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Chapter 3313: 3313
Chapter 3313 Dr . Huo“s Awesome Little Sister 3

“My goodness… Yan?”

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Lu Yan hadn’t told her sister about her arrival because she wanted to give her a big surprise .

She succeeded . Pretending to be a patient, she came to see Huo Mian, giving her a big surprise .

“Sis, are you surprised? Are you delighted?” Lu Yan stuck out her tongue and lifted Huo Mian up with her strong arms .

“Damned girl… Why didn’t you tell me… You gave me such a surprise…” More sensitive due to her pregnancy, Huo Mian began to weep .

She had been sad after Lu Yan departed without telling her in Australia; she had missed Lu Yan very much .

She had thought she wouldn’t be able to see Lu Yan until the eve of the New Year .

She hadn’t expected that she’d see her sister again so soon .

“Ha! I thought for a long time during the flight and finally came up with this way of meeting you . I knew you’d be surprised . ”

“Yeah . I’m surprised, but I’m happy, too . ” Huo Mian raised her head and wiped the tears from her face .

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“Sis, don’t cry . Aren’t you happy to see me?”

“I’m happy . Do you know the phrase ‘tears of happiness’?” Huo Mian said with a chuckle .

“I know . The opposite phrase is ‘extreme joy begets sorrow’…” Lu Yan said playfully .

“Shut up . Put me down… I’m dizzy…” Lu Yan had picked her up and held her with ease, exhibiting her extraordinary strength .

Seeing her sister again, Huo Mian wept in happiness and wouldn’t let go of Lu Yan’s hand .

“Yan, where did you go after we parted in Australia?”

“I went to Brazil to catch a traitor in Rio De Janeiro . ”

“Did you catch him?”

“Yes . ”

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“Were you wounded?”

“Impossible . Sis, you don’t know my capabilities…” Lu Yan laughed confidently .

“I was worried about you . ”

“Sis, I’m fine . Over these years, the skills I’ve practiced the most are for self-protection . It’s not easy to kill me . ”

“Oh, where’s Qiao Fei?” Huo Mian looked around but didn’t see Qiao Fei, thinking he was waiting outside .

“He didn’t come with me . ”

“No? He’s waiting outside?”

“No . He didn’t come back to China with me . ”

“Where did he go? Qiao Fei… broke away from his family, right?” Huo Mian knew Qiao Fei had nowhere to go .

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Qin Chu had told her how Qiao Fei broke up with his family to stay with Lu Yan .

At that time, she had exclaimed about Qiao Fei’s deep love for Yan despite his reserved personality .

“He… was homesick and went back to Moscow…”

Huo Mian frowned and obviously didn’t believe this awkward excuse .

“Oh, Sis, don’t talk about it now . I’ll explain it later . I’m starving now . They say the food in the cafeteria at South Side is good . Can you take me to have lunch there?” Lu Yan asked .

“Of course . But you rarely come back . I can’t take you to eat in the cafeteria . Let’s go and eat something good . ” Huo Mian made to change out of her white coat .

“No . Sis, I just want to experience your daily life . Please take me to the cafeteria . ”

“You’re… full of strange ideas…” Giving in to Lu Yan’s begging, Huo Mian took her to the hospital’s cafeteria .

The moment they entered, they caught everyone’s attention .

The reason was simple . Lu Yan was extremely beautiful and would shine in any place no matter what clothes she wore .

She could even outshine some female movie stars .

“Wow! Look! Who’s the girl walking in with the vice director? She’s super beautiful…” People began to talk .

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