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Chapter 3281: 3281
Chapter 3281 Simple and Rough is Lu Yan“s Style 1

“Little Bean, you’re right . When I was in school, the boys in my class liked to call me girl gangster…” Zeng Rou chuckled and didn’t look embarrassed .

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“Miss Zeng, I’m sorry . Little Bean likes to spout nonsense . I’ll discipline her . ”

“It’s fine, Dr . Huo . She’s just a child . ”

Huo Mian was angry at Little Bean’s antics and pulled her from Su Yu’s arms .

Then, she brought the child to a corner .

“Little Bean, why did you talk to her in that way?”

“I told you, Mom . I dislike her . ”

“Would you still dislike her if Uncle Su likes her?” Huo Mian asked .

“I’ll decide what to do when Uncle Su likes her . But at least now he doesn’t like her, and she just sticks around . She’s annoying . ”


Before Huo Mian could reply, Little Bean made a face and ran away .

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Despite their high IQ, the twins were still children and had children’s willfulness .

As their mother, Huo Mian found scolding was useless on them; but she couldn’t bear to lay a finger on them . She felt helpless .

After they were kidnapped twice, Huo Mian cherished them even more and wouldn’t punish them physically .

But the kids sometimes spoke and did things that were quite outrageous .

She didn’t want them to become arrogant and unruly girls when they grew up .

People would say, “Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s daughters are so rude just because their family is filthy rich . ”

Qin Chu walked over and placed his hand on his wife’s shoulder .

“What are you thinking so engrossed?”

“I was thinking that Pudding and Little Bean are getting wilder each day . What shall we do?”

“Take it slow . They are still young,” Qin Chu comforted her .

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“But they understand everything; they did it on purpose . ” Huo Mian looked exasperated .

“Little Bean was rude to Su Yu’s girlfriend?” Qin Chu asked .

“You know it?”

“It’s not a big place; people notice everything happening in the room . ”

“Yeah . For some reason, they are very hostile to Su Yu’s companion . Even our calm and smart Pudding doesn’t like Zeng Rou . ” Huo Mian looked worried .

“They have deep feelings for Su Yu and it’s natural that they repel her . They need time to get used to the situation . ”

“I hope so . ”

Xixi couldn’t bear it anymore as she watched her sister get so melancholic .

Probably emboldened by Rick’s presence, Xixi pulled her sister to stand before Su Yu and Zeng Rou .

“Xixi, what are you doing? I don’t want to…”

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“It’s fine . Sis, we are just saying hi to them . ”

They stood before Su Yu and Zeng Rou .

“Hi, President Su . Here you are,” Xixi greeted him with a smile .

“Hi . ” Su Yu nodded politely .

“And this is…” Xixi glanced at Zeng Rou standing beside him and asked .

Nie Lingxuan didn’t dare to raise her head; she dared not to look at Su Yu or the woman standing beside him .

“This is…” Su Yu was about to do the introduction when Zeng Rou said, “My name’s Zeng Rou . ”

She didn’t say who she was to Su Yu; if she introduced herself as Su Yu’s girlfriend and Su Yu denied it, wouldn’t that be such an embarrassing situation?

“Oh… Miss Zeng, you’re President Su’s rumored girlfriend, right?” Xixi asked with a smile .

Nie Lingxuan pinched her sister, trying to stop her . Suddenly she felt very awkward .

“You said rumored girlfriend; it’s not nice to continue the topic, isn’t it?” Zeng Rou answered vaguely without confirming or denying .

“How is your injury?” Su Yu glanced at Nie Lingxuan and asked .

As the boss of the company, he vaguely remembered that someone mentioned that Nie Lingxue was slightly injured in an action scene shooting due to her distraction .

“Sis, speak . President Su is concerned about you,” Xixi said loudly on purpose .

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