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Published at 8th of February 2021 05:55:04 AM

Chapter 4136: 4136
Chapter 4136: Mian, It’s Mom (6)

“It’s not that serious… I didn’t get any marks from Pudding and Little Bean’s pregnancy . I’ve been using imported creams lately, so it’s not a problem . ”

The changes in her body were the biggest giveaway .

Qin Chu hadn’t been intimate with her after coming back, so he never saw what Huo Mian’s stomach really looked like .

At the hospital, she took care of it herself .

So, if it wasn’t for Bella mentioning it, nobody would pay attention to Huo Mian’s stomach .

Of course, Bella didn’t mean to, it just came up in the conversation . However, that seemed to make Huo Mian very unhappy .

“Mian, don’t be sad . You’ll have another . ”

“Mhm, I’m over it . It’s in the past now, it’s fine . ”

“Right, I have something really important to tell you . ”

Bella suddenly seemed to remember something as she purposefully lowered her voice and sounded mysterious .

“Okay, go for it . ”

Bella looked around cautiously and got close to Huo Mian’s ear .

“Mian, that person that you asked for… I’ve been surveying him, and I found something . ”

“Oh? Is that right? What did you find?”

Huo Mian had a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth, and Bella didn’t notice how eerie that looked .

She had been with Huo Mian for a few years, and she knew her well . She would never doubt Huo Mian, so she was spilling her secrets .

Bella lowered her voice again…

“Mian, that Jing De… You were right, he really isn’t Zhixin’s father . ”

“Who is he then?” Huo Mian calmly asked .

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“He feels like a monster . ” Bella felt her hair stand while thinking about it .

“Monster?” Huo Mian raised her eyebrows .

“Mhm, ever since he got here, weird stuff has been happening in the neighborhood . It started with cats and dogs going missing, then it turned to people . Someone was found hidden behind a corner… It’s gotten more and more ridiculous, children between the ages of four and eight are going missing . Everybody in the neighborhood is on edge, and a case has been opened . However, there’s been no leads . ”

“What does it have to do with Jing De?” Huo Mian kept playing dumb .

“Even though I didn’t see it myself, it’s definitely related to him . One night, I saw him get up creepily, so I followed him . I didn’t know what he was doing, but he had blood on the corners of his mouth, really… His eyes look scary too, I don’t dare to sleep deeply at night, I’m scared that he’s going to do something to me and Zhixin, or Mom… Too bad, Mom trusts him so much, so I don’t know how to tell her . Mian, you should be the one to do it . You’re Mom’s favorite, so she listens to you the most out of everyone . ”

“Mhm, leave it to me…”

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Huo Mian nodded, deep in thought .

“Mian, what do you think his goal is? I don’t know where the situation is going from the looks of things… I secretly installed HD cameras around the house, so I’ll see something as soon as he tries anything . ”

“When did you install them?” staring at Bella’s eyes, Huo Mian asked .

“Last night, when mom and him went out to get groceries . I asked my friend to help me install a lot of cameras . As soon as I get evidence, we’re going to hand it to Gao Ran and let the police take care of it . ”

Smiling, Huo Mian extended her hand… Her long fingernails glided across Bella’s shoulder .

Out of nowhere, Bella got a cold shiver .

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