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Chapter 4135: 4135
Chapter 4135: Mian, It’s Mom (5)

“Oh, really? Boyuan told you…” Her grandpa seemed doubtful .

“Yep . ”

“Baby Bean, when did you start having such serious talks with Boyuan…” Grandpa Qin teased his granddaughter .

“Eh, not really, it just came up in a casual conversation . Boyuan told me that the city isn’t safe and that we shouldn’t wander around… Let’s see if Handsome Su will be less busy next week . If he is, we’ll go to Disneyland in Tokyo . ”

The family didn’t take the child’s words seriously .

Huo Mian didn’t act unnaturally . She never really cared about such a small issue anyways .

However at breakfast, she clearly didn’t eat as much as before .

“Mian, do you not like the food?” Qin Chu’s mother felt pity for her daughter-in-law .

“No, mother . ”

“Why aren’t you eating as much as before? Your appetite clearly decreased . You can’t keep doing this . You just had a miscarriage and your body is damaged, you need to make up for it . ”

“I know, don’t worry, Mother . I’m taking it slow . ”

Facing everybody’s concern, Huo Mian felt natural .

At breakfast, Huo Mian got into Qin Chu’s car .

“Sweetie, I’m gonna go with you to the company in the morning . In the afternoon, I’m gonna go to the First Hospital and get some medication . ”

“Okay . ”

Qin Chu nodded without speaking much .

The two went to GK together, Qin Chu spoke even less than before .

The couple didn’t really talk in the car .

At GK, Qin Chu started working immediately while Yang poured Huo Mian a glass of hot milk .

“What is this?”

“Young Madam, your hot milk . ”

“I don’t want it, take it away . ” Leila didn’t like the taste of milk, especially fresh milk .

She seemed to dislike the scent, she covered her nose and made Yang take it away .

Yang looked puzzled .

“Young Madam… You always drank hot milk…”

She finally realized and explained, “After getting sick, my tastes changed . Don’t bring me milk anymore . ”

“Oh, okay . ” Yang nodded, agreeing with the Young Madam’s command .

“Young Madam, what would you like instead?”

“Nothing, go do your work . ”

“Yes . ”

After Yang left, Huo Mian lounged on the sofa and flipped through magazines . She found it boring and threw it away .

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Bella knocked at that moment .

“Come in . ”

“Mian, I’ve been wanting to visit you, but I was scared of disturbing you… I came right away when I heard President Qin mention that you’re here . ”

When Bella came home, she heard from Huo Mian’s mother that Huo Mian lost her child .

She felt devastated . Zhixin was on a business trip right now, and if he knew, he would’ve been back long ago .

After Bella said that, her eyes teared up .

Huo Mian tilted her head, looked at her and searched her brain for a few seconds .

Then, she smiled and said, “Bella, come sit . ”

Holding back tears, Bella came and sat next to Huo Mian .

Then, she looked at her flat stomach…

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“Mian, you’ve been through a lot… You should be at home resting, not here at the company . ”

“I’ve mostly recovered . ”

“I heard that induced labor is more painful than childbirth, and it leaves horrible marks on your stomach… That’s why I’m scared of having children . Is it the same for you?”

After Bella said that, she looked at Huo Mian’s stomach .

After hearing Bella’s words, Huo Mian cautiously pulled her shirt down, not showing any skin .

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