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Chapter 3283: 3283
Chapter 3283 Simple and Rough is Lu Yan“s Style 3

“Mr . Wei, you’re messing with me…” Tang Chuan looked sulky .

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“Haha! I told you not to always show PDA in front of everyone but you didn’t listen . Now you’re the one alone . ”

“It’s not as if I was dumped . Ning just returned to the U . S . to resign from her job . When she comes back, I’ll pay you guys back…” Tang Chuan snorted .

“What if my aunt falls in love with someone else and doesn’t come back?” Little Bean teased him .

“Pooh! Don’t be such a doomsayer . We’re friends, Little Bean . ”

“You two are not friends, you’re eating pals . But I told you eating pals are not loyal to each other and they might sell you out someday . ” Pudding laughed .

“Little girl, you’re just adding insult to injury . ” Tang Chuan looked at Su Yu with a bitter face . “Mr . Su, you’re damned not a good friend . You’re a permanent bachelor but today you astonished us by bringing a girl here . Are you trying to torture me?”

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“I didn’t mean to…” Su Yu laughed .

“Get out . You did it on purpose . ”

“Now let’s mock this single dog one by one . Zhixin, you go first…” Gao Ran added fuel to the fire .

Zhixin held Bella’s hand happily . “We’ll pass . Today we’re getting engaged and are very happy, so we won’t torture the single dog . ”

Tang Chuan was about to praise Zhixin for his kindness when Zhixin said, “But Mr . Tang isn’t a dog in my eyes . He’s a wolf-dog that needs to be disciplined . Mr . Tang, when will you get engaged to Qin Ning?”

“My goodness! You hurt me . My heart…” Tang Chuan put his palm on his chest, making everyone laugh .

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“Good job . ” Su Yu gave Zhixin a thumbs-up .

Then Zhu Lingling leaned on Gao Ran’s shoulder and said with a devilish smile, “Honey, tonight do you want to do it in the same positions that we did last night?”

“Ms . Zhu Lingling, this is a public place… Please mind your language…” Jiang Xiaowei chortled .

“Please don’t stop… Continue and tell us more . We’re all ears . ” Jiang Xiaowei’s next words surprised everyone .

Indignantly, Tang Chuan pointed at her and said, “Xiaowei, you have a doctorate degree; how can you lower yourself to the level of these guys? You should join my camp . You know, you and I have the highest IQ among this group . ”

“Ahem…” Hearing the mentioning of IQ, Huo Mian coughed to remind the others .

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“Uncle Tang, don’t brag . No one here has a higher IQ than my dad and mom,” Little Bean cocked her head and said smugly .

Huo Mian touched her belly . “Honey, your son kicked me again . ”

“Honey, let’s write it down . When he comes out, you can pay him back…” Qin Chu held Huo Mian and touched her belly gently .

“Dr . Huo, I always thought you were the most fair-minded person among us and wouldn’t kick anyone when they’re down . It seems you want to torture me, too…” Tang Chuan didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh .

“I didn’t mean to . But I got worked up when you tried to take the title of highest IQ from me,” Huo Mian teased Tang Chuan .

“You are bad guys… I hate you…” Tang Chuan pretended to be sad .

“Ni Yang, you and your wife make a go at him . Anyway, everyone has done it except for you guys,” Gao Ran said to Ni Yang and Chen Jie .

“We’ll pass . Mr . Tang is pitiful enough . ” Ni Yang smiled mildly .

“Torture me . You must torture me . I’m not pleased if you don’t torture me . Come on… Bring it on . I’m happy today . ” Tang Chuan opened the video chat on his cellphone with Qin Ning and stood up to have fun .

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