycian said with a straight face, "As for my compensation… If I gave you the military position of Upper Major General, would you take it?"

"Sure. Why not?" Garen knew that Lycian represented the higher-ups in the Confederation, and did not hesitate. He understood what the Confederation had in mind as well.

The higher-ups had already discovered the fact that Governor Grant wanted independence. Perhaps they thought that since they couldn’t do anything about that right now, rather than letting a governor who wasn’t close to the higher-ups gain independence, they might as well give the authority to a power who was closer to the government.

"I’ll exert some influence on the governor’s office, don’t worry. Didn’t you give me a military position so I can set camp against that guy?"

"You sure see through things clearly," Lycian said with a nod, somewhat surprised. "It’s very hard to imagine that you are only slightly over twenty this year."

"Alright, now that things are settled on this said, I should get back now. There are still things I need to handle." Garen found this trip to meet and discuss with the Behemoth Gate utterly mystifying.

He carefully observed the attribute pane at the bottom of his field of vision.

To his great surprise, the vitality pane had increased a little again.

From 2.65 to 2.76.

It had obviously increased suddenly after he did that with Black Orchid.

After exiting the hall, Garen got onto a military vehicle and immediately checked into a luxurious hotel according to prior arrangement.

At the same time, Cynthia and Jack, who had been trailing behind, also arrived at the hotel.

Due to his complicated feelings towards Black Orchid, Garen asked the two of them to investigate Black Orchid’s background, while at the same time calling a temporary halt on some of the actions he had been taking to raid the Behemoth Gate.

But in truth, up until now, the Behemoth Gate’s bases in the South had already been pulled up by the roots under the joint attack of various powers such as the King of Nightmares’ Sirens, the Celestial Circle Gate, the Crimson Sand Sword, and the Southern Sky Holy Fist Gate. They had lost almost a hundred members. This may well be the Behemoth Gate’s worst loss in recent decades.

So even if Garen asked them to temporarily cease action for now, it was already meaningless.

Reining in his good mood from before, Garen stayed at the hotel for two days. Cynthia also obtained Fenistine’s current home and company addresses.

Following these addresses, Garen searched.


In the Yang Liu city area, in front of a dilapidated office building.

Garen slowly walked up to the entrance of the office building and stood firm, frowning slightly as he looked at the building.

It was all crooked and twisted, like a grey plastic box about to fall into pieces. There were graffitied swear words all over the walls, and there was even a pile of steaming hot dog shit on the ground by the metal door.

The people who walked past him were mostly peasants wearing simple clothes. Some of them had green tattoos peeking out from their necks, acting like hooligans.


A filthy stray cat walked slowly past Garen’s feet. Most of its black fur had fallen off, the rest of it lay in patches just like a leper.

"Cynthia, are you sure Fenistine’s company is in a place like this?" Garen turned around to ask Cynthia very suspiciously.

His pretty subordinate was currently wrapped up in thick cotton clothes, wearing a hat and gloves. Even so, she kept on attracting some nearby hooligans’ filthy gazes.

"I’m sure it’s here, yesterday Miss Fenistine just beat up a hooligan here."

Garen shook his head. He never thought Fenistine’s situation would be so bad.

"Never mind, let’s just go in and see."


The two of them walked into the office building, one after the other. As soon as they got in, they saw a fat man with a large beard swaying as he walked down.

The fat man was wearing a wool shirt and black-rimmed glasses. Seeing Garen and Cynthia, he immediately pushed up his glasses and carefully considered the two of them.

"May I ask who you’re looking for?"

"Is this the Green Pine Auction House?" Cynthia stepped forward and asked.

"Yes, you two are here for General Manager Fenistine, aren’t you? Plrease come in, the manager is upstairs." The fat man took out a dirty handkerchief to wipe his forehead. "Actually, no matter how you rush us, we can’t give you any more money. As you can see, we have even sold the building that was the company’s headquarters, and sold a large majority of the merchandise…" He turned around and led the two of them downstairs, all the while explaining the poor misfortune of Green Pine with an expression of pain.

The more Garen and Cynthia, the less they had to say. This fatty didn’t even bother to ask why they were here, which obviously meant that too many people had been demanding debts here recently, to the point where he had gotten numb to it.

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