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Chapter 156: Minor Changes 2
Garen was too tired to continue racking his brain, and due to the huge increment to his attribution, especially agility and intelligence, he felt like his whole body was burning up, and he felt a pain which could be described similar to being penetrated by countless of needles in his muscle as they contracted. His vision was clouded as his felt his brain was on fire as well.
He was drowsy as if he was inside the hottest sauna in the world. The weird thing was that he was not sweating at all. His muscles were stronger than ever, and there was no major change in his body figure either. However, cackling noises came out from his body as his body figure started to become more and more symmetrical and streamlined.
Garen woke up after some time had passed.
Thy sky outside had already turned into a bright gray.
He laid on the bed with his eyes open and noticed his long dark purple hair had been untied, spreading over the pillow like black lines of silk, bright and flowy. The whole room was faintly covered in a funny smell.
Garen slowly got up and gently moved his body. A string of snapping from all over his joints could be heard as he shifted.
He opened the window to let in some fresh, cold air from outside after he got up from his bed.
His mind was as clear as if he had just chewed on a mint, and all his thoughts were as fast as the flash from an electric spark, having no delay at all.
"All the attributions are at its limit… and I’m left with 5 points. Now I need to figure out how to go beyond the limit." Garen’s mind was never this clear before.
"Going beyond the limits has always been the goal of every fighter. The White Bird Holy Fist, Palosa of the Southern Sky Holy Fist Gate is the strongest in this aspect. Perhaps I can learn something from him. I will visit the Southern Sky Holy Fist Gate once I’ve dealt with my internal affairs."
Determined, he immediately walked towards his study desk and absentmindedly picked out a science textbook. He started experimenting the changes of his body, especially in the intelligence aspect.
After half an hour, he roughly had a clear idea of the effects of his maximised intelligence.
"Logical thinking is much clearer, memory capacity has increased dramatically, reasoning and analysis have become much stronger as well. The main effect of the intelligence attribute has on the body is the short-term memory. Usually, a normal person can only memorise five to seven lines of sentences in a short amount of time and this is without the effects of any enhancement in memorization. However, I currently…"
Garen opened a random page and scanned through its content. He then closed his eyes and he could clearly see the whole content that was in that page.
"10 lines… It’s a very strong effect! Furthermore, the contents from the short term memory can be converted into long term memory in an instant due to the fast reasoning speed. I can now remember and understand everything even if I skip the typical learning conditions." One page of information was quickly understood and stored into him as long term memory.
"There’s also the ability of calculation..."
Garen noticed that he could easily solve complicated mathematical questions with ease. Answers would simply float in his head as he immediately understood the question when he saw it.
He picked out a simple mathematical equation which contained four fundamental operations, with the exception of the equation being undetermined or divided by zero. His brain would immediately calculate the question as he glanced at it and he was able to calculate the last five digits of the answer every second. He managed to do so purely by brute force mental calculation, without any other instruments or techniques.
This ability could be improved tenfold if he did make use of some simple mathematical techniques.
"Intelligence mainly improves the reas

oning, memory and calculation of the user. As for creativity… nothing much has changed." Garen understood that creativity was based on the amount of content in the memory and the frequency of the sparks that could be produced from as information colliding into each other.
"In short, I have a photographic memory and react faster than normal people. I can easily grasp the important points of a question and solve it with a strong logical reasoning. This is the effect of increasing the Intelligence." Garen concluded.
"Next up is Agility."
He moved his body for a while and pulled out a punch out of nowhere.
A low pitched noise was cracked from the compressed air. His right knuckle was moving in and out swiftly like a snake.
"What amazing speed! This far surpasses Duskdune Shura’s attack speed! It’s even slightly faster than Andrela’s normal attack speed." Garen compared to his past opponent, Andrela, who was the fastest among them.
Andrela’s blink gave him a lasting impression. None of the grandmasters of combat were even close to his attack speed, including even Duskdune Shura or Flamingo. Although Andrela was not stronger than these two, he was the fastest in speed.
"Maybe if I were to compare it with Blink, I am still slightly behind. It must be the kind of secret art that heavily damages the opponent in a short amount of time."
Garen felt his body was more agile as he raised his hands and feet. He was sure that his body could react faster compared to last time. It was obvious that Agility had greatly increased his body’s speed.
He gently exhaled.
"I am now…. Much stronger!"
He was at least twice as strong as his former self! He wasn’t physically stronger, but stronger in terms of speed and intelligence; this would allow him to make the best decision and react in the shortest amount of time.
"I have the confidence to go against Duskdune Shura even when he is in his prime now!" Garen assessed his current state and concluded that he was better than ever.
As he wore the dark red shirt and jeans that he had brought back, Garen suddenly realized a pendant was hanging by his neck.
It was a pendant shaped like an open book and it was as warm as the human body.
"The old man’s pendant…" He frowned as he walked towards the mirror and stood in front of it.
His dark purple hair which was at shoulder length was like lion’s mane when it was messy. His dark red eyes were sharp as a knife, exuding a sense of aggression. His simple facial features had become charming.
His body was as strong as ever, but was more symmetrical now. His dark red shirt was tighten by his muscle profile. Garen adjusted his gaze to give more gentleness and less aggression.
He tied his hair up into a pony tail with a black rubber band that he found. He immediately looked much less aggressive with these small touches.
After getting used to his body in the room post-attribution-increase, Garen soon heard footsteps coming from the living room.
As he opened the door, he saw his sister Ying Er busy wiping her face with a bread between her lips, as she chewed and tied her shoes by the doorstep.
"I’ll send you." Garen quickly washed his face and brushed his teeth in the washroom.
"It’s okay. I have to go now and the school bus is here to fetch me." Ying Er jabbered as she chewed her bread.
"It’s alright. I will go with you." Garen spitted the foam out of his mouth and quickly wiped his mouth clean as he walked towards the doorsteps. On his way he picked up the things that he brought back. "I have to go out as well. I’ll send you there."
"Alright then. It’s so rare for you to be so proactive." A hint of joy flashed in Ying Er’s eyes as she looked at her recently grown up brother Garen in fascination.
Garen was the brother that had belonged to her alone before. However, the current Garen was the brother that was no longer hers anymore, but he became better and more reliable than before. He was concerned about Garen regarding his sudden change but she eventually accepted it.
Two of them greeted their parents who just came out of their bedroom and went downstairs as they locked the door.
The other occupants downstairs were not awake yet as it was still early.
Ying Er walked at the front while Garen followed behind as both of them quickly walked down the stairs.
"There should be a lot of parents in the school bus. There will be some of my friends as well…" Ying Er couldn’t help herself but glanced at Garen. She looked like she wanted to continue speaking but had decided otherwise.
"I’m ok with that. What are you worried about?" Garren replied helplessly. "Let’s walk faster. You’ll be in trouble if you miss the school bus."
"Right, right." Ying er sped up as well.
Both of them walked out of the residential area coming out from the staircase, where a black bus waiting at the entrance. The words Shengying Nobles Academy were written on the side of the vehicle.
The girls on the bus were wearing the same outfit as his sister; a white, short sleeved shirt combined with a super short skirt and black pantyhose. On the other hand, the boys were wearing white shirts and black jeans paired with leather boots. The attire was the same as what Garen wore when he woke up in this world.
It was the same view when he first got up the school bus.
Garen covered his sister as they got up the bus. There was another guy in the Shengying Nobles Academy attire who got up the bus in this district area as well.
There were about at ten students in the bus. Their respective parents, or cousins were accompanying them.
"Ying Er! Here!" A female voice came from the back seat. It was a girl with a red ponytail hair with a middle age woman beside her. The young lady had her bag placed on the seat beside her.
"Xiao Ling!" Ying Er quickly went to the back of the car as she pulled Garen along.
""Good day President Ying Er." "Good Morning President Ying Er." "President."
Almost half of the students knew Ying Er as they stood up and greeted her with respect. Everyone looked curious as they saw Garen standing behind her.
"President?" Garen looked at his sister skeptically. This was when he realized his sister was not a timid and lovable little woman that she had portrayed in the house. She had a cool and confident aura around her with a soft and gentle smile.
With just a simple change, she looked sharper and faintly dominant.
He had to reassess his sister’s social standing.
Her waist length dark purple hair was silky smooth and there was no split ends at all. The freckles on her oval face had long disappeared, leaving behind white, tender skin and a sharp chin. Her dark red, crystal gaze was calm and confident, but cold at the same time.
She gradually evolved into an hourglass body figure, as well as a pair of long and slender legs. Although she was much shorter than he was, she was considered tall among people her age.
Ying Er stood out inside the bus.
Ying Er blushed as she noticed her brother’s gaze and felt shy in front of her peers. It was a rare scene.
"I became the President of the Bowmanship Club two years ago." Ying Er explained softly.
"That’s very unexpected." Garen shook his head. Judging from the student’s respect and admiration, it seemed like Ying Er had did well for the past two years.
The duo walked to the back of the bus and Ying Er sat beside Xiao Ling whereas Garen sat on an empty seat in front of her. He politely nodded at Xiao Ling’s mother as a greeting.
Conversations regarding his identity could faintly be heard among the students in the car.
As Garen looked out the window, he realized that Huaishan City had slightly changed within the past two years. A few new buildings had been built, and the familiar jewelry shop he always saw had now become a pie shop.
After a while, the bus stopped and four students came up with their parents.
One of them, a handsome boy with gold hair, scanned the bus with his eyes and stopped at Ying Er.
"President Ying Er!" He quickly walked towards her as he grinned. One of the female students naturally got up and gave up her seat to him.
"Nesari." Ying Er frowned slightly as she calmly smiled. "Are you not commuting via your personal car again?"
"The car is still being fixed." The golden haired boy sat beside her with admiration written all over his face.

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