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Chapter 3298: 3298
Chapter 3298 Regret for Life if You Don“t Confess 8

“Oh . Go ahead . ” Su Yu nodded, thinking she came to talk about work .

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After all, he managed a big entertainment company, and many actresses usually played tricks by coming to him with complaints . Su Yu was used to it .

“I… Can we talk in another place?”

Zeng Rou was gone but An was still with them . Nie Lingxuan didn’t want to express her feelings in the living room .

“Okay . Let’s go to the backyard . ”

Su Yu walked to the fridge and took out two cans of Coke .

Handing one to Nie Lingxuan, he opened one for himself and took a swig from it while walking .

Nie Lingxuan took the Coke and followed him silently into the backyard .

Su Yu’s backyard was big and scenic; in the summer, Tang Chuan liked to come here to eat and drink, enjoying the place .

Opposite to the swimming pool was a set of sofa chairs, which were comfortable for playing cards and chatting at .

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In the fresh breeze of the summer night, Su Yu sat on the sofa and continued with his Coke .

With his stomach full, he was in a good mood .

Inside the house, An stood at a window and looked out curiously .

“Hey…” Zeng Rou patted him from behind, startling him .

“What are you doing? You scared me, Miss Zeng . ”

“Haha! You’re spying on Su Yu . Don’t you think it’s immoral?”

“I wasn’t… I’m trying to protect President Su . What if Nie Lingxuan tries to do something to him?” An said .

“Nonsense . The girl likes Su Yu; how can she do things to harm him? You are just trying to find an excuse to spy on them…” Zeng Rou chuckled .

“She indeed likes President Su . But what if she loses control of herself and tries to force her attention onto our President Su?” An was still trying to find an excuse .

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“Humph… Impossible . If she did, your President Su would be happy . ” Zeng Rou pursed her lips .

“Hey, I say… Miss Zeng, you are our President Su’s girlfriend, at least in name . Aren’t you worried that your boyfriend was called out alone by another woman?”

“What’s the damned use of worrying?”

An: “…”

“Besides, the girl’s fragile figure is no match for Su Yu physically . If she truly wants to lure Su Yu with her body, I’d like to watch it . Heihei . The rumors say Su Yu’s gay . If he truly doesn’t like women, why would I stay here? I’d leave immediately . If he responds to women, well, I’ll stay and see what happens . ”

An: “…”

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Miss Zeng, you’re really… weird . ” An sighed .

“Thanks for the compliment . When I was little, my teachers used to describe me with that word…” Zeng Rou wasn’t angry .

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They looked out stealthily into the backyard .

It was quiet at midnight and they were not far from the two people in the backyard, so they could hear the conversation between Su Yu and Nie Lingxuan .

With the can of Coke in his hand, Su Yu glanced at Nie Lingxuan . “You want to talk to me, right? Go ahead . ”

“Okay…” Nie Lingxuan bit on her lip, trying to muster her courage; she was having upheavals inside .

“Did you run out of money? You want me to loan you some money?” Su Yu asked .

“No . President Su, I have money . ”

“What do you want then? A raise?”

“No . ”

“You want the company to buy you a house or a car?” Su Yu continued .

“No . ” Nie Lingxuan shook her head repeatedly .

“Then I can’t imagine what you want . ” Su Yu glanced at her empty hands and saw she didn’t even bring a jar of soup for him . Why did the woman come to his house in the middle of the night?

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