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Chapter 3411: 3411
Chapter 3411 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 11

Once she heard that her mommy was coming, she became scared .

She knew that her mommy would blame her .

Huo Mian was pregnant again and couldn’t drive anymore .

Wherever she went, she had an entourage around her .

She had an extremely skillful driver, as well as a bodyguard who knew martial arts and how to use a gun . In her own words, she was being treated like a national treasure .

Qin Chu’s Benz, also known as Huo Mian’s personal vehicle, pulled up .

“Gosh, it’s really Mommy…” Pudding felt guilty .

“Damn, whoever snitched on us to Mommy is my arch-nemesis . ” Little Bean thought that their mom should be at a conference at the hospital this early in the morning .

Why would she appear here?

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“If it was Zeng Rou, I will never forgive her, that scheming b*tch . ” Little Bean seemed antsy and pushed the blame onto Zeng Rou .

“Don’t say that, we don’t know what’s going on . I don’t think Auntie Zeng Rou is like that . ”

Pudding had a conversation with Zeng Rou in the kitchen, and her intuition was telling her that she wasn’t like Jian Tong .

When they finished talking, Huo Mian pushed open the door and entered .

“President Huo . ” An was very polite towards Huo Mian . Even though they were familiar with each other, An still felt stressed out because of her aura .

Huo Mian nodded and walked inside .

“Sis, you’re here . ” Lu Yan was being very affectionate towards Huo Mian .

“You’re already running around as soon as you leave the hospital…” Huo Mian lectured her lovingly .

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“Ha, I was dying from boredom… My nieces brought me here to have breakfast,” Lu Yan laughed .

“Auntie… You betrayed us so easily…” Little Bean was itching from anger .

“What are you two up to?” Huo Mian tilted her head and looked at her two daughters .

“Mommy, we thought that you were too busy to take care of Auntie when she left the hospital earlier today . So, we talked to Captain Su and he volunteered to treat her to breakfast, so we came along,” Little Bean said .

“I…” Su Yu felt that he was being thrown under the bus .

“How’s the breakfast here? Good?” Huo Mian smiled and looked at Su Yu .

“No, I was busy for the past few days and didn’t have the chance to properly show your sister around . I thought today was a good day because I was free…” Su Yu tried to perfect his lie .

“So you drove ten luxury cars to pick up Yan?” Huo Mian asked .

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“Uh, you know about that already?”

“How could I not? It’s on the trending page… Please, can’t you be more lowkey?” Huo Mian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry .

“Huh? That got onto trending? People here are boring…” Lu Yan thought nothing of it .

“Let’s go, come do a checkup with me . I will let you go once I see if your brain is completely fine . ” Huo Mian held onto Lu Yan’s hand .

“Sis, that’s not necessary, right?”

Huo Mian coldly scanned Lu Yan’s face…

“Haha, okay, a checkup is necessary . Sis, you look so pretty, everything you say is right . ” Lu Yan rarely spent time with her sister, so she didn’t want her to be upset .

So, she really cared about Huo Mian’s mood . Seeing that she wasn’t happy made Lu Yan change her mind .

“You two, come with me . ”

“Mommy, we…” Little Bean was just about to say something .

“If I remember correctly, today is not the weekend . So, Miss Qin Zhaozhao and Qin Mumu, were you planning on skipping? Should I call Mr . Qin Chu right now?”

Huo Mian glared at the twins, scaring the air out of them .

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