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Chapter 3271: 3271
Chapter 3271 Couples Displaying Affection Together 1

“In fact, I’m praising you . I don’t want anything from you, so I don’t need to brownnose you… After all, you’re not a celebrity and I’m not your fan, right?” Zeng Rou said frankly .

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“Okay . But maybe I just can’t appreciate your way of praising,” Huo Mian lowered her head and said softly .

“Dr . Huo, thank you for having coffee with me . I need to go now . ” Zeng Rou stood up gracefully .

“You don’t want to ask me about Su Yu’s likes and dislikes? Have you done your homework?” Huo Mian thought Zeng Rou wanted to get some inside information about Su Yu to gain some advantage .

After all, if you know yourself and your enemy, you’ll never lose a battle . However, many women had tried this tactic, and they all failed in the end .

Zeng Rou smiled . “No . I don’t think it’s useful . Su Yu likes you and would eat roasted potatoes if they were made by you; he doesn’t like me and wouldn’t touch even lobsters if they were made by me . So every effort from me is a waste of time . He likes the person, not the irrelevant things . ”

“Good . I like your thinking . You made me see you in a new light . ” Huo Mian admired this woman .

“I just want to be myself . Someone suggested that I copy your charisma and the way you dress, or even find a job in a hospital . I declined because no matter how well I copy you, I would never surpass you; I’d only end up like an awkward copycat . I think the most important thing between people is sincerity . This is me, an insensitive, somewhat hysteric and tough woman . But still, I hope one day Su Yu will like me for what I truly am, not a woman in disguise . ”

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“Very good . Hearing your words, I hope you will succeed,” Huo Mian stood up slowly and said sincerely .

“Thank you, Dr . Huo . I hope I can have afternoon tea with you another day . ”

Zeng Rou went to the cashier to pay the bill and then waited for Huo Mian at the door .

“I’ll go now; you go upstairs,” Zeng Rou said .

“Okay . ”


“I won’t tell Su Yu about our meeting . Don’t worry . ” Huo Mian thought Zeng Rou was afraid that she’d tell Su Yu about their meeting .

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Su Yu would be angry at such a thing .

“No . I’m not worried about it . I wanted to say that you’re pregnant and must be careful when you use the stairs . ”

“Thank you . ”

Just like that, the two women parted ways .

Huo Mian walked past a dessert shop on her way to Imperial Star and bought two sweet cones .

When she got to the top floor, Su Yu was having a video conference in his office .

“Hi, President Huo . ” An was surprised to see Huo Mian .

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“I’m here to see Su Yu . ”

“President Su is having a video conference . ”

“It’s fine . I’ll wait here until he finishes the meeting . ” Huo Mian smiled .

“No . I think you can enter now . If he knows I kept you waiting at the door, he’ll break my leg . ”

Huo Mian: “…”

“It’s true . I don’t want to take the blame . If you don’t believe me, just wait and see . ”

An picked up the internal phone at the door and dialed a number . “President Su, Dr . Huo is waiting to see you at the door . ”

Su Yu answered immediately, “Don’t keep her waiting . Ask her to come in . ”

“Okay . ”

Hanging up the phone, An glanced at Huo Mian meaningfully as if he was saying, “See? I told you so . ”

With a smile, Huo Mian pushed open the door to Su Yu’s office .

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