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Chapter 3293: 3293
Chapter 3293 Regret for Life if You Don“t Confess 3

“It’s not what you think . Sis, I asked around and found that that woman isn’t President’s girlfriend . ”

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“What?” Nie Lingxuan was surprised .

“Zeng Rou is a woman arranged for Su Yu by his family; she’s living in his house temporarily, but President Su doesn’t like her . ”

“How do you know he doesn’t like her? Maybe she’s his type,” Nie Lingxuan said in a low voice .

“Because Su Yu loves Sister Mian,” Xixi said confidently .

Nie Lingxuan bit on her lip . She tried to say something but couldn’t find words of objection . After all, her sister was right since all the people in the world knew that Su Yu loved Huo Mian .

“President Su loves Sister Mian so much; I don’t think he’d change his heart so easily . If he doesn’t like you, of course, he doesn’t like anyone else… So, Sis, Zeng Rou isn’t really your rival . The problem is that you’ve never told him directly how you feel about him . Are you sure you want to give up without trying?”

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“I…” Nie Lingxuan tried to say something but stopped .

“Sis, Iet me just ask you: do you want to date a guy right now?”

Nie Lingxuan shook her head .

“You still like Su Yu, right?”

After a moment of hesitation, Nie Lingxuan nodded .

“Then what are you hesitating about? Sis, if you continue loving him in secret, nothing will come out of it . Heaven won’t show mercy on you and make Su Yu come to you and say he loves you . It’s impossible . You must fight for your own happiness… Even a woman as extraordinary as Sister Mian has been working hard for her marriage and love . So, you either forget Su Yu completely and find a boyfriend, or…tell him your feelings . The worst result is that he rejects you; it’s not as if you’d die . ”

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“But… If I told him my feelings and he refused me, how could I face him after that? Will he dislike me?”

“Look at you! You’re too meek and think too much . It’s why you have a miserable life . You entered Imperial Star as a trainee even earlier than Zhao Qingya and the others, but you earned your fame much later than them… You act in the same way with your love affair . I warn you, if you still hesitate about it, Su Yu might get married and have children…”

Nie Lingxuan: “…”

“Sis, life is short . If you don’t do it, you’ll have no chance to do it when you’re older . You’ll regret your hesitation . Do what you want to do; the worst that will happen is that you fail it . I truly don’t think it’s that difficult . ” Xixi tried to convince her elder sister since she didn’t want her sister to continue her life like a doormat .

“Xixi, you’re right . ”

“Sis, I’m not trying to brainwash you . I just want to say that we’ll never know which comes first, an accident or tomorrow . Life is fragile . If you don’t say it now, you’ll never have a chance . Anyway, you’ve liked Su Yu for so long; at least you can let him know about it, right?”

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“Yes . I’m too meek and always let others surpass me . If I told him my feelings earlier, maybe Zeng Rou wouldn’t be able to move into his house… Xixi, I’ll follow your advice; I decide to…give it a try . ” With her sister’s encouragement, Nie Lingxue looked more confident .

“Now go home and have a good sleep . Consider carefully how to tell Su Yu your feelings . ”

“Okay . ”

Saying goodbye to her elder sister, Xixi returned to the car .

“Is your sister okay?” Rick asked .

“She’s fine . She’s just obsessed with Su Yu . I encouraged her to try and tell him her feelings . ”

“Is it really a good idea?” Rick looked at Xixi and seemed not fond of the idea .

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