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Chapter 3297: 3297
Chapter 3297 Regret for Life if You Don“t Confess 7

“What’s it?” Zeng Rou looked surprised .

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An checked his watch . “It’s quite late… Who is it?”

“Open the door and check it out,” Su Yu said indifferently . He was enjoying his meal and didn’t want to move, so he instructed An to get the door .

Obediently, An stood up and went to open the door .

He was a little surprised when he saw the person standing at the door .

“Miss… Nie, what are you doing here?” An was surprised that Nie Lingxuan would come at such a late hour .

The girl was single-minded . After her conversation with Xixi, she couldn’t sleep .

She thought Xixi was right and even thought tragically that if Su Yu or herself got into an accident tomorrow, then she’d never have a chance to tell him her feelings .

She got up at midnight to get dressed and put on some make-up; without telling her assistant and agent, she drove directly to Su Yu’s house .

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She didn’t know that Su Yu wasn’t alone, and that the three of them were having a night meal .

“I’m here to see President Su . Is he home?” Nie Lingxuan asked softly .

“Um… He’s home . Come in . ”

An had worked for Su Yu for many years and had seen all kinds of women . Most of the women were scheming bitches, but Nie Lingxuan was shy and honest, which made her stand out from the other actresses .

After she got famous, many second-generation rich guys and wealthy businessmen had their eye on her .

But she had refused all of them, not even accepting their invitation to meals .

Since she worked in Su Yu’s Imperial Star, some reporters would connect her with Su Yu in some stories .

It was why those guys who had designs on her dared not to make a move against her .

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Her fans all knew that she was still single . Some fans even recommended boyfriends for her or suggested that she could attend a dating reality show to find her true love .

But the girl was single-mindedly in love with Su Yu and spared no glance at other men .

For this special meeting, Nie Lingxuan had put on a reserved but beautiful dress .

With light make-up and the matching pale-blue dress and white crystal shoes, she wore her hair down .

The new style Cartier bracelet on her wrist cost hundreds of thousands of yuan .

Around her neck was a simple pearl necklace .

She was very pretty with a kind face; all the people at Imperial Star liked her .

An liked the girl, too, and thought his boss would be happy if he married her .

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At least she looked to be a good woman and would become a great wife and gentle mother .

But Su Yu seemed to not be interested in her .

“President Su, Miss Nie is here,” An reported in a low voice .

Hearing the visitor was Nie Lingxuan, Su Yu put down his spoon and stopped gulping down the fried rice .

He stood up and looked at her in surprise .

“What are you doing here?”

“I…” Nie Lingxuan was about to speak when she saw Zeng Rou sitting beside Su Yu . She stopped .

“Um… You go ahead and talk; I’ll go and wash the dishes . ” Understanding the situation, Zeng Rou gathered the plates and ran into the kitchen .

She had met this girl during the day, and everyone in the world could see her love for Su Yu .

Zeng Rou didn’t want to be the third wheel as they talked; this was the basic politeness .

“President Su, I want to talk to you . ” Nie Lingxuan wrung her hands, looking nervous .

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