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Chapter 3276: 3276
Chapter 3276 Couples Displaying Affection Together 6

“I don’t know . But she looks different from the other girls . ”

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Huo Mian carefully recalled the details about Zeng Rou .

“Oh? How different?” Hearing her comment, Qin Chu was interested .

“I can’t explain . I just feel the girl is smart but not scheming . She spoke and did things in a frank way . ”

“Good . What did Su Yu say about her?”

“Su Yu hasn’t introduced her to people yet, and we’ve not checked if she’s in his house; we don’t know if the rumor about them living together is true or not . ”

“Okay . Then we’ll see if he’ll bring her to Zhixin’s engagement banquet . ”

They looked at each other and smiled .

– In Su Yu’s house –

During the time she was living in the house, Zeng Rou cooked each day probably because she was bored .

In the beginning, Su Yu wasn’t used to it and didn’t eat the food she cooked .

But one day Zeng Rou made pancakes and ate them with An in the dining room . Su Yu picked up one and bit into it; then he just couldn’t stop eating .

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Zeng Rou’s cooking skills were not professional but quite good .

She could cook the usual dishes; compared with the oily food in the restaurants, her cooking was more home style .

Gradually, Su Yu began having supper at home occasionally .

Today, he came home early and saw Zeng Rou was making dumplings in a good mood .

“Whoa . Miss Rou, are you making dumplings?” An walked over and asked .

“Yep . ”

“What’s the filling?” An asked again .

“Leek and eggs . ”

“But President Su likes meat… He must have meat for each of his meals,” An reminded her .

“Then he can go out and have meat . I’m not making dumplings for him; I like leek and eggs dumplings . ”

“Um…” An felt a bit awkward .

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“How about you? Do you like vegetable fillings?” Zeng Rou looked up and asked An .

“Sure . I’m not picky . ” An nodded .

“Then I’ll make some more for you… You can eat with me . ” Zeng Rou picked up another wrapping and made a dumpling carefully .

“How about President Su?” An looked toward Su Yu who was watching TV .

“It’s up to him . He’s rich and won’t starve . ”

Without asking if Su Yu would eat the dumplings, Zeng Rou only made enough for two people .

When it was time for supper, Su Yu smelt the fragrance and came to sit at the table .

An and Zeng Rou exchanged a look of embarrassment .

“Su Yu…” Zeng Rou said .


“Um… Have you had supper?”

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“Of course not . Otherwise, I wouldn’t be sitting here, right?” Su Yu gave her a dirty look .

“Um… An said you like meat filling . ”

“Yeah . I like meat . ”

“But I made dumplings with a vegetable filling . Maybe you…” Zeng Rou was about to drive him from the dinner table when he said, “but I feel a bit dizzy after eating lots of meat lately . My mom said I must cut back on meat and eat some vegetables, otherwise, I’d have high pressure at my age . ”

“Um… Okay . ” Zeng Rou swallowed back her words .

“Why are you guys standing there? Sit down . ” Su Yu glanced at Zeng Rou and An .

“President Su, in fact, the dumplings are…” An was about to tell him the truth, but he thought he should just go to the kitchen to make some instant noodles for himself . After all, he obviously shouldn’t be fighting over for some dumplings with his boss .

But Zeng Rou said, “I’m quite good at making dumplings and they are delicious . You two enjoy them . ”

Then she put down the bowl and turned to go upstairs .

“Hey! How about you?” An looked at her .

“I’m on a diet and not hungry… You go ahead . ”

Watching Zeng Rou walk upstairs, An felt bad .

“President Su, the truth is…” An said embarrassedly .

“The truth is she only made dumplings for you and herself, right?” Su Yu said .

“You knew it?” An was surprised .

Su Yu nodded .

“Then why did you still do this?” An didn’t understand his boss .

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