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Chapter 3304: 3304
Chapter 3304 Big Demon King Lu Yan 4

“Su Yu, have you made your decision?” Nie Lingxuan asked .

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“Um…” Su Yu looked embarrassed .

“Tell me your decision; be serious . ”

“Xuan…” It was the first time that Su Yu called Nie Lingxuan in this way and felt uncomfortable as if goosebumps broke out on his skin .

Nie Lingxuan only looked at him quietly, looking a bit tense .

She felt as if she had become a schoolgirl again and was waiting for the teacher to declare the result of an examination .

“Xuan, you’re a good girl, a good actress, and a good employee of our Imperial Star…”

Su Yu paused; Nie Lingxuan looked at him tensely and didn’t interrupt .

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“But I think… you’re really not my type . I know these words will hurt you, but I must say them because I don’t want you to waste time on me”

“I understand . ” Tears welled up in Nie Lingxuan’s eyes and she almost wept .

It was her first time declaring love to a guy, but she was rejected . It felt so bad that she wanted to cry .

“Don’t cry… Listen to me…”

“Please go ahead, President Su,” Nie Lingxuan said chokingly .

“Love is something you feel and enjoy, right? Other people might think two people match each other, but they need to have a certain feeling for each other… A feeling that’s hard to describe . ” Su Yu tried to describe his thoughts .

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“Is it the same feeling as you have for Dr . Huo?” Nie Lingxuan asked .

Su Yu froze and then nodded .

“Yeah . You’re right; that’s the feeling… You might laugh at me, but I indeed have no girlfriends because of my love for Mian… Even now, my heart flips when I see her . I feel happy with each frown, each smile, each move, and each word from her . You might think I’m crazy, but that’s the feeling I truly have . ”

“I believe you and I understand what you mean because… I feel the same way for you . ” As she said these words, tears slid down her cheeks .

She looked pitiable with her face covered in tears .

An craned his neck and glanced into the window occasionally

“Whoa . Miss Nie seems to be crying… I wonder what President Su told her,” An murmured to himself .

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“Do you have to wonder? Your president must have rejected the girl . ”

“Then you must be happy, right?” An looked at Zeng Rou .

“It’s damned not my business . Su Yu rejected her not because of me; he did it because of Huo Mian . ”

“You always speak the truth . ” An sighed .

“Of course . I’m an honest person…”

“Aren’t you afraid that… our President Su will never like you because of Dr . Huo?” An slanted her a glance .

“Can fear do anything for me? Will it not happen just because I fear it?” Zeng Rou asked .

“Um… So, you want to wait and see if our boss will change his feelings . If he doesn’t, you’d leave, right?”

“Yeah . If Su Yu can’t stop loving another woman, my staying here is meaningless . We’re now helping each other but getting married is totally another thing . My marriage… must be based on love…” Zeng Rou sighed .

“But I’m curious how long Su Yu will love Huo Mian . ” Zeng Rou cocked her head and looked at Su Yu, whose white shirt made him look radiant in the dark night .

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