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Chapter 3269: 3269
Chapter 3269 In This Lifetime, I Only Love Him 9

“But I don’t think we have anything to talk about . ” Huo Mian was naturally defensive when it came to women who were after Su Yu .

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First, there were Zhao Qingya and Jian Tong .

Out of all the women who were after Su Yu, Huo Mian liked Xixi’s sister the most . Unfortunately, Su Yu didn’t like her and feelings could not be forced .

Although Huo Mian really wanted Su Yu to have a nice girl beside him, it was Su Yu’s own decisions that mattered .

So, Huo Mian was cold towards Zeng Rou at first, not wanting a repeat of those pointless conversations that previously occurred with the other women .

“Alright, it seems like you don’t like me very much,” Zeng Rou said .

“You’re mistaken, Miss Zeng . I don’t even know you . How could I not like you?”

“Then why don’t you have a cup of coffee with me?” Zeng Rou questioned .

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“That’s because we don’t know each other . ”

“That’s exactly why we should get coffee together . ”

“Why don’t you tell me what you’re after? What is it this time? Do you want me to stay away from Su Yu? Or do you want to tell me that you’re his girlfriend?”

“I see . You’ve grouped me with those women . ” Zeng Rou smiled .

“Am I wrong?” Huo Mian looked at the woman coldly . Honestly, she didn’t want to find out more about her .

“Huo Mian, I’m not like those women . You don’t have to be so defensive . I’m not against you in any way . I admit that I’m interested in Su Yu, but I know that liking you is his business, not yours . I won’t accomplish anything by going after you . It’s just that… I want to learn more about him from you, please? So, I’m asking you for help . Although it sounds a little shameless, and you’re definitely free to reject, I just think that… you’re so happy now… your family’s so happy… so you must want your friend, Su Yu, to be just as happy, right?”

Zeng Rou’s words made Huo Mian see her differently .

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This was no ordinary girl; she was incredibly wise and nothing like the fame-crazy, shameless bimbo the internet portrayed her to be .

Indeed, she was nothing like that at all, and her speech proved exactly how smart she really was .

Huo Mian really didn’t know how to refuse . It was as if she was denying Su Yu’s happiness if she refused to talk to Zeng Rou .

After some time, Huo Mian smiled .

“Miss Zeng, you’re very smart . ”

“No, I’m nothing compared to you . I’m not trying to be manipulative . I’m only telling you the truth . I promise that I’m different from those women who caused you trouble . Please give me a chance, even if you have no intention of being my friend . ” Zeng Rou was very genuine .

She had done her homework on Huo Mian and knew what kind of woman the latter was .

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So, she knew that playing games in front of Huo Mian would only hurt her chances .

Finally, Huo Mian nodded in agreement .

She agreed only because of one sentence: “You’re very happy now . You’d want your good friend, Su Yu, to be just as happy, right?”

Yes, Huo Mian wanted more than anyone for Su Yu to be happy .

A man as great and as kind as he deserved his own happiness .

So, instead of giving Zeng Rou a chance, it was more like giving Su Yu a chance .

Zeng Rou smiled at the sight of Huo Mian nodding .

They walked to a coffee shop located on the street behind Imperial Star .

“Miss, would you like anything?” the server asked politely .

“I’ll have a cup of blue mountain coffee and for her, a glass of warm water,” Zeng Rou replied .

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