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Published at 25th of June 2020 03:35:05 PM
Chapter 3263: 3263
Chapter 3263 In This Lifetime, I Only Love Him 3

“Wei, stop pretending… since I’m asking you, I already know that something’s wrong . What I want is the answer, the truth, not your white lies… even if they are for my own good . As my friend… you know me . ”

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Without many words, Huo Mian’s simple sentence crumbled Jiang Xiaowei’s defenses .

The latter knew that it was probably better for Huo Mian not to find out, but since she had already guessed that something was up, there was no point in lying .

With Huo Mian’s IQ, lying would be incredibly difficult…

Finally, Jiang Xiaowei sighed .

“Mian, sorry, I didn’t want to keep it from you . ”

“No need for apologies . If even you’re hiding something from me, it must be for good reason . I’m guessing that it’s better if I don’t know… but now that I know, tell me everything . Otherwise, I won’t be able to eat or sleep . ”

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“I know you… alright, fine… even if it means I’m betraying my promise to Qin Chu . ” Jiang Xiaowei poured herself a cup of coffee .

She then poured Huo Mian a cup of warm water… and finally, told Huo Mian everything that happened, starting from the day she fell off the cliff… and the day Qin Chu puked blood and fell into a coma…

Huo Mian teared up after the first sentence .

When she returned from capture, everyone chalked up Qin Chu’s stay at the hospital to him not feeling well .

No one ever talked about Qin Chu coughing up blood or that he was in a coma .

Qin Chu made sure that no one would tell Huo Mian, and the latter knew that he did it to protect her .

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He always wanted to protect her… to shield her from all the hurt in this world .

He wanted to take on all the bad by himself… but as husband and wife, as two halves of a whole, how could she let him carry all the burden alone?

Qin Chu had suffered enough four years ago . Maybe no one else could understand, but Huo Mian could .

After so many years together, they had that connection .

“And then… he turned into what you see today . He no longer takes that medicine because it’s harmful to the liver but the obsessive disorder is still present . I study psychology… and am a bit of an expert when it comes to personality analysis… so I know just how serious his issue is . This type of mental disease… some will carry for the rest of their lives… until it tortures them to death . What you’re seeing now… his insomnia… is only one of the symptoms . ”

“Then… if he keeps getting insomnia, what would happen?” As tears pooled out of her eyes, Huo Mian tried her best not to lose her cool .

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Jiang Xiaowei’s heart broke at the sight…

“You’re a doctor . You know that patients suffer from psychological torture… it’s the kind that ordinary people cannot understand . Some mentally weaker patients will consider suicide… but Master Qin won’t . His priority will always be you and the kids… so he will never do something so foolish… But if he keeps getting insomnia, his heart won’t be able to take it . His heart will fall weaker and weaker… and his lifespan will be greatly shortened . ” Jiang Xiaowei was almost too afraid to look at Huo Mian’s eyes .

Her words are as cruel as they are calm .

Sure enough, Huo Mian didn’t react hysterically; it wasn’t like her to do so .

She did nothing but shed quiet tears…

After some time, she looked up . “So… for the past four years… my husband’s been suffering in silence, alone?”

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