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Chapter 3280: 3280
Chapter 3280 Couples Displaying Affection Together 10

“I’m… fine,” Nie Lingxuan answered in a small voice as she dried her wet fingers .

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“Sis, it’s natural for him to have a girlfriend . Don’t look like this; I’m worried about you . ”

Xixi found her sister was quite distracted lately especially after reading the rumors about Su Yu’s girlfriend .

Her elder sister was a meek person and kept everything inside .

Su Yu wasn’t even aware of her true feelings, thinking she was like other actresses in the company who wanted to marry above them .

But Xixi knew her sister wasn’t such a girl .

Her sister even said that she hoped Su Yu was just an ordinary employee of the company, so there wouldn’t be the obstacle of identities between them .

Xixi also asked her before, if Su Yu wasn’t the prince of the Su Family or the president of Imperial Star, would she still like him?

Nie Lingxuan said she’d still like him because he was Su Yu; even if the Su Family went broke and Su Yu became homeless, she’d want to be with him .

Unfortunately, Su Yu didn’t know about her true feelings .

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“Handsome Su…” Little Bean spotted Su Yu and ran to him, throwing her arms around his thigh .

Lovingly, he squatted and gathered Little Bean into his arms .

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“Of course . It’s my uncle’s engagement; I must give him the honor,” Little Bean said self-importantly .

“How is your school life?”

“Let’s not talk about it . Those kids are not on the same level as my sister and me . They are so young that I think there’s a generation gap between us,” Little Bean answered like a little adult .

Su Yu burst into laughter .

“Huh? Handsome Su, is she your new housemaid?” Little Bean glanced at Zeng Rou and asked .

When she spoke, her big eyes looked so cute and innocent that it seemed like she didn’t mean to provoke her .

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But Zeng Rou knew this little girl was hostile toward her .

“What housemaid?” Su Yu didn’t understand .

“Uncle An said you have a woman in your house; she does cooking and cleaning for you and even does your laundry… I think she must be a housemaid… After all, those things are a housemaid’s work, right?”

Su Yu glanced at Zeng Rou, looking embarrassed .

The twins were vivacious and smart, even he couldn’t keep them in line .

“Hello, Little Bean . I’m Su Yu’s new housemaid Rou,” Zeng Rou cocked her head and said .

“How do you know I’m Little Bean?”

“Because everyone says that Little Bean is warm and vivacious while Pudding is calm and cool . Seeing the way that you ran over, I knew you’re Little Bean,” Zeng Rou guessed .

“Humph . You think you’re smart, right? You know so much about us; did you search for information about us? What’s your scheme?” Little Bean stared at Zeng Rou .

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“Scheme? Yes… I want to be promoted from a low-level housemaid to a high-level housemaid . I hope you and your sister will speak for me before President Su . ”

“Humph! In your dreams . I’ll ask Handsome Su to fire you . Just take the money and get out of the house . ”

“Please don’t . My family depends on my salary to live . Little Bean, you can’t be so cruel with me,” Zeng Rou continued to bicker with Little Bean .

An chuckled behind them . Obviously, Zeng Rou’s way of dealing with Little Bean was quite surprising .

Before Little Bean could retort, Huo Mian let go of her mother’s hand and walked toward them .

“Hush . Your mom is coming,” Su Yu reminded Little Bean in a low voice .

Little Bean didn’t dare to say more and leaned her head against his neck, saying, “Handsome Su, I want to eat Macarons; I want them pink . ”

“Here you are . ” Huo Mian looked at Su Yu and then at Zeng Rou .

They nodded at her .

“Come on in . They are waiting for you in the room,” Huo Mian said warmly .

“Mom, look! This is Handsome Su’s new housemaid . Doesn’t she look quite vulgar? She even wears Armani sunglasses . Oh, it reminds me of a saying on the internet: the poor wear gold, the rich wear leather, and the thugs love Armani . ”

Hearing Little Bean’s words, Huo Mian looked extremely embarrassed .

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