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Chapter 3319: 3319
Chapter 3319 Dr . Huo“s Awesome Little Sister 9

“Instead of giving us a present, why don’t you give us cash? I heard Auntie’s wealth can compete with a nation… Why don’t you give us two US dollars?” Little Bean laughed evilly .

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“Haha, you little devil . ”

“Little Bean, you’re not allowed to ask your auntie for money . ” Huo Mian didn’t think this was a good habit for her daughter to develop .

“Mommy, I’m just joking with Auntie . We’re not poor anyways, right?” Little Bean immediately tried to explain .

“Auntie, you don’t need to listen to Little Bean’s nonsense . We don’t need money . We’re already very happy that you came to visit us,” Pudding said as she held onto Lu Yan’s hand and leaned on her shoulder .

“Okay, you two… Since you two are the first ones to tease me, I’ll let you go…”

Then Lu Yan took out two bundles of US dollars from her army bag and handed it to the twins .

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“Wow… I was just joking… We really get it?” Little Bean exclaimed .

“Yup . I must grant your wishes . ” Although it might be an exaggeration that Lu Yan’s wealth matched that of a nation, she was still a very rich lady with an incredible amount of wealth… She had billions… Also, she didn’t like wearing expensive clothes and luxury bags like other girls . However, the things she used weren’t cheap but rather even more luxurious than expensive brands . The things she wears and uses are all made from army factories . Just the waterproof bag she used, which looked very simple, was apparently sold for 180,000 on the black market . Moreover, only those at the top of the underground world could use these sorts of expensive goods .

“Yan, don’t give them money . They’re still young,” Huo Mian tried to stop this .

“Sis, don’t worry . It’s not that much either… It’s just some pocket money for them to spend and have fun with . Also, US dollars don’t work here…” Lu Yan smiled .

“Auntie, you’re really rich . I admire you,” Pudding exclaimed as she squeezed the bundle of money in her hands .

Pudding had closely listened to the conversation between Lu Yan and Huo Mian . Lu Yan said this was only pocket money for them to play with .

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Pudding was very sensitive to money . Just by touching the bundle, she could tell that it was over 20,000 USD .

How much was 20,000 USD? Since USD was appreciating, if we translated it into yuan, it would be approximately 150,000 yuan .

To two three-year-old kids, was 20,000 USD or 150,000 Yuan just pocket money?

To Lu Yan, this amount was surely pocket money . Pudding was wildly impressed by how rich her aunt was .

“Huh? How about that? Do you want to follow me in the future?” Lu Yan teased .

“That’s alright . I won’t be able to learn what you have accomplished, Auntie . I’m planning to help my daddy manage a few companies in the future . I’ll keep up with the stock market, invest in some private equity…” Pudding had already planned her future out .

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“Haha, good for you . What about you Little Bean? What do you want to be when you grow up?” Lu Yan asked as she squeezed Little Bean’s chubby cheeks .

“Me? I don’t really have a dream . If my sister’s dream is like reaching the stars, then mines would be enjoying life…”

“That’s a great wish… Hahaha…” Lu Yan laughed joyously .

“Yup . You can’t blame me for it . Our family’s rich . Daddy can earn a lot of money and Mommy is very smart and capable too . My sister loves earning money so they can feed me . This shouldn’t be a problem . Also, my future husband can feed me, so I can just enjoy my life . I don’t need a dream,” Little Bean explained .

“Auntie, see how shameless Little Bean is,” Pudding mocked .

“Excuse me . This is not shameless, okay? This is called you only live once . ”

Just then, Huo Mian looked out the window . They had arrived at Ah’Xin’s Ramen .

“We’re here . Let’s get off . ”

“Wow! Isn’t that Daddy’s car? He arrived earlier than us!” Little Bean exclaimed as she looked out the window .

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