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Chapter 3279: 3279
Chapter 3279 Couples Displaying Affection Together 9

He had thought Zeng Rou was as spoiled as Song Yishi and other girls who were from rich families or daughters of high-level officials .

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Those girls had very extravagant dresses and cars .

As a daughter of a big figure, Zeng Rou should wear at least a nightgown and shoes that cost more than 10,000 yuan .

But when Zeng Rou walked down, Su Yu and An were stupefied .

She wore a pair of black body-fitting pencil pants, a shirt with navy blue stripes, and a pair of high-heeled sandals with black edges .

The shirt was in a loose style, but it looked good on her .

It didn’t make her look fat; instead, it showcased her exquisite figure .

This style of dressing was extraordinary .

Her hair was pulled up in a simple ponytail; she had put on light exquisite make-up and her lips were not as red as flames .

Instead, she had only colorless lip balm . The only eye-catching decorations on her were the big round earrings but they matched her casual style .

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“Why… are you staring at me? Is there anything wrong with my outfit?” Zeng Rou looked embarrassed .

“Um… It’s okay,” Su Yu touched his nose and said finally .

An gave her a thumbs-up and commented with only one word — dashing .

Yeah, Zeng Rou was young but had a presence that could dominate a room; her dressing style wasn’t fitting for all the girls and might achieve the opposite effects on some girls .

But it was perfect on Zeng Rou, making her look modest .

Instead of being dressed in high-end brand clothes, her outfit had no obvious logos even though they were not cheap . She looked quite low-key .

“But why don’t you wear a nightgown? If you don’t have one with you, I can buy one now; we still have time,” Su Yu said .

“No . I think I’m very pretty; if I dress up, I might steal the show from the future bride of today’s engagement banquet . So, I decided to dress casually . ”

“You’re such a narcissist . ” Su Yu finally admitted that he had encountered someone who was more narcissistic that himself .

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“Haha! Being narcissistic is a sign of self-confidence . ” Zeng Rou put on a pair of Armani sunglasses and walked out of the house on her high heels with great confidence .

She got into Su Yu’s Lamborghini…

“President Su, it’s time to go . ”

Su Yu nodded and followed her out; he got into his Lamborghini .

“President Su, where do I sit?” An looked confused .

The three of them hadn’t gone out together before . Usually, either Su Yu or An would drive the car while the other sat in the passenger seat .

Now that Zeng Rou took the passenger seat and Su Yu sat in the driver’s seat, leaving An with no space .

“You drive any of the cars and follow us . ”

Su Yu stepped on the gas and drove out .

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The engagement banquet wasn’t very big . Other than the employees of GK, there were only Bella and Zhixin’s relatives and friends .

Yang Meirong was very happy today . Huo Mian took her mother’s arm and greeted the guests .

Qin Chu was standing on the side talking to Rick while the twins followed their grandparents around the room like two fairies .

“Hey! Look! Young Master Su is here . Is the woman walking beside him his rumored girlfriend?”

“Yeah . I heard she’s pretty . ”

“Yeah . She looks very gracious . I don’t think she comes from an ordinary family . ”

While the people talked, Su Yu and Zeng Rou walked into the room .

Unlike Jian Tong and Zhao Qingya, Zeng Rou didn’t hold Su Yu’s arm .

They walked in together without touching each other like movie stars walking on the red carpet .

Crack! A wine glass dropped to the floor…

“Sis, are you okay?” Xixi looked at her elder sister worriedly .

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