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Chapter 3291: 3291
Chapter 3291 Regret for Life if You Don“t Confess 1

After Zhixin’s engagement banquet, everyone returned home in a good mood .

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During the night, they all mocked Tang Chuan again in the group chat .

Returning to South Hill Manor, Pudding ran to her grandpa .

“Grandpa, I blackmailed a tea set from Uncle Tang today…”

“Oh? Our Pudding is very capable . ” Qin Chu’s father touched his granddaughter’s head lovingly .

“Yeah . Your birthday is coming, so I got you a present . ”

“You’re so smart…” Qin Chu’s father couldn’t stop grinning .

“Pudding, he’s the future husband of your aunt . We can’t bully him,” Grandma told her granddaughter .

“Don’t worry, Grandma . I won’t take it for free . I’ve transferred money to his account . ”

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“This kid…” Qin Chu’s mother didn’t know what to say . The twins were very mature for their age; they knew everything, especially Pudding who had begun investing and stock speculation with Qin Chu and Huo Mian’s permission .

After talking with her grandparents for a while, Pudding walked upstairs with her cellphone .

“Uncle Tang, I’ve transferred money to your account . Check it when you have time . ”

“Kiddo, I told you I don’t want your money . What are you doing? Trying to embarrass me?”

“I can’t take it for free . I got it for my Grandpa’s birthday, so I don’t want to take it free . I didn’t pay you much for it anyway… You still lose money on this deal . ” Pudding chuckled .

“No problem . After all, I’m your uncle,” Tang Chuan said proudly .

After sending the WeChat message, Tang Chuan lamented sitting in Su Yu’s car, “Pudding is extraordinary . The kid is so mature for her age; she even transferred money to me for the tea set…” Tang Chuan read the message he had just received from his bank on his cellphone .

Indeed, Pudding only transferred 800,000 yuan, but it showed that she didn’t want to take the tea set for free .

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Tang Chuan appreciated this gesture which was beyond the understanding of ordinary children .

“My Pudding does things impeccably . ” Su Yu looked extremely proud as if she was his own daughter .

“So, it’s why I told you not to marry now . You can choose one of the two girls twenty years later when they grow up,” Tang Chuan joked .

“F*ck off! If you say it again, I’ll have you castrated . ” Su Yu gave Tang Chuan a dirty look .

Hearing the word ‘castrated’, Tang Chuan covered his crotch subconsciously as if Su Yu would really do it .

“Haha! Please don’t . I need it to make my Ning-Ning happy…”

“Don’t be so smug . I know you’ve slept with Qin Ning; in fact, all the people in the world know it, Mr . Tang…”

“Haha! It will keep me happy for one year,” Tang Chuan said smugly .

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“Okay, I can’t exchange nonsense with you now . I’ve got to go home . ”

“Whoa! You go home early these days . Are you going home to sleep with Zeng Rou?”

“Bullshit . I only have meals with her; An is with us all the time . ”

“It’s fine . You’ll get closer to her gradually and maybe you’ll eat into bed with her one day . ” Tang Chuan smirked .

“Do you think I’m as dirty as you are?”

“It’s not dirty . I’m talking about men’s normal needs . You’re both unmarried, so it’s not immoral to sleep together . So, enjoy your meals, and… you’ll not get enough once you begin…”

“You make it sound as if I was a virgin . Forget it, get your ass home and go to bed . ”

Then, Su Yu started the car .

Obediently, Tang Chuan got out of the Lamborghini; when he passed An’s car, he glanced at Zeng Rou slyly .

“Show him your skills…” Tang Chuan said to her .

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