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Published at 25th of June 2020 03:35:05 PM
Chapter 3264: 3264
Chapter 3264 In This Lifetime, I Only Love Him 4

“Mian, Qin Chu really loves you . He always gives you his best . He always shows you the most beautiful side of every situation and carries the most difficult, darkest parts on his own shoulders . Men like that… are probably going extinct . Wei Liao loves me… but I don’t think he can do what Qin Chu can, not willing to bring you even a little bit of harm . You really are so lucky . ”

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“Wei, now do you understand why I only love him even after so many years?” Huo Mian smiled through her tears, biting her lips .

“Yes, I too have wavered before . Maybe it was because of Wei Liao’s influence… I’ve always felt that Su Yu’s unconditional, unrequited love for you should be enough to move you… but you’ve never returned his feelings… and you’ve always kept your distance from him . Even throughout your pregnancy… even when you thought Qin Chu was dead… even after Su Yu’s taken care of you and your kids for so many years… you still didn’t let him in . I thought that you were too stoic and cold-blooded… but now I know that you didn’t accept his feelings because you already have the most loving man in the world . No man can surpass his love for you . ”

Jiang Xiaowei’s eyes watered as she finished her sentence . She could understand the couple’s difficult journey even as an outsider .

Especially Qin Chu’s propensity to suffer in silence… a lot of his pain and hardships were hidden from Huo Mian .

How many men can love someone to this extent?

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Huo Mian grabbed a piece of tissue and wiped away her tears lightly . “I know how well Su Yu treats me . I’m not stupid so how could I not know how Su Yu felt towards me? I will remember the Su Family’s kindness for the rest of my life . I will be there whenever Su Yu needs me, even if it means that I die… but I cannot use myself to pay him back . That’ll be unfair to Qin Chu . Back then, I knew that I wouldn’t accept anyone else if Qin Chu died . It’s the least I could do . Now, it looks like my decision has been right . Everyone thought that, and even I thought that I’ve done more than enough for him… but now? I’ve only scratched the surface… I can’t even begin to compare… Wei, in this life, I love only him… and I have only him . ”

“I know . ” Jiang Xiaowei’s eyes grew red .

As a good friend to Huo Mian, she’d witnessed the hardships the couple endured to be together .

How many people in the world could fall in love in high school and continue to love each other, not leaving each other’s side, regardless of difficulties?

Huo Mian’s tears suddenly rained down harder . At the thought of Master Qin’s difficult past four years, his silent battle with an obsessive disorder, it was as if a knife was jabbing at her heart .

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The pain was suffocating…

“Mian, try to stay calm . You’re pregnant . Watch out for your baby . ” Seeing Huo Mian so tense, Jiang Xiaowei was more than worried .

She walked over to Huo Mian and lightly patted her back .

Huo Mian held onto her hands tightly, her wrists splashed wet with tears .

“Wei, is this illness curable?” Huo Mian’s voice was nearly drowned out by her tears .

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“Of course! Master Qin’s only like this because he was worried about you . I think that he’ll slowly get better if you continue to stay next to him . ”

“But how do I make him fall asleep? He’s staying up night after night . He looks weaker and weaker . How do I help him?”

At this moment, Huo Mian forgot that she was a doctor; she was merely a concerned family member of a patient, heartbroken and helpless .

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